Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 48 – manchego, Kubo and shorter leash

Last week was all kinds of colorful, in both smaller personal scale and larger global scale. So let’s get down to it. There aren’t many of these left, so if you’re not a big fan of these, just hang in there for a couple of weeks more. 🙂

1. Foodporn Fever – gnocchi, kimchi and manchego

I sucked last week to take pictures of my food, so I’m not going to write in detail about them. I kinda ruined a pack of fresh delicious gnocchis with pesto-in-a-jar, cos it was kinda nasty. Especially when I know my homemade pesto is so freaking good. But the over-all combination was pretty good. I made chicken thighs, baked in the oven with some yellow paprika and green beans. I fried up some spinach and minitomatoes and mix it with the pesto gnocchi. So it really would have been a perfect and healthy and delicious lunchbox only if the pesto was better.

It was supercold last week, reaching almost -10 celcius and whenever it’s that cold outside, my body would crave something hot and spicy and hearty. So I made Korean kimchi stew. Whenever I make Korean stews, I use Maangchi’s kimchi stew recipe as a base and I would change up ingredients. But the soup base, kimchi and paste are the same. This time I added tofu, mini rice cakes, chicken thighs and oyster mushrooms. And I also failed to take a picture this time. Korean stews aren’t the most photogenic dish, but it is oh so good.

Remember how I raved about this Spanish cheese called manchego last week? Well I found it in my local supermarket, which was little surprising. And like I planned before, I got a jar of fig jam. I’m pretty proud of myself, because it went perfectly with the cheese. I also tried the cheese with some good honey I got from a food market earlier. It’s quite good with the honey, but let me tell you, it was divine with the fig jam. I’m glad I didn’t got addicted to some expensive cheese, cos I’m not exactly rich. 😀 I also got a bottle of Spanish red wine that goes well with mild cheeses, and I felt so very adult sipping the wine and eating cheese. XD I also realize that consuming cheese and jam and wine isn’t exactly healthy, but for another month or so I’m going to indulge myself. The reason why? Well, I’m going to talk about it more later in Happy Hubbub.

2. Cultural Crusade – secret, state, solace, strings etc.

It was a movie-ful week cos I got quite a lot of time on my hands. There were some disappointments but over-all, very good movies too.


The Secret Life of Pets (2016)
Delightful trailers that got me so freaking excited. The beginning that only showed what’s going on with our beloved pets (just in the trailer), it was so freaking entertaining. But once the ‘adventure’ itself began, it got a little slow. The plot went back and forth, like there wasn’t enough solid story for a full-length movie. The animal characters are so freaking adorable, but there were usually too many of them on screen at the same time so they don’t get their deserved screen time. I would love to watch a TV show of them, a bit like the Penguins of Madagascar series. Little adventures every week of different pets. But of course, half of the reason why the characters were so good was because of their brilliant voice actor. Kevin Hart as the white little bunny and Louis CK as the loyal dog, they came so much life to their animals. In the end, The Secret Life of Pets was entertaining, but it’s no Pixar. My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10

Red State (2010)
One of my favorite movies of all time is ‘Clerks‘ back in 1994, a movie written and directed by Kevin Smith. It had some of the best dialogues and monologues ever written. So last week, I started watching this little horror movie ‘Red State’, knowing practically nothing about it. It’s about this extreme little church with an extreme little priest that even the neon nazis would stay away from. And the priest started to preach roughly halfway through this short horror flick, and I had to pause the movie after the preach to check just who wrote this brilliantly twisted monologue, and lo and behold it’s Kevin Smith. Horror is surely not the genre I expect to find Mr Smith but the writing should have given it away. So in short, ‘Red State’ was fucking fantastic, from the beginning till end. Even if you’re not the fan of horror films, it’s worth the watch. My IMDb rating: 8 stars out of 10

