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Halloween Special Short Story, Part 3 – Choke

Warning: Short story’s consist of graphic sexual content. Read part 1 and part 2 first.



I was obedient long enough to earn lights and TV to the little room, but the electricity would still be cut off whenever he brought me meals or just to visit. So no matter how close the man and I became by knowing each other’s bodies almost too well, I still didn’t know what he looked like. And the longer I was being imprisoned, the more I found myself fantasizing his mysterious face. Would he be ugly? He gotta be, right? Why else would he be doing this instead of getting women in the ‘normal’ way? Or was it all just for thrills? What color his eyes might be? Would he look cruel or friendly? Would it match his commanding and calm voice?

I found my musings so very pointless. If all went according to the plan, I would earn the ultimate reward and I would ask to be let go. And that would only work if I didn’t find out what he looked like, he would never take a risk to be caught by showing his face. But it was easier said than done. You try to not think what the man looked like, the man who became your whole world, with or without your consent. The truth was, my body was first to yield to him, and lately I’ve found my mind becoming more and more his. I wanted to get to know him, I wanted to see him… such dangerous thoughts. It must’ve been just Stockholm syndrome talking in my head.

After what I suspected to be months, the day finally came. I was watching TV when everything went dark. I got off bed and went to kneel by the door, the chain shackling me was long gone and I hadn’t thought about escaping for a long time now. I heard him open and close the door, he stopped in front of my kneeling form and stroke my hair for a few seconds, then left me kneeling by the door. He went to the small bathroom and turned on water and judging by the sound, he was filling up the bathtub. We sometimes took baths together, he liked to wash me himself, and I found the act oddly intimate. When the tub was filled enough to his taste, he turned off the water and called for me to come to the bathroom. I went on my hands and knees and crawled towards the bathroom.

I crawled inside the bathroom, and sat back on my knees in the middle of the room. I felt more than saw him squatting in front of me and lifted my chin up with his fingers. He had done that a few times lately, and I thought it to be a peculiar gesture for him to make me look up to his face even if I couldn’t see much in the darkness.

My attention returned to him when he cleared his throat and he told me: “Today is the day, your chance to earn the ultimate reward. You are the best slave I’ve ever had, I’m sure you would not fail me today.” His voice was full of emotions, but without seeing his facial expressions or eyes, I couldn’t tell whether he wanted me to success or fail. If I have to judge by his voice only, I would say that he didn’t want me to earn the reward. But he was still giving me the chance to attempt it. I felt oddly touched by that.

He told me to take all of my clothes off and then all of his clothes off. He then turned me on my knees to face the bathtub. He pulled my arms behind my back and squeezed my wrists together against my back, a gesture meaning to tell me that I was to hold my wrists behind my back with his will only. He entangled his hand in my hair and pulled upwards so that I rose up on my knees. He pushed me forward until I touched the bathtub, my waist pushing against the rim of the tub. Before I knew what he was about to do, with a rough and fast gesture, he pushed my head into the bathtub filled with water. My whole head was submerged under the water that had turned chilly, and goosebumps raised up in my whole body. My initial reaction was panic, and I buckled a bit against his hand but it remained firmly on my head. In the next second I remembered that he didn’t bind my arms behind my back with anything and I was so close to whip them in front of me and pull myself back up against the rim of the bathtub. Then I understood. This was the test, to get the ultimate reward he was going to test my trust and obedience. I was to fight against my instinct to survive and prove my submission.

Once I realized this, I settled down, readjusting my wrists back to the firm position he put them in, and just tried to hold my breath. Then suddenly he pulled my head up and I took a big gulp of air, then another. Before I could take the third gulp of air, he pushed my head back down beneath the water. This time it felt longer. My upper body began to buckle on their own accord when I struggled to hold my breath. A second before I thought I couldn’t hold it anymore, he pulled me back up. This time he let me breath heavily a bit longer while he kissed the back of my neck and new sets of goosebumps appeared. I already thought it was over but then he pushed me under water the third time, this time pass my buckles and pass the point when I was capable of holding my breath. A whoosh of air went out of my lungs violently and my face was engulfed in water bubbles I made myself. Still I held my wrists behind my back, trusting him. And just before I breathed any water in, he pulled my head back up and I half coughed and half breathed in, my whole body shaking from the cold and the effort.

