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Ten Horror TV Shows

I apologize about the emo stuff the last few days, there seem to be only two states I’m constantly in this week and that’s emo and horny. So to help me with both, I consumed a lot of horror even post Halloween. Today, I feel good. The emoness is mostly gone, but oh boy is the horny still going strong. So let’s continue with the horror theme this nerdy Saturday, let me introduce you ten horror TV shows that I’m watching right now. Yay, more lists!

1. The Walking Dead
Such an unexpected hit show. I remember when it came out, it was just ordered for six episodes for the first season. It did not ride the wave of zombie, because the year 2010 was pretty quiet zombie movie-wise. The Walking Dead became the zombie wave itself and it was still going high after six years. I was in awe when I watched the first season, I binged it. It was like watching a really really good and well made long zombie movie. But season after season the same plot repeated itself, in a slightly different venue and with a different villain. Until last season, season six, was so so weird. I had gotten sick and tired of our leading man Rick so many seasons ago, but the sixth? Oh my God it was almost bad. Cos it was out of character. It seemed like after so many seasons of mindless bloodshed, our leads finally were starting to lose their humanity which was what had kept them alive for so long. In retrospect though, I guess the whole season six was to prepare us for the season 7, cos oh my God that shit is fucked up. And finally, it seems that things are changing. I know, only three episodes had been shown so it’s too soon to tell, but it’s already very different from the rest of the seasons. But this is definitely the best zombie show out there.

2. Z Nation
Okay, here comes the ghetto part of all things zombies. Have you ever wondered, especially when you were drunk, those little crazy things of life and what would happen to them when the zombies hit? Well, wonder no more! Cos ‘Z Nation is going to answer to all of your questions! It’s lower budget, it’s crazier, way less drama, but so much craziness and WTFness that I kinda always miss from other zombie movies and shows. This little show is going to entertain the shit out of you! It is so obviously made as a very good parody to the Walking Dead and all the other ‘serious’ zombie shows, but it filled its own niche of zombie fixes. So if you want to take a break from the torture and emotional and psychological drama of The Walking Dead and any stressful shows out there, head over to the Z Nation, grab a cold beer and savory snacks, kick back and relax. In the beginning, every episode had its own theme where our main protagonists met with a different group of survivors that almost always sound way too good to be true, or just way worse than it first seemed. Then carnage, blood and gore. But slowly it had gravitated towards a more solid plot and sticking to it, and I just hope it won’t get too boring or too serious anytime soon.

3. iZombie
And let’s continue with the zombies. In case being chased by the undead is way too stressing for you, but you still kinda like to watch them, iZombie is your show. It’s about a hot blonde zombie that managed to have her humanity intact and she would continue to possess her humanity if she keeps eating brains. But luckily for us the living, she’s not picky about the freshness so brains of the recently deceased is good enough for her. And it just so happens that she works at the coroner’s office. And she helps the popo solve crimes by consuming murder victims’ brains cos she would temporarily get their skills of her ‘lunchbox’ and gets flashbacks of memories. Very convenient, right? And really freaking entertaining to watch. One thing I don’t understand though. Our lovely lady zombie is so obviously a foodie, so almost in every episode we witness her cooking the brains in various forms and I don’t know about you, but it looks freaking delicious and awesome to me. And then I feel weird to thinking the brains look good! Why, iZombie show, why you wanna turn me into a zombie too!? Just like the show ‘Hannibal’, don’t tell me you don’t wanna eat those beautiful creations of the good doctor and then realize that Hannibal is a freaking cannibal.

4. Bates Motel
Enough zombie talk, let’s move on to serial killers. I like the movie Psycho, but I’m not that big of a fan of Norman Bates, cos I think he’s quite boring for a serial killer with mommy issues. But then I figured I would give ‘Bates Motel’ a chance. And it’s the performance of Freddie Highmore as the extremely creepy young Norman and Vera Farmiga’s extremely well portrayed Norman’s mother Norma. Ms Farmiga is so freaking brilliant, balancing between an erratic, over-protecting and unpredictable mother. With a mother like that, no wonder Norman went cray cray. We all know how the story ends, that’s why it makes it pretty fascinating to witness how it got there and I was still shocked when it finally happened. The next season in the year 2017 is going to be interesting.