Solace (2015)
Oh the potential in this film. I recently saw the trailer on IMDb, which is odd cos the movie came out last year already. A few words: Anthony Hopkins as a psychic helping FBI to hunt a serial killer. I adore Sir Anthony, I suspect most horror fans do, because it’s due to him that ‘Silence of the Lambs’, the only horror film ever to win Best Picture at the Oscars. And he’s still so freaking good in ‘Solace’. Plus there is some brilliant acting by Colin Farrell, another of my favorite actors. The problem with ‘Solace’ is the pace, that is all wrong. Oh and Abbie Cornish who played agent Katherine Cowles. Her acting is so fucking bad, especially in the beginning that it was literally painful to watch. I’ve seen her act before, she was never that obviously bad, so it must be the extremely inexperienced director Afonso Poyart. Have never heard of him? Me neither, cos he had done like one or two unknown films and never one with actors this caliber at his disposal. Well Hopkins and Farrell practically just direct themselves, and the script is actually not that bad, it’s quite interesting, but it’s clearly the directing and editing that so completely wasted these actors. A pity, cos when you put Anthony Hopkings and serial killer in the same sentence, the automatic expectation is pretty high, and ‘Solace’ was a disappointment. My IMDb rating: 5 stars out of 10

Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)
The best movie of the week, and my favorite animation of the year 2016 is here: Kubo and the Two Strings. I know the word ‘unique’ is probably way over-used these days, but if there is something truly unique, it’s Kubo. The animation style, the music, the stunning visual affects, it was pure magic. I can’t even attempt to explain what this movie is about, words won’t do it justice, Kubo needs to be experienced. It’s also a pure tragedy that it somehow got overlooked due to very poor marketing and a highly limited distribution. I don’t think I ever even saw it in Finnish movie theaters and Finland is very good at distributing various movies big and small for a country such a tiny size. Also partly it can be because of the fairly adult theme of the movie. I know ‘death of a parent’ is not uncommon in flowery Disney films either, but you remember how traumatized you were when you saw ‘Bambi’? Yeah, Kubo is like ten times worse. Be warned and have tissues ready. So it’s probably not a movie aimed at the youngest in the family, but I don’t think the world is truly ready for animations that are aimed at adults. We should seriously take example of Japanese and how their successful their animations are that are aimed for adults, like everything from the enchanting Studio Ghibli. So unfortunately, Kubo got lost in the midst of all the summer blockbusters, but it’s still not too late. I know it probably wouldn’t win the Oscar for best animated movie, but it definitely should. Because it’s way better than any animation I’ve seen this year. My IMDb rating: 9 stars out of 10

Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)
So the first Mechanic was cool and entertaining, another decent action movie with Jason Statham. I won’t lie, I was a little excited when they announced the sequel, although I should’ve known that sequels are always risky. Mechanic: Resurrection, simply put, is an utter unnecessary sequel. And not only is it unnecessary, it was so fucking bad. From the dialogue to the shitty plot or even the mild acting from even Statham, it was really a waste of money and my time. I have to ask Jessica Alba though, just… why? And why on earth they hire Michelle Yeoh if they are not gonna have her fight at least a little bit? My IMDb rating: 5 stars out of 10

3. Happy Hubbub – Whole30

Okay, I’m not sure just how happy I am about this new ordeal I’m getting myself into. I kinda discovered this ‘diet’ called Whole30. With quite simple rules and a handful of no-no, I’m about to give it a go next year starting from January. I already purchase the book and I’m about to learn more about this lifestyle change. I might write a long post about it later and definitely next year sharing my experiences about it.

4. Pouty Phenomenon – Election

Well, Trump happened. With a heavy heart and slightly fearful state of mind I wait what is going to happen next.

5. Sexy Stir – shorter leash

Last week Sir Atticus was supposed to show His kitten what not-holding-back looks like, but He got man-flu. But He nonetheless gave me lots of little tasks to do and also prolonged my no-orgasm period… He also said that He was going to shorten the leash on kitten considerably, I’ve been allowed to roam quite freely for quite some time now. I have to admit that I’m pretty content with a shorter leash, because just as Sir said, I’m far more focused when I’m more in His control. Among other small little tasks, my deep throat training continues. Until now, I’ve succeeded in deep throating a few times, but I still gag from throat fucking. So I ordered a right size dildo (I found one very close to Sir’s size), and when it arrives, I’m to practice with it every day. My goal is to be able to deep throat with ease, and can perform throat-fucking in most positions. I probably would write something about my training, and how long it takes me to archive my goal.


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