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Challenges of 2016, 4th Quarter Update

The year 2016…what a year. For the world, for me personally. I checked out my new year resolutions for the year 2016 before I started writing this and I decided not to write another resolution list for the year 2017. On the year of 2017 I am just going to try harder, no matter what I’m doing. I will set some new challenges for next year tomorrow though, but before that, here’s the result of this year’s challenges.

Book challenge – 50 20 13 books

Yup, 2016 was a terrible book year. I was able to finish only 13 books, a far cry from my 50 book goal. The last three months I’ve only read the original Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. As of right now, I’m still in the middle of four books… I suck. I will try harder next year!

Movie challenge – 100 131 movies

On the other hand though, this was a great movie year! 131 movies! And the following weeks I’ll be watching a lot of movies because I want to be more prepared for the Oscar season. I’m proud of the 131 movies, although there are quite a few rewatches this year. Anyway, 2016 was indeed an incredible movie year.

Fitness challenge – Six Four 8-week programs and a 4-week program

There were weeks of injuries and just being sick, but all in all, I’m pretty happy about being able to stay with FitnessBlender for the whole year. I track my workout days, and in the year 2016 I worked out for 210 days. My original goal is to be active for at least 2/3 of the year (which would mean 240 workouts), but considering the back injury and whatnot, I’ll take 210.

I have big plans for next year so stay tuned for tomorrow! Happy New Year and thank the fuck 2016 is soon over!


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