Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 46 – Full of Surprises

Now that was quite a week. Full of surprises. πŸ™‚ Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

1. Foodporn Fever – pork and sausages

2016-10-23-20-12-17I’ve got better with planning ahead for what I eat and thus saving time and money. Before I had a problem with making a lot of food ahead, because I didn’t want to eat the same food during lunch and dinner. Can’t believe it didn’t occure to me before, last week I planned a solid lunch item, something that would keep whole week and that would still be good on Friday. And I made something else for dinners. But first the lunch item. So what would be something I would like to eat every day and not get bored? Pork chops! I fried up some pork, made an indulgent mushroom sauce with fried mushrooms to accompany the pork and for sides I cooked some brown rice. Of course, I have to get some more veggies in apart from mushrooms, so I baked some carrot and broccoli in the oven that are lightly seasoned with herbs and salt and olive oil. It’s so filling and so delicious that I didn’t mind at all to eat this for lunch every day.

2016-10-27-18-23-55Then for the dinner, I settled on something lighter so I made a soup. Especially when the weather is getting colder, I love to have soups for dinner. I made something quite traditionally Finnish, called ‘siskonmakkarakeitto’ in Finnish, a straight translation – ‘sister’s sausage soup’ but the word was originally from the French word saucisse that means sausage.Β So it’s another case of ‘salsa sauce’, which basically saying ‘sauce sauce’ because salsa literally means ‘sauce’ in Spanish. Anyhoo, it’s a simple soup made from meat broth, veggies (I used potatoes and mushrooms and onions) and the main ingredient: raw pork sausage that is quite mild and tastes a lot like spam. For seasoning, only a few dried bay leaves and about a dozen allspice pepper. It’s the soup I used to dislike strongly when I was young, cos they serve it in school quite often. But when I got older, I found out there are indeed BIG difference between cheap sausage they use at school and the quality sausage I can get from supermarkets. And the best thing about sausage soup is not the eating, although it is quite delicious and comforting. The best part is the process of making the soup. Squeezing balls out of the sausage tube is oddly satisfying and so much fun. πŸ˜› I know, I’m weird.

2. Cultural Crusade – Sausage Party and the Walking Dead premiere

So Sir Atticus and I went to see ‘Sausage Party‘, I’ve waited for so long for it! I laughed my ass off at the first trailer. I happened to have a really filthy sense of humor and I tend to laugh at jokes that are almost at the level of fart jokes. I like over the top jokes, whenever the joke-maker takes it one step over the edge of appropriateness, I would find it funny. So as you can imagine, ‘Saussage Party’ is right up my alley and I loved it! It’s sexist, it’s racist, it’s offensive and the humor is dirt cheap sometimes. And this would be a really bad movie if it’s life-action. But it’s not, it’s animation and as we remember ‘Zootopia’ making animals talk and it was so funny, imagine talking groceries! There are tons of jokes in every scenes, and I’m sure I missed like half of it. It definitely gets a re-watch or ten from me when it comes out on DVD.Β My IMDb rating: 9 stars out of 10

And finally, we’re back with The Walking Dead. It was truly a shitty move to end it in such a huge cliff-hanger last season and made us wait for it for so many months and still, they didn’t reveal their big surprise within the five minutes of the first episode. Five minutes was my limit of patience without me getting super annoyed. So like 30 minutes in and still no reveal, so by the time the ‘shock’ came, I didn’t feel a thing. It was well made, I appreciated that much and the last 15 minutes of the show was pretty good with all the build up, but the beginning? I think it’s just stretching the inevitable out with the lead of the show that I hated the most. See, the torture doesn’t work as well when I happen to dislike the one being tortured. The villain of the season? Too much talk and think he’s smarter than he actually is. His death better be fucking entertaining. If you haven’t got the idea yet, I do have a strong love-hate relationship with the Walking Dead. I like the drama, the action and some characters like Daryl. But I hate the mind-fuck and the playing with my feelings.

3. Happy Hubbub – Surprises surprises

Oh how I wish I could share with you, my readers, about the huge surprise Sir Atticus gave me over the weekend. I do love surprises and well… this one tops everything else big time. More about this at sexy stir. πŸ˜‰

4. Pouty Phenomenon – Busy busy busy

I really start to dislike this part of the weekly obsessions, like I have to remember the bad bits to share. But fortunately there weren’t much bad stuff last week, I’m just super busy at work, just as I am this week also. So Kinky Wednesday will be on Thursday, because I don’t have enough time to write it any earlier.

5. Sexy Stir – Surprise

So onto the kinky bits. πŸ˜› Two different occasions. On the first one, let’s just say I missed the long face slapping periods. This kitten got some cream in her mouth too, after working hard giving a nice long blowjob to Sir. I didn’t get the usual permission to swallow, so I kept the cum in my mouth. I’ve always thought that Sir Atticus is very imaginative with the usage of sperm. This time He made me spit it all out onto my palms and give myself a little sperm bath while He watched. With my lubricated fingers, He told me to make myself climax. I humbly asked for permission to pee, and I ended up having an orgasm while I peed and Sir peed on me my face and mouth and all over at the same time. Yes, from that I got the inspiration for my Wednesday story. I do miss watersport and golden showers. πŸ˜›

Then the second one. Like I said, I wish I could tell you. But it was something that Sir and I had agreed on to keep it to ourselves, because it’s special for us. Let’s just say that it’s one of those fetishes that are a bit rare and not talked about that much. It involves a lot of preparations and work to realize it, so it’s definitely a treat to experience it. I got summoned on the weekend to what I expected to be a regular kinky date that’s maybe heavier on the pain side. But then I got the surprise of my life and I was ecstatic that Sir went out and did the work to realize our fantasy. Needless to say, it was very arousing and not something I would forget anytime soon. I was left in a constant state of arousal after the weekend… Most of all, this subbie feels extremely lucky to have a Dom like Sir. ❀ πŸ™‚


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