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Halloween Special – Horror Flicks, part 2

Still thirsty for more horror movies? They aren’t just for Halloween, you can well watch them all year long. So here’s part two for my horror flick recommendation list. We went through six categories in part one, so let’s resume the list, starting with category seven.

7. Slasher films and Psychos


Ah slashers. Movies in which serial killers chase after bad teenagers. It’s like the sex ed clips of the 70s-90s, cos everyone knows that the virgin always survives. I include movies about psycho killers too where the virgin rule doesn’t apply, so you might as well get down to it whenever you want cos you aren’t safe anywhoo. 😀

Halloween (1978)
The classic Halloween movies. Probably not my favorite slasher franchise, I personally enjoy the Nightmare of on Elm Street more, but since it’s strictly speaking still a Halloween special, let’s put hit here first. Maybe one of the most recognizable theme song of any movie, it’s definitely rich with atmosphere built with patience and a steady pace that many new generation horror lacks. The back story is also very strong that makes the killing less mindless. 

American Psycho (2000)
The movie that launched Christian Bale into Hollywood existence, and although he had done so many great roles there after, but none of them are as crazy good as his performance in American Psycho. It’s the movie that made mindless psychopath movies so freaking fun to watch too. 

The Voices (2014)
And talking about psychopaths, Jerry from ‘The Voices’ is like the complete opposite to Patrick in American Psycho. Jerry’s extremely shy, and socially awkward and seems so nice that you kinda feel sorry for and like him at the same time. But the disturbing truth comes to light piece by piece although the whole movie is covered in a layer of morbid sense of humor, it’s nothing less horrifying in the end. The Voices is something different, something fresh. And Ryan Reynolds captures the charm of a crazy killer so well. 

8. Ghosts and Haunting

Now here’s a subgenre of horror that freaks me the fuck out. Gore and blood I can take no problem, but a well made movie about ghosts and haunting would create nightmares for me for months.


The Others (2001)
Still remains one of those greatest movies about ghosts made in Hollywood. The atmosphere is perfect and that twist in the end though! Nicole Kidman is so good in this, so even if it’s 15 years old, it would be hard to find another movie up to par with ‘The Others’.

Poltergeist (1982)
Gotta have to add a classic in this group. Why little kids are so scary? ‘Poltergeist’ the movies is as scary as the stories surrounding its production, so if you want to get the whole Poltergeist experience, watch the movie first and then go online to look for stories about all the creepy stuff happened during the production.

The Eye (2002)
Okay, Asians master this subgenre, and not only the Japanese. You know all about the Ring and Grudge franchises, but I would like to introduce one a little less known, ‘The Eye’ from Hong Kong. It’s the movie that fucked up elevators for me so bad. It’s not for the faint of hearts, you’ve been warned.

9. Asian Fever

Talking about Asian horror, I chose horror from free different Asian countries, showcasing an unique style of horror from each country.


Bedevilled (2010)
From South-Korea with love, Korean horror is crazy! They aren’t less subtle and they are more about psychological horror more than jump scares and supernatural. That’s what makes it scary, because it can happen to you. The most terrifying things happen in real life. ‘Bedevilled’ is a story about a modern young woman in the rural South-Korea. The whole movie is so freaking tragic but when it gets to the very end, it’s oddly beautiful.

Suicide Club (2001)
Japan now. Talk about starting with a bang. Unmistakably one of the most shocking opening scene in any movie, Japanese horror always go over board. They can be disturbing and eerie. Directed by Sion Sono, the master of horror that are borderline exploitative, his works can be a bit addicting.

Dumplings (2004)
Finally, from Hong Kong, one of the best horror that came out of that little island, ‘Dumplings’ is a short movie about a soon-to-be middle age rich woman who is ready to go to extremes to regain her youth to seduce her husband. Then she finds this lady who makes special dumplings that would make her young again. Hong Kong movies, be the genre horror or even porn, they like to insert humor into inappropriate places, thus creating a less genuine and serious movie experience. Part what makes ‘Dumplings’ so good, it’s because it was dead serious, about a serious phenomenon (women wanting to stay young to keep their men), about a serious crime (how the dumplings are made). Let’s just say that after watching this movie, you won’t be eating dumplings in a long while.

10. For Shits and Giggles – When horror meets comedy


The Evil Dead trilogy began with The Evil Dead (1981) and by mixing up violence with comedy with a pinch of sexy scenes where they don’t belong, voila! We got a new(ish) recipe for horror. Followed by Evil Dead II (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992), The Evil Dead trilogy is gold and cult and I really hate how they ruined the franchise with an all-too-serious reboot. The Evil Dead is not supposed to be scary, they are supposed to make you laugh even there are stuff happening on screen that you shouldn’t be laughing at. 

Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)
A grand follower for the Evil Dead is the Tucker and Dale vs Evil which is really a parody about the cabin in the woods kind of movies. It’s a nod to the good old evil dead, the Friday the 13ths and all the violent rednecks kind of movies. This world needs more of horror comedies.

11. Revenge Flicks


The revenge and vengeance aspect is ever present in many movies when the supposedly victims fight back. But sometimes you get movies that are purely built on vengeance and the ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ franchise is the perfect example. The original is from the 70s and it can still look daring in today’s standard, especially when you aren’t used to horror movies. But to the cold dead horror-loving heart of mine, I wanted more. Then came one of the greatest reboot ever: I Spit on Your Grave (2010). The beginning was so freaking hard to get through, but I suffered through it without fast-forwarding because I knew that’s what you gotta do with movies like this so the vengeance part would be all that more satisfying. And oh boy, was it ever! I have never ever root for any killer that much and the ways the former victim took revenge are so freaking innovative! The sequel I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013) wasn’t about the same woman as the first, so it felt like rip-off. But then the third installment I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine (2015) redeemed the franchise a bit by continuing the story, maybe with less spunk, but still very enjoyable if ultra violent vengeance movies are your jam.

12. From Games to the Big Screens


I have to admit, not many from-game-to-movies are even decent. But as good as horror games can get, the movies made from them can’t be that bad, right? Well, unfortunately, there aren’t many good ones out there, but there is one bright star in the bunch, the Silent Hill franchise. The first installment Silent Hill (2006) was one of the most terrifying movie I’ve ever seen, with nightmarish monsters that still haunts my darkest imaginations from time to time. The sequel Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) wasn’t as good, but still scary and entertaining. I don’t understand though, who would go to the movie theater to see Silent Hills? It was scary enough watching it at home where I can control the volume and hide behind pillows whenever necessary. 


13. Cannibals


Last but not least, the cannibal sub-genre that was in bloom back in the late 70s and 80s. Not many film makers want to make movies about cannibalistic tribes living in the jungle anymore, must be a cultural sensitivity thing. So when the genius director Eli Roth who is behind the Hostel movies announced that he was going to make an old school style cannibal movie, I was super intrigued. The end product The Green Inferno (2013) wasn’t well-received by critics but for the old cannibal movie fan, this was very good. It respected the classics, it got something from the new generation, it had a funny stoner joke that cracked me the fuck up too. It’s visually impressive and extremely well made. It’s definitely a niche genre that not many like, but if you like horror and you have never watched any of those old cannibal movies, The Green Inferno is a more modern piece to get to know this little part of the horror world.

Here it is. I hoped you enjoy this long ass list. See you next Halloween with new sets of horror flicks to introduce to you. 🙂



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