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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 9 – The Leather Paddle

Aaaand Kinky Wednesday is back. 🙂 There had been a while that I wrote a new part for the spanko series here. Maybe you thought that I ran out of spanking instruments to write about, but of course that’s not the case. I’m here to talk about leather paddles today. Funny enough, this what some might consider a beginner’s spanking instrument, for some reason I’ve never tried it. My first fascination when it comes to spanking instruments was the cane, so sometimes I wonder whether I got it all backwards. You know, I started from the most severe of them all (and absolutely hated it right from the beginning). Then moved to crops being my favorite (still are, but for me to wield). I like to use crops because the extra length does damage without me even using much force. And of course, I don’t have much force to use being small. But then Sir Atticus came along and He prefers shorter instruments, like the belt, the brush and now His new favorite, the leather paddle.

heart-shape-paddleSo that is the paddle Sir got. Yes, there is a cut out heart shape, isn’t it just the cutest? Do not let its cute and innocent looking appearance fools you. Notice the double layer of thick leather? If you see a leather paddle with double layer, do not underestimate it. I’m used to the firm whip-like sting of the belt, and the surprising sharp bruising pain of the wide wooden brush, but those two are nothing compared to the leather paddle. And its strikes feels exactly like something between the belt and the brush, firmer whip-like sting but it also packs a punch and the pain it delivers is unbelievably painful. The double layer also provides a loud crisp sound on every contact it makes with the skin. And I know Sir really likes loud sounds spanking instruments make. 😛 Also, I think there is a function to the heart, other than being absolutely adorable. The cut-out shape encourages Sir to hit harder and repeatedly on the same spot in order to make a proper heart imprint on my skin. I have to admit, the heart imprints look adorable too. At least that is the conclusion I’ve arrived at from my first encounter with the paddle. And I guess it’s also the perfect size and it has a firm round handle for more control than say, the belt.

Sir is a big fan of multi-tasking, for example He likes to fuck me and spank me at the same time. Hhmm, maybe that’s why He prefers shorter instruments, can’t really spank a subbie with a long crop while fucking said subbie, now can you? The brush is good for bum/thigh spanking during sex, but because it’s short and made of wood, it’s not suitable for other than bum/thigh. And the belt is harder to maneuver when you are having sex. So now, Sir got this wicked leather paddle that can reach places like my back. And because it’s leather and easy to control, it’s also suitable for more delicate tasks like back spanking, which does require absolute control for being such a fragile area. I’m a huge fan of back spanking. It always gives me chills and raises goosebumps and slightly harder it would render me a sobbing mess. And when coupled with something as pleasurable as vaginal sex, it takes all the sensations, the mixture of pleasure and pain, right to the next level. Sir has found His new favorite spanking instrument in the leather paddle. As for me, let’s just say I have a healthy respect to the new cutie in the toy chest. And with equal amount of fear and desire I await to feel its cruel touch next time. 😛


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