Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 45 – Pastabox and Bad Moms

This week it’s going to be short and sweet, as I am kinda running out of steam to write super long posts and am eager to move on to the new arrangement. Five more after this one.

1. Foodporn Fever

924201616314Pastabox is a new pasta restaurant situated at a huge shopping mall near where I used to live so one day when I had to go there to run an errand, I decided to give it a go. I’ve heard only good things about it, that its prices are very affordable, that the portions are huge and that the pasta doesn’t taste like fast food, although it was. I eyed the menu online and decided beforehand that I was in the mood for pasta carbonara. The classic bacon and egg based sauce tends to be my choice whenever I wanna test whether a pasta place is good or not. Because simplest dishes are usually those that are easiest to fuck up, there being almost no clutter to disguise mediocrity. It was a tiny place, with young and friendly servers. It was order from the counter kind of place, so I decided to have take out. And you know what makes the stingy Chinese in me do a happy dance, other than good food? It’s that the exact dish that you want being on sale! πŸ˜€ The carbonara, medium size, that is originally 7,90 €, which is already a very cheap price for non-microwave-dish pasta, was on sale that day and I got a cute red box to go for only 5,50 €! That is cheaper than Happy Meal from McD. So I skipped home, ecstactic. It was still warm when I got home, and for science I weighed the box. There was 470 g of pasta, over a pound of pasta! There was fresh rucola on top, looking quite pretty. There was a generous amount of bacon on it, along with little bits of cooked egg yolk. Of course, if I had eaten it on the spot, the egg yolk would have been runny and lovely. There was also more green in the form of green onion, which went surprisingly well with the pasta. I expected the toppings to be on the top only, I didn’t mind, I was quite happy with the amount. So I ate the bacon sparingly along with the pasta. The noodles were quite perfectly cooked, definitely fresh, it was like in any other Italian restaurant. The carbonara sauce was garlicy and delicious, slightly salty for my taste buds but I’m just weird. It would have gone perfectly with the bread that they offered but I declined cos like the box of white pasta is not enough carbs already. πŸ˜› And as the pasta was nearing the end, I noticed that I was left with a lot of bacon bits. Which means that the ‘toppings’ were evenly spread out the entire box! I can’t be happier with my little middle-of-the-week cheat meal.

2016-10-24-16-29-10Sir Atticus is a good cook, although He did just recently pass on the best cook title to me. πŸ˜› So last week, He made this chicken and sweet potato stew-like thing. Being Irish, guess He is pretty damn good with stews, something I can only wish to achieve someday. The stew thing, not the Irish thing. πŸ˜€ It had lots of tomato and sweet potatoes and pieces of chicken thigh in it. It was thick and tasty and had a nice kick to it due to Sir’s secret stash of dried chili peppers. I might need to sneak some of those out, since He doesn’t remember where He had bought them. I ate a lot of it when I was at His place and He also gave me a box of it for lunch at work the next day. ^^

2016-10-21-19-01-14I follow the cooking videos of Maangchi, she makes awesome Korean dishes that are easy to follow. She recently uploaded a new recipe ‘Honey butter chicken‘, which looked so delicious that I decided to give it a try. So basically, it’s deep-fried chicken in honey butter sauce. I’ve never deep-fried anything because it’s always a smelly business and I live in a small apartment. But chicken won this time. I followed quite closely to the recipe and made a simple batter for the chicken pieces, I used chicken thighs with bones. I double fried it, just like it was in the recipe. The sauce is super simple, literally just butter and honey as main ingredient and some soy sauce and sugar for seasoning and of course, garlic! And the surprising ingredient for me was the pumpkin seeds. It would never occurred to me to use pumpkin seeds like this, but they were super tasty and crunchy and added some pretty colors to the dish too. The chicken was at its best served right away, and I grilled some brussel sprouts and hash browns as sides. It was sweet and buttery and so crunchy! The leftovers weren’t crunchy but still super delicious. I warmly recommend this and all of Maangchi’s recipes. πŸ™‚

2. Cultural Crusade

the-hatchingLast week was pretty slow movie-wise, I only watched two movies. First one being a British horror comedy, a creature feature ‘The Hatching‘. Or supposedly creature feature. It at least started that way. The poster let you understand that it’s a Piranha and Jaws kind of a movie, definitely B-class. But it took a completely different focus as the movie went on, and not particularly for the better. The end result turned out to be an odd little flick, that didn’t quite figure out what to focus on, so then it went and touched bases with many different themes. It’s a messy flick, although I don’t see this kind of films from UK that often, and I do have a little appetite for creature features. I do realize that they are shit most of the time, but I would still find myself watching them. My IMDb rating: 5 stars out of 10

Then a comedy to end the week, I settled on ‘Bad Moms‘. If you just don’t start to look at this too closely, Bad Moms is not a bad comedy. It had its moments and made me laugh on several occasion. It even tries to raise awareness to the modern day moms, and how hard it’s to be a working mom. It got some raunchy jokes and really bad language for a movie like this, like according to Sir Atticus who also watched it almost at the same time as I did at His own place, it tries a little too hard. In recent years there have been lots of over the edge comedies, that almost try their best to get a R-rating by injecting unnecessary swear words and awkward sex scenes that don’t really show much. In the case of Bad Moms, there were likable actresses. It’s always a joy to watch Christina Applegate. I do have a thing for blondes. And the credit scenes were a nice touch, I really enjoyed it. So originally I was going to give a decent comedy a decent rating of 6 stars, but the end credit made me add another star. It ended up getting quite a high score from me, maybe I was just in a generous mood. I’m not very strict with comedies and I give credit to movies’ functionality too. If a comedy made me laugh, it had done its job and deserves a rating accordingly. Β πŸ™‚Β My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10

3. Happy Hubbub

I love musicals and I love ‘Pitch Perfect’. And it always makes me happy to show Sir my favorite movies. I know He’s not that into musicals but I think He liked this one, although He’s not too eager to admit it. Next thing He knows, I would be showing Him Les Miz. πŸ˜›

4. Pouty Phenomenon

There are always going to be days that I don’t feel that happy. Last weekend was such a depression valleyΒ for me. But luckily it did pick up a little bit towards Sunday evening.

5. Sexy Stir

I don’t care what people say about quickies, but I personally love them. πŸ˜› And quickies for kinksters can get quite intense quite quickly. Last week, Sir and I had a pretty intense quickie. πŸ˜› I sometimes get pretty distracted and I would not hear what Sir asked. Well, last week Sir asked me whether I was ready to come with my own hand after being made to touch myself for Him. I failed to catch the question and was quickly punished for that. The several harsh and painful slaps on my face made me hot and bothered but at the same time it pulled the rug from under me and broke, tears welling up quick and falling down. The rough little fucking session after that with a lot of choking went through all with tears in my eyes and I loved every second of it. I cried in record time, I also came in record time. But I didn’t get the permission to come right away and Sir made me keep it all together while at the same time not giving any mercy to my poor little pussy. I was so close to coming without permission, I’m sure it’s going to happen someday. But not this time. πŸ™‚ I got an intense orgasm and according to Sir, I passed out pretty quick after that and slept like the dead. I was perfectly spent and content, and all it took was a quickie. Never underestimate them. πŸ˜‰


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