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Challenges of 2017

Ah, 2017. Who doesn’t like a fresh start? I usually would make a lot of resolutions during new year but I don’t keep track of them that closely. So this year, I decided that my only resolution is going to be two words: better and harder. I’m just going to do everything better and try harder. I’m aiming to be a better friend, a better daughter, a better kitten. 😛 In other words, the journey towards being a better version of myself continues. Although I’m not making more than one resolution, I’m going to go ahead and set some challenges. Just like last year, there are going to be three challenges: a reading challenge, a movie challenge and then a fitness challenge.

Reading Challenge 

Last year, I made the impossible attempt to read 50. Instead of reading even close to that amount, I failed miserably and managed to finish only 13 books. This year, I’ve let go of my delusions of grandeur and set my reading target for the year 2017 at 25 books. I’ve acquired a habit of reading two books at the same time because I found that I usually fancy reading something lighter during the day and something else in the night before bedtime. So I think with my very slow pace, I would still be able to read two books per month, that would make 24 books. And I added one more because I am in the middle of four books so I guess I should finish them faster. So, 25 books it is!

Movie Challenge

Last year my goal was 100 movies. I made it with flying colors, totaling in 131 movies at the end of the year. This year, let’s bring back some of that delusion of grandeur and set my target for 2017 at 150 movies. Last time I watched that many movies were in 2012, that year I watched 165 movies. This year wasn’t that busy movie-wise in my opinion, except during the Oscar season, so 20 or so movies more should not be that hard right? 😀 We shall see! So, 150 movies it is!

Fitness Challenge

I am continuing with FitnessBlender this year, aiming to work out 2/3 of the year, aka 240 days out of the year. I’m actually starting the year with the one week break because I did my last workout of the year last Thursday. But based on my experiences, while taking one week off and let my body rest after eight weeks of workouts is very beneficial, I do get very restless during that week off especially if I’m working that week. Guess I am in some level addicted to my morning workouts as pick-me-ups. So this time around, I won’t just sit around during my break, I will try to be more active. I started this year with a bang today! I went on a long walk. I put on some horror stories on Youtube, put in my earplugs and walked for 7 km.

In addition to working out, I have to surrender. Before, I was sure that I can pretty much eat anything I want if I just exercise. Well, I have to admit to myself, the saying about “80% diet, 20% exercise” is unfortunately very accurate. So I’m doing the Whole30 diet for January, and possibly longer. If you are interested in the Whole30 diet, check back here during Mondays because I will make notes about stuff I eat the previous week.

Last year, I also did the quarter year reports of how things are doing. I feel like that the reports are pretty boring, so this year, I’m only doing one report which is going to be the half point report and then the ending report. Wish me luck, and don’t forget to challenge yourself in the year 2017! Go let’s go!


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