Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 49 – culinary week

Last week was full of good food, seems like I’ve decided to go out with a bang before starting to really behave myself come January. There were some tired days and some days with less good mood, but it ended on a high note. So let’s get down to it.

1. Foodporn Fever – carbtastic

2016-11-16-18-27-56 I’ve decided to consume all the carbs I can find at my kitchen cupboard, so as last week’s meal prep for lunches to bring to work, I made a simple chicken, corn and mushroom pasta. Remember those cans of Campbell’s cream of chicken that Sir Atticus brought for kitten? I used one can to make the sauce, paired with some fried mushrooms and fried chicken thigh pieces. Plus a small can of sweet corn. With the tasty sauce I cooked some whole wheat pasta.

I’m loving these lunch boxes that Sir brought me, because in addition to the main compartment, there are also two small compartments that kinda encourage me to fill them with veggies. And this time I simply just baked up some broccoli. For those who don’t like broccoli, you need to get rid of the boiled or steamed version. I know there is a pretty distinct strong taste to this healthy veggie, and that taste only gets stronger when they are boiled in water or steamed. Plus they get mushy the day after and personally I cannot stand mushy broccoli. Or any veggies as mushy when they aren’t supposed to be. So when I’m lazy, I seasoned my broccoli florets with salt and herb and garlic and drizzle some olive oil on top and chuck them into the oven for 15 or so minutes, and they would stay nice and not mushy even on the next day when I nuke them in the microwave. If I want something fancy, I fried them with some salty meat, like bacon or parman ham, or my favorite – chinese sausages and salted meat. There’s something about the combination of broccoli with salty meat that is so freaking tasty. And I never blanch my broccoli, or any other veggies for that matter, they cook pretty fast in oil and a hot pan, and they will turn out so vibrantly green and crunchy and taste so so good. A little tip my mom taught me, whenever you’re frying up veggies that do not suck up seasoning easily, such as broccoli, cucumber, carrot and asparagus, to make them tasty and well-seasoned to the core in a very short amount of time during stir-frying, add some salt or other salty stuff to the oil before adding the veggie. Cos hot oil will get inside of the veggie, so if your oil is seasoned, so will your veggies. 🙂

2016-11-14-18-30-22So the pasta was for lunch, that left my dinners wide open for inspiration. I didn’t make just one dish, I kinda decided every night what I wanted to eat. So one evening, I really wanted breakfast food for dinner, so I made some French toasts topped with maple syrup, some fried sausages and meatballs, some caramelized onion and cherry tomatoes. To add some color, I went for some green chives. As an old Chinese saying goes, you eat with your eyes first.

2016-11-17-17-25-31I’ve been daydreaming about this egg sandwich that Sir made once for a while now, and I’ve gave it a go a few times. Last week might the closest that I got, I made two toasts and on them I put some boiled eggs, mashed up and seasoned with some smoked paprika powder, salt, mayo and chives. Almost like a deviled egg recipe. I buttered up my toasts, put a little piece of cheese and ham on them. And they were freaking delicious even if I do say so myself. 😛

1021201685441And on some nights, I would go Asian. I made a cold noodle in Taiwanese style, which means some egg noodles, cooked and then rinsed in cold water so they would become bouncy. I julienned some cucumber and with it up with the noodles with some sesame and peanut paste, some fish sauce to taste and sesame oil. To make it more fragrant, I also added some coriander and black and white toasted sesame seeds. I don’t usually like cold noodles, but this recipe is pretty awesome and hearty. As little side dihes, I had some odd sausage and meatball pieces left, not very Asian I know, but then I compensate my whipping up a tiny plate of century egg marinated in soy sauce and rice vinegar. I have a boiled egg leftover too, so I made a little ‘something old and something new’ egg dish. 😀

2016-11-20-16-21-29To end my week on a high culinary note, I visited this little Italian restaurant called Casa Italia. It’s really tiny, and it looks more like a deli place, with a large display fridge right in the middle of the wee place, and it’s filled with different Italian hams and cheese and sauces like pesto. The menu is not huge, but they have lots of daily specials that are not on their regular menu like the vitello tonnato salad I had that I took a picture of. Vitello tonnato is veal with tuna based sauce, and it’s one of my favorite Italian dishes ever. Partly because it sounds so freaking weird, I mean how can tuna and veal go together right? But it does, in the most beautiful and delicious way. So the salad consisted of many pieces of thinly sliced succulent veal, and a generous amount of the smoothest tuna sauce. Then a simple salad with artichokes and tomatoes accompany the thing and of course some really good crunchy and fresh bread. The staff was super nice, filled with that Italian hospitality and pride for their food. Although I am a Spanish wine gal, I can see myself spending a looong evening eating cold cuts and cheeses and delicious bread with a bottle of very good Italian wine. 🙂

2. Cultural Crusade – The Rock

Ah, The Rock. He’s one of my favorite artist out there. He is sweet, inspiring and so so nice. His down-to-earth personality is well-known and that’s part of what make him so successful. So I’m very glad that he was chosen to be People magazine’s sexiest man alive of the year. He if anyone deserves the title. For me, a sexy man is someone who is nice and smart and funny, and someone who has a radiant smile. The Rock has all of that plus that ridiculous body. And we also know that he deserves a body like that he’s someone who wakes up every morning at 5 am to work out. He seems also to be hard-working, the pace he pushes out movies. If you’re are not on the Rock bandwagon yet, go follow his instagram. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. 😀 Dwayne, you rock!

