Random Ramblings

Fiercest Grandpa Ever

I do love stories that inspire. A while ago I wrote about the motivational Pat Brocco, now it’s time for my home country to represent. Take a look at China’s fiercest grandpa.

I’m sad to say, Chinese aren’t known for exercising. Of course, we have some of the best athletes in the world, but I’m talking about the ‘normal’ people. People like my mom and dad. What are Chinese known for when it comes to staying healthy? Shortcuts. Almost every week my mom would share some new trend in China how to get fit, lose fat and be healthy, but they are always some trickery like eating some pills for a month or drinking this tea or that weekly. Personally I only believe in two things about getting in shape and they are eating healthy and exercising. Like grandpa Wang says in the video, don’t let phrases like ‘it’s too late for me’ becoming your excuse to give up, and that mentality I would like to adapt into my attitude towards life. It’s never too late to try your best, it’s never too late to give it your all. Be the fiercest!


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