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Is That a Thing? – Nipple Clamps

Ah the dreaded nipple clamps. Why dreaded, you ask, they are just nipple clamps. A little bit of back story is required. I’ve had one of those bad one night stands, and the guy was really into nipples. Long story short, after that night, my nipples ached for two weeks and were extremely uncomfortable against bras, so I had to wear a sports bra for two weeks. So not long after that I set out to fill my fetish checklist and with that unpleasant memory fresh in mind I put nipple clamps onto my very short hard limit list. I have very sensitive nipples and breasts and I really hate the twisting and clamping kind of pain. The thought of clamps just biting down on my poor girls make me scream in terror inside. Needless to say, when such a basic thing in on my hard limit list, of course it attracted Sir Atticus’s attention. He never pushes the issue but He made sure to tease me with it every chance that He got. I guess not many have nipple clamps as their fetish, it might be something that He doesn’t even pay much attention to, but like all predators, Doms are attracted by the scent of fear, so the mere fact that I’m deadly scared of them makes Him want to try them on me that much more.

Then one day, Sir showed me a picture of these really pretty clamps He ordered. There’s pretty much nothing good that I have to say about The Fifty Shades of Grey, but the sex toy line that carries its name, they are quality products. So this little pair of clamps are stunning. But the most significant difference from basic clamps, that they tighten up gradually and manually. So they don’t bite down and that lessened my fear of them considerably. I’m not sure if Sir really knew what He was doing, but I found myself daydreaming about these particular clamps. Like how the weight of those little metallic balls would feel, or how they would feel against my skin. Would it be cold at first and then warm up with my skin temperature? Would it make any sounds? Questions like these. Next thing I knew, I asked Sir to let me try them out. Partly because I want to please Him. But a significantly larger part was because they made me super curious and I am constantly looking for new kinds of sensations, pleasure and adventures. And then a tiny part is that it felt special, to explore my limits all over again, for and with Sir. I treasure every first times I get to experience after the age of 30, because I remember them so well, and I appreciate those memories more than I do the ones I had when I was young. When I was young, the time when everything was new, memories about specific firsts times tend to get lost in time.

As to what they felt like… What I imagine cock rings feel on a man. The first contact, I was lying on my back naked, with a vibrator in my vagina and a magic wand against my clitoris. I have been in orgasm denial for a while, which meant I was pretty aroused practically all the time already. The clamps, they felt heavy, and it hurt when was first attached on my nipples. They were a little soft when the clamps were being put on, mainly because I was pretty terrified. But when they were in place, Sir teased and licked them with His tongue and the stimulation on my private parts, my nipples hardened despite of the fear. And along with them getting bigger and harder, the sensation switched into a more bruising kind of pain, that was almost stingy, but not quite. And when Sir started to fuck me with me still on my back, I could feel every movement of the clamps moving when I was jerked back and forth. The sensation I felt on my nipples was between pain and pleasure, nonetheless it was something I’ve never felt before and it was very strong. After the vaginal sex, it was time to test the clamps. I sat on my knees on the bed, hovering over Sir and giving service in the form of blowjob and deep throat, the clamps were dangling heavily and all my focus was on them although I tried so hard to concentrate on cock sucking. Then I felt a sharp pain on my right nipple, like it was being cut off. I screamed out loud, but the sound of it was being muted by the cock in my throat. I must have slowed down considerably on the sucking because Sir’s stern voice was warning me to concentrate and what He was doing to my nipples did not concern me. It took all of me to continue to do a good job on His cock, moving my head up and down faster and faster, while excruciating pain slashed at both of my nipples. Tears were fogging up my sight, as I started sobbing uncontrollably with His cock in my mouth. I surrendered myself completely to the pain, I let it wash all over me, plus the crying, it all made me very aroused. Also I did have a magic wand between my legs too. In some point, the pain went away and Sir concentrated more on fucking my mouth and cumming in it, I finally collected enough wits about me after swallowing my reward that the clamps weren’t on me anymore. A ghost of the bruising pain was left behind on them that seemed to react to the slightest change in the air, like when I moved.

On the same evening, the clamps went on the second time as Sir wanted to try how they felt to me when I have them on and He fucked me from behind. Every woman, even those with smaller breasts, knows how the tits bounce when they are dangling in the doggy style position. Hhmmm, maybe scratch that. Cos I have no idea that my breasts bounced so much in doggy style, well not until I had weight dangling from my nipples. I tried to keep them in place with arm, like when going running and wore the wrong bras. But of course Sir was having none of that. He asked me to keep my arm away from my breasts, like a good girl should behave. He then proceeded to fuck me mercilessly and hard from behind. In fact, so hard that the clamps detached from my nipples one by one and flew across half way through the fucking. But while they were one, they made little helicopter motions, jerking my nipples in circle. I could felt every part of my breasts. It felt almost too much, especially combined with the incredible sensation of Sir’s cock going in and out of me.

Now, after few days, my nipples are still sensitive from the clamps and I can feel them especially well when I’m in the shower and water cascades down the sensitive flesh. It’s safe to say that clamps aren’t on my hard limit list anymore, but I doubt that I would ever have them on my favorite fetish list. But they have a certain pull on me, that make me tingle all over from just thinking about them. Especially today, I yet again found myself day dreaming about them. Like how they would sound with some little bells attached to them. Or if there’s a chain between them for tugging purposes. What if that chain is attached to the collar, or to the gag.


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