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Trailers trailers – from crazies to mutants to assassins

I know it’s Jukebox Friday but on this fine day I think it’s nice to bring you the latest trailers of movies I got really excited about. I was a lot of trailers, although trailers nowadays can be terrible. But the following aren’t that bad. Let’s get down to it. First one, an interesting horror flick is coming up.

It’s really an unusual theme for horror, the racial matters. They haven’t been that on the front row before, and I think it’s going to add something extra to horror, something to make you squirm in your seat, something to make you feel uncomfortable, something to make you scream in your head louder than usual that ‘THIS IS WRONG’. Not many horror movies achieved that, so I’m looking forward to ‘Get Out‘.

Next up, a game to big screen adaptation. I know, these kinds of movies are usually shit, but tell me that this ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ trailer doesn’t look good.

I’ve never played the game, not that they don’t look freaking awesome, it’s just that I literally hate any games that require a lot of jumping. And I have a feeling that Assassin’s Creed is all about jumping. Even if I’m not a fan of the game, I’m all for the movie.

Then from games to comic books. The movie that got me very skeptical and suspicious when it was first announced. I mean a green alien, a red alien, a raccoon and a tree-man plus a random human didn’t sound like a good choice for the next big step in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ blew my mind and now the volume 2‘s sneak peek is here.

Oh that song. ❤ And we see the wee Groot! How cute is he?! 😀 The first movie was one of my favorites few years back, I can’t wait for the sequel next summer. 🙂

Finally, some mutant action.

Wolverine. Undoubtly one of the greatest comic character come to life on the big screen, given life by Hugh Jackman and Hugh and Logan have been inseparable for the past 16 years. Wolverine has always been a complex and colorful character. He has so much potential but not both origin movies of his were lacking. Let’s be honest, they were shit. And it breaks my heart because Wolverine is a great character and Hugh Jackman is the perfect Wolverine. The last Wolverine movie, or so they say, Hugh put on the claws one more time but this time around, no effort was made to make him too young. It’s old man Logan. And the trailer was perfect with its gritty and dark tone, and the song and just everything. Finally, it looks like we Wolverine fans finally get a Wolverine movie that is going to do both Logan and Hugh justice. I hope that Hugh can retired from Logan on a high note, with a movie everyone can be proud of. I’m looking forward to this.


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