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Trailers Trailers – pets and beasts

Back with bunch of trailers for you! Let’s start with a special one, Beauty and the Beast trailer.

As we all know the story, it’s about just how badly every girl wants to be a princess, and Belle wouldn’t let such small obstacles as bestiality stop her falling for a prince. Heheh, I kid I kid. It’s the freaking library. I would marry anyone with that library.

Let’s stay with animals. Next, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’.

I’m a sucker for dog movies. Not the talking animals movies, but movies with dogs just as their sweet selves, even with inner voices. Why are those movies so touching? From the trailer alone, I know ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ would probably make me cry.

And then, a different kind of pet.

Oh I love twists like these. But I kinda wished that they wouldn’t have shown it to me in the trailer, now I wouldn’t be that surprise when I watch the movie and yes I’m so gonna watch this.

Next up, a role that might get Natalie Portman her second Oscar.

Right on time for Oscar season too, Portman would at least get an nomination, just based on the trailer alone.

And can’t have Jackie without Wilson (Hozier’s song).

Oh I love Woody.

That’s all for this time. 🙂


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