So, American Horror Story, season six Roanoke got its season finale last week. I have to say, I lost interest in AHS a few times, but because they have a new theme and story each season, I find myself coming back for some quality small screen horror. This year, it’s different though. Roanoke is different, as the theme is not as clean. It basically a season that pays homage to the previous seasons with themes like haunted house, witchcraft, asylum, serial killers and ghosts. And why not throw some cannibals in the mix too. The whole thing was done in a documentary style with dramatic re-enactments and half way through the season, there’s a little twist too to shake things up. I have to say, it’s brilliantly made. A mix of Lifetime/reality TV, crime documentaries and this age of selfies and vlogs. It’s bloody, it’s all around well-acted. Special shout-out to the brilliant Cathy Bates. She is a treasure of the horror genre! I do miss the sensational Jessica Lange though, hope she will return home next season. If you’re like me, who wasn’t that into season four Freak Show and dropped season five Hotel, season six is the reason you should come back. Well done, AHS, well done.

Last week I didn’t watch but one movie, Horrible Bosses 2. Not a particularly good choice. While I liked the first one, just because it had some pretty big stars having so much fun as assholes, that it was hard not to like the movie. Big stars like Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell, plus Jamie Foxx as a hilarious character called Dean Motherfucker. Yes, that’s his name in the movie. So when we moved on to part 2, we got two additional horrible bosses portrayed by Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz. Though this time, I had a hard to swallow the antics of the three main characters. I have nothing against Jason Bateman, although he had always been a little bland for my taste of comedy. Jason Sudeikis is also okay, it highly depends on his costars. The person I could hardly stand was Charlie Day. So fucking loud and obnoxious. I can swear he wasn’t like that in the first one. Definitely not as loud. Some of the jokes seemed forced, and the in-the-script stupidity… I mean come on!? No one is that stupid! Waltz was brilliant, as always, although his role is pretty small. Chris Pine looked down-right evil, in a really not likable way. I mean, Colin Farrell’s character was human scum, but he was almost adorable. Jamie Foxx is still pretty awesome, but when is he not. In other words, it’s a pity to waste so many good actors and characters and an okay plot just because the three main leads wanted to go way overboard this time around. My IMDb rating: 5 stars out of 10

planet-earth-ii-islandsI have a secret. Well, okay, not really a secret, but something that I don’t talk about much. And that’s my love for nature and history documentaries. And Planet Earth is definitely one of those best things in life. So I was pretty excited when Planet Earth II began, after a decade from the last one. I watched the first episode – Islands and it’s simply stunning. I’m pretty sure, even if you aren’t usually a fan of nature documentaries, you might still like Plane Earth.

3. Happy Hubbub – Ikea trip

It might sound weird, but I really like to visit Ikea. I know it’s probably hell for most people, and Sir Atticus is one of those who hates Ikea. But He really needed to go, so as His good kitten, I did my all to make His trip there less horrible. I made a shopping list, and I led Him through the maze without too much wandering and getting confused and impulse buys. It was a fun trip, at least in my opinion, and it ended with some shitty but cheap hot dogs. 🙂

4. Pouty Phenomenon – winter darkness

I have no idea what’s up with this year, but for the first time in over 25 years, I’m having what Finnish people call the winter depression. Although the optimistic folks of the North have depression for every season of the year. Particularly the winter depression has a lot to do with the darkness of the winter season, as during these darkest months of Finland, the sun is up only 4-6 hours per day. Which means that it’s dark outside when I go to work, and it’s going to be dark outside when I get off work. I usually don’t pay much attention to that, being a night owl and I love the night anyways and if it’s dark, turn on the freaking light, right? But this year, I feel it. I’m tired all the time, no matter how many hours I sleep and I find myself being in a bad mood or a little depressed more than usually. I just hope it would start snowing soon again, as the lovely whiteness from before had already melted away.

5. Sexy Stir – them clamps

Just a little taste of this week’s Kinky Wednesday’s topic – the nipple clamps. What’s so special about clamps, you ask. Well, for starters, they are one of those few things that are on my hard limit list. So this week’s kinky topic is going to be the little journey of the clamps starting from my hard limit list and ending up being attached to my nipples. So stay tuned. 😉


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