5. The Exorcist
The Exorcist from the 70s is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Because it was terrifying, still is. But most of all, movies about possession and exorcism made me extremely uncomfortable. The things the possessed would say, the secrets and desires it would spill to the whole world, how it feeds on the insecurities and fear. When done well, they are very heavy movies to watch, and they always make me be a better person afterwards. So I was pretty excited of the… kinda sequel I guess, in the form of a TV show. And with one episode left from its first season, I can safely say that it had been a spectacular ride. It’s every bit of creepy and terrifying that I’ve hoped for, but they had been a little light with the ‘uncomfortable’ part. Guess they wanna save some for the future. The plot has been going towards an interesting direction, and I’m really looking forward to it.

6. Ash Vs Evil Dead
Let’s continue with demons, shall we? Evil Dead from the 80s was so freaking awesome, and it took them a long time to make this TV show, and with Bruce Campbell in it too. Cos you can’t have Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell (and also that’s why I hated that the ‘remake’ from recent years bore the same title). It’s every bit as campy and bloody and gorey and so fucking rude as the original and the humor is still intact. Bruce is still the same except older and that makes his antics that much funnier. It’s a joy to watch and be entertained. Of course, the addition of Lucy ‘Xena’ Lawless is awesome. It would be everything if she returns as Xena cos she is still as beautiful as ever. Anyways, gore and fake blood have never been this fun to watch.

7. Lucifer
In the spirit of grouping these together, let’s move on with the creatures from Hell theme. I have a thing for angels, and Lucifer the Fallen has always been my favorite. I always thought that there is more to the story in his part. So when they announced that the Prince of Darkness finally gets his own long awaited TV show, I was excited. The trailer looked good, the leaked first episode looked very good. I liked the actor who’s playing Lucy a lot! But as the first season moved on, it had turned a little soft, and into this crime solving killer of the week show, and I didn’t like it. But I stack with it and the second season looked a little better and I just hope it keeps getting better and gets its claws back.

8. The Strain
Ah vampires. Kinda. Sorta. I’m not sure. I guess they are, but way nastier. But The Strain is unlike any movies or shows about vampires, it reminds me of a zombie thing more. They are not sexy, they are not seductive. They are more like the monsters that spread like a virus and oh dear lord worms. Yuck. It’s fast paced, it’s action packed and from time to time it gets emotional. When come to think of it, it’s quite a depression show with next to no lights in the end of the tunnel. But it’s so good though, despite me getting a bit tired of the same villain being in power for so long and it seems we have a case of every slasher franchise and that is the bad guy never dies. The latest season did end on an interesting note so I’m definitely intrigued for the next season. And I’m definitely interested in reading the books this show is based on.

9. Grimm
Then something completely different. If you enjoy Supernatural when it used to be good, the monster of the week thing, then you’re going to love ‘Grimm’. It’s all about the monsters in fairy tales and folklore. In the beginning, it definitely looks pretty silly, these monsters but the show gets darker and darker. And the wolf-man Monroe is like one of my favorite TV characters of all time, there’s nothing bad to say about the adorable and kind Monroe! Our leading man Nick the monster hunter can be annoying sometimes but hey, he’s actually way more likable than most leads in most TV shows. I don’t know what it is, but I almost always find the main character very annoying. Like Carrey in Sex and the City, Ted in How I Met Your Mother and Rick in The Walking Dead. But Nick in Grimm is actually pretty okay. 😀 With only one more season to come, it’s a good time to start binging on the whole show.

10. American Horror Story
Then how about a mixture of all things evil. American Horror Story is hit or miss for me from season to season. So basically if you don’t like one season, you can skip it like I skipped the Hotel season, and then come back next season when there’s a more interesting theme. I have to admit, the ongoing season, the combination about a deadly legend and an extreme haunting shot in a style of a reality TV show, it’s simply genius! And the little twist in the later episodes and how that made every piece of shit hit the fan, it was awesome to watch. I think this is best season yet. Season finale is coming soon, and oh it’s going to be good. I wonder however they can top this next season, cos I know there is going to be at least one more season coming. What haven’t they covered yet? Season 6 is already like the freaking ghosts-and-haunting all-stars gathered together. Well, we shall see, shall we not?



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