I felt his body pressed against my back, and I felt his rock hard penis against my behind. With one hand still on my head, he thrust into me roughly and I realized how wet I was and it wasn’t from the water. He fucked me a few times exceptionally hard, and just when I got lost to the feeling of his cock in me, he pushed my head once again down the water while his thrusts didn’t slow down at all. I almost climaxed on the spot when all at once everything felt so much stronger. When he pulled me back up, he yelled the command ‘come’ at me, like he had a hard time to contain himself too. He didn’t need to tell me twice. The second he submerged my head under water, the strongest orgasm in my entire life hit me like a hammer, and I didn’t just climax on my private parts, it was a whole body orgasm. I lost control on the breath-holding and swallowed water. He pulled my head up one more time and when I coughed violently I felt him released into me just as wildly. He collapsed on top of my back and we both breathed heavily for a long time. Finally, he raised himself up reluctantly and turned me towards him. From the little light I could see the dim outline of his body, he was kneeling in front of me. He then did something he had never done. He took my face between his hands and gave me long lingering kiss on my mouth. I was so shocked by the tenderness that I froze. He must have interpreted my frozen frame as reluctance to intimacy as such, and he pulled away before I could return the kiss. And I wanted to return it. He left me kneeling with a simple command ‘stay’ and then left the room.

He came back the room shortly, new set of clothes back on. In his hands he held the blindfold and some ropes. He put blindfold onto my eyes and the ropes beside me on the floor. Then he went away again and for my surprise I suddenly heard the TV turned on. He turned on the lights! I jumped a little when I felt his hands on my shoulder, not hearing him come back in when some music came from the TV. He then said to me: “You have earned your reward. Ask anything you want and I will grand your wish.”

His voice sounded incredibly sad, he was sure that I was going to ask for my freedom. That was why he blindfolded me and got the ropes ready to get me back to that park where he had abducted me so many moons ago. The logical part of me screamed for me to ask for freedom, like I’ve planned all along. I’ve planned to leave, right? But then, why every cell in my body urged me to ask something else? He patiently waited for me to state the reward I want but I didn’t keep him waiting for long. I knew exactly what I wanted.

“I want to see your face,” I said, my voice sounded surprisingly stable.

I could almost taste his shock and I was weirdly proud that I was able to shock him for a change. He stayed quiet far longer than it took me to reply him. Then I heard him inhaled, held his breathe, then exhaled, like he was about to say something but then thought better of it. Another minute or ten past and he finally tried again.

“You do realize what you are asking, right? If I show you my face, letting you go would be out of the question until I am sure you won’t turn me to the police. And that might be never.”

I didn’t hesitate. “I know what I’m asking.”

He was quiet again for a long while, until I spoke again: “Please. I don’t want to leave. I want to see you.”

He sighed long and hard, I wasn’t sure whether it was from defeat or relief. But then I felt his fingers on the back of my head, and he yanked my blindfold away in one swift move. I squeezed my eyes shut from the sudden bright light. I tried to open my eyes to look at him, but didn’t see nothing but a blur. I quickly blinked a couple of times, and finally my eyesight started to focus on his face. And my first thought was, how beautiful were his blue eyes… I felt a cold chill ran down my spine at the moment I recognized the familiar pair of blue eyes.

I didn’t shoot up wide awake like you see in the movies when people wake up from their nightmares. I am lying on my side on the bed, and slowly I open my eyes and I blink a few times, much like when I did in my dream. I see the same pair of blue eyes staring at me, clearly amused cos I can see the wrinkles at the corner of His eyes every time He smirks at me. “Did kitten have a nice dream?” He asks, and I wonder why I didn’t ‘remember’ that the man in my dream had the exactly same voice as my Dominant. All of the dream came back to me like a tidal wave and I launched into an animated and excited narration of my ‘nightmare’.

“…it was so scary! Worst nightmare ever!” I settled down back on the bed on my back and I turned my head towards Him and waited for Him to comment. Instead of saying anything, He scoots closer to me, slips His hand under the blanket that is still covering me waist down and then puts His hand down my panties. I whimper a bit as He easily pushes one of His fingers inside my dripping wet pussy and He whispers in my ear: “Are you sure it was a bad dream?”



I know I know, a cheap shot in the end. 😀 But still, it was tons of fun to write this little 3-part short story. Hoped you had fun reading it too. 🙂 See you next Wednesday with something naughty, until then, stay kinky! 😉



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