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Foodporn Monday – Duck, sandwich, salmon and ham

Happy Boxing Day! Yet another kinky advent calendar done and we’re back with the new regular schedule. There probably will be a post for every day this week just because there are so much catching up to do, but after this week, I wouldn’t guarantee a daily post. It’s Boxing Day but also a Monday, and Mondays are reserved for foodporn entirely. First Foodporn Monday, here we go.


The Delicious Duck. Every time I eat duck, I have to wonder why on earth I don’t have it more often. My parents are very good at cooking a whole duck, my dad’s specialty is the traditional Cantonese roasted duck and it’s a rare treat. My mom’s masterpiece is the sweet and sour duck stew, and that is also a rare treat. So in front of my parent’s masterpieces, it’s understandable why I don’t cook it myself. But then I got a craving, so I got myself two fat piece of duck beast with the glorious skin still attached. Just in case, I followed the steps of Gordon Ramsay’s simple recipe of duck breast. The man is not only my favorite dirty mouth celebrity chef, his recipes are one of my favorites. They might not be for beginners cos chef Ramsay already expects you know the basics of cooking, thus his recipes are short and to the point. Anyways, the duck breasts turned out delicious. And I didn’t waste that heavenly duck fat, I cooked couscous in it. And then some stir-fried green beans and paprika plus grilled carrots (which taste like sweet potatoes). And because I was so tired for making all of that, I just warmed up some red wine sauce from the carton. And this combination is crazy good. 😛


The Best Baguette Sandwich Ever. There are a constant playful competition between Sir Atticus and I about who makes/has the best of everything. I have the best pizza place, He is the master of potatoes. I’m very good at making grilled cheese sandwiches, but then Sir went and made the bold statement of making the best baguette sandwiches. Turkey and egg baguette sandwiches to be exact. So I provided some very good smoked turkey and He created the glorious hard boiled egg and mayo mixture. He added some paprika powder, salt and pepper. So some salad, red onion, that turkey and that egg mixture, all that tucked inside a fresh warm baguette. I readily hand the title of best sandwich to Sir. ^^


The First Star Pastry of the Year. The Christmas season rolled in and a proof of that is the appearance of Christmas star pastries. They are actually quite simple. Made from puff pastries that are folded into a for corner star shape, and in the middle some plum jam. Okay, I do realize that it doesn’t sound that good for those who have never tasted it, but for me it’s the taste of Christmas. But being the stingy person that I am, I hardly ever make them myself before Christmas, I always wait for after Christmas when both the puff pastries and plum jam go on sale. But I do get to eat them quite a bit before Christmas, because always in December, whenever there is a meeting at work and they want some treats with the coffee, I would be told to order some star pastries. And because working ladies aren’t always that eager to eat sweet pastries all month long, there are always left-overs for an eager secretary (aka me). 😀


Seafood chorizo risotto and thyme baguette. It’s the last month before my huge dietary renovation along with the Whole30 lifestyle begins in January, so I’ve given myself a pass for the Christmas season to eat whatever I want. So I tried to get rid of some of my risotto rice still in my pantry. I made seafood risotto with a slightly paella twist, I added some chorizo cubes into the mix. And it’s not giving myself a pass for real if I don’t have some baguette with the risotto. Fresh baguettes are really cheap in my local supermarket, but the downside of those are that they would go rock-hard the next day. You can wet the hard baguette and put it into the oven to ‘re-freshen’ it. But I like to put my left-over baguette into a zip bag, so it goes soft, and the next day I like to cut them into small pieces and fry them on a hot pan in some olive oil seasoned with herb (like thyme and rosemary).



Office Christmas party. Fast-forward to the middle of December, it was my workplace’s Christmas party. And we hired a catering firm called ‘Fat Donut’ to provide some delicious food for us. It’s some traditional Finnish Christmas food, with a slightly innovative twists of the owners of the catering place. I mean, anyone who names their firm ‘Fat Donut’ has to be pretty confident about their food. 😀 So lots of fish dishes, the highlight is definitely the huge smoked salmon you see in the picture. I love salmon, in any form, but I actually prefer cold smoked salmon to warm smoked salmon, and this one was the latter. But instead of just salt as season, it had a beautiful layer of delicious pesto and parmesan cheese on it. It was smoky, juicy and definitely the best warm smoked salmon I’ve ever had.


The Wee Christmas Ham. I’m a fan of Christmas food, especially the ham. Sir Atticus swears by turkey for Christmas, but since He’s stuck with me this Christmas, someone who has no idea how to make a whole turkey, He could pout all He wanted in the corner about turkey and stuffing. This year, I managed to get my hands on a wee piece of ham, something like 1,5 kg (bout 3 pounds). Usually they only sell small hams already cooked, but I like the salted and raw ones still with the skin and fat on it. Guess the demand for ‘forever-alone’ sized hams had risen considerably, so they are selling those too now. And I do not waste the skin, cos I am a respectable Chinese. So I poked the skin of the pork with a sharp knife, I stabbed the shit out of it. That way, the skin would bubble and turn into golden and crispy treat in the end. And if you are a fearless foodie, save the fat too, and fry it up in high heat until the fat turns into these brown bits and all the fat turned into oil, that oil would do some magic to bland veggies such as celery and everything green and eggplants. Yes, basically you zero out the healthiness of veggies that way, but holy shit it tastes divine.


Christmas with Sir ❤
Christmas is usually spent with family, but since this year my parents are spending Christmas in China, I have nowhere I need to be. And Sir Atticus usually spends it with His family across the big pond, but not this year. So two Christmas orphans come together to spend Christmas with the wee ham and some insanely good potatoes Sir made. I also wanted to be all adult so I made a cheese plate with the delicious manchego and some premium gouda. To accompany the cheese, I got some trail mix, dates, grapes and fig jam. I might end up be the one eating most of that very adult plate. But the best of all was getting to spend Christmas with Him, watching silly movies and eating good food until Sir curled up and fell asleep. This Christmas meant the world to me. You mean the world to me, Sir. ❤



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