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Halloween Special Short Story, Part 1 – Capture

tumblr_mznzb8clod1toh2p2o1_250Erotic horror is one of my favorite horror sub genre, so on this Halloween month, I decided to give it my own spin. Thus begins a three-part short story, and part one is here. A little disclaimer here, it’s going to be graphic. It is BDSM after all. But if normal people fantasize about being handcuffed to the bed and spanked, have you ever wondered what kinky people fantasize about? 😛 Well, you are about to find out. And how to make BDSM into horror? You’ll see. I hope you enjoy. 😉



I was walking the familiar route home through the park. I usually don’t walk through the poorly lit park that late at night, but the October evenings have turned cold and I had way too little clothes on. The park was eerily quiet, the only sound that there was was from my high heels, making crisp knocks against the stone paved path. I stopped on my tracks abruptly, I thought I heard something, but when my heels quieted down, all that enveloped me was silence. Something made me stopped and listened though, and I started getting an unsettling feeling in my gut when nothing but silence greeted me. I scanned the park for whatever the dim street lights allowed me to see, and I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I resumed walking towards my destination in a much faster pace. Just when the exit gate of the park was in my line of sight, multiple things happened at the same time. I heard heavy footsteps right behind me matching my pace, but before I could react in any way, a powerful arm was wrapped around my neck from behind, another hand tightly clasped against my mouth. I screamed through the large hand, just a fraction of the sound got out. The arm around my neck was so tight that I couldn’t breathe. I struggled with all of my strength, trying in vain pull the arm off with both of my hands. I knew struggling as hard as I did would only quicken the inevitable. One minute I was struggling, the next minute, only darkness. My last thing in my mind before I passed out was pure unaltered terror.

Consciousness didn’t return to me slowly. Instead I was snapped out of it violently as a powerful orgasm tore through my whole body. It felt like waking up from a wet dream into an orgasm but instead of being a soft, dream version of the real deal, this orgasm was so strong that it hurt. My thoughts were heavily clouded and for what felt like hours I couldn’t find my bearings, I couldn’t even distinguish which side up I was. The realization of my situation came in pieces like in a puzzle. The first thing that I was painfully aware of was something hard vibrating away against my clitoris. I started squirming, trying to pull myself away from the object torturing the most sensitive part of my body. With that I realized that my legs and wrists are tightly bound with something that felt like rope. I was in a sitting position, sitting on something smooth and warm but quite hard, like leather. My legs were bound from my ankles sticking straight out in front of me. My arms were bound from my wrists straight above my head and it was tightly enough to force me to sit straight. My legs were also so tightly bound that I could only scoop backwards a tiny bit away from the vibrating nub so that it wasn’t so closely pressed against me. Then I could feel that I was completely naked and there was a blindfold covering my eyes. Finally, I noticed there was a piece of tape covering my mouth, and that I knew because I tried to scream for help. The attempt to scream brought back memories of what happened in the park. Chills went down my spine and I was sweating and cold at the same time. I was kidnapped, and I was taken something and bound in this offensive position. I started shaking from fear when I felt another orgasm started building up despite my dire situation and for the first time but definitely not the last during the next few days, I began to despise the uncontrollable reactions of my own body.

I almost didn’t hear a door opening and closing through my own heavy breathing after God knows how many orgasms I was forced to have. I felt the presence of a person just next to me, standing so close that I could feel the warmth radiating from the person. I began to feel self-conscious of my nakedness, my bare breasts jutted out in my position, like I was offering them on a silver plate. My captor seemingly had same kind of thoughts, because the next thing I knew was a large hand encasing my left breast, squeezing and kneading and rolling my hard nipple between fingers. I jerked from the contact and tried to tear myself away from the hand but that only resulted several hard slaps on my breast. I whimpered from the residual sting on my breast. I felt a finger on my face, tracing along the tape on my mouth. Then I heard a male voice, so low and quiet, whispered so close to my ear that I could feel the hot breath fanning across my face: “You can scream as much as you want, no one is going to hear you but me.” Right after saying that, the tape was ripped from my mouth so tortuously slow. I immediately started to scream for help, screamed for him to let me go. The vibrator suddenly got stronger, the vibration faster and more intense, and I started to scream louder. The more I screamed the more the vibration. Then a strong orgasm yet again rocked through me and I screamed through that too. When I thought there was no voice left in me, I felt his hand on the small of my back, pushing me forward so that I was pressed hard against the vibrating nub, I screamed so loud as he forced another orgasm out of me on my already hyper sensitive clitoris. I lost my voice then, nothing more came out of me anymore. All I could do was whisper my pleas in a raspy broken voice. “Please let me go, please don’t hurt me.”

“I will let you go, if you behave like a good girl and do your best to please me. As to your second plea, no promises.” I could hear the smirk as he said ‘no promises’. I was shaking all over from fear, and I had lost feeling from my arms and legs. I felt the ropes loosen from my ankles and the vibrator finally stopping. I felt one arm going around my waist and lifting me up in the air a bit, and I could feel the thing I was sitting on slide forward from under me. When his arm let go of me, I was dangling just from my arms for a while when blood rushed back to my legs with excruciating pain. The pain went on forever, but when it finally subsided, my feet and feel the floor. And when I stood on my tiptoes, the ropes around my wrists would stop cutting the blood circulation so completely.

“I know you want me to unbound your arms too, you must be very tired. And you probably are thirsty too from all that screaming. I’m feeling lenient today. Come for me and I will give you some water. And come for me again and I will let you down.” He didn’t wait for my reply. I then felt a tight garment wrapped around my hips and bottom like a pair of underwear, but it didn’t have a crotch and there was a strangely hard thing pressing at me in the front of the garment. Turned out it was yet another vibrator, and it was turned on. I lost my balance a bit on my tiptoes from the dizzying sensation starting to build up again, and I swayed back and forth from my arms and the rope dug painfully around my wrists. I struggled to steady myself when I felt I was quickly approaching yet another orgasm. When I was on the brink of reaching my climax, and I would be able to earn my water, I heard a quick whooshing sound right before there was a sharp sting on my bottom. To my horror I realized that he was spanking me with something long and bendy. My building of my orgasm came crashing down along the shock that I was actually being spanked like a misbehaving slave in a medieval castle. The strikes rained down on my bottom in a steady rhythm and the force remained brutal. I tried to concentrate on the vibrator and tried to reach climax despite of the beating, but whenever I was getting close again, he would move onto a new area on my backside and resume spanking. The back of my thighs, my calves, my back. Tears ran down my face from the sheer impossibility of me ever reaching an orgasm along with the pain of my back. Then the spanking abruptly ceased, and almost instantly I came so hard that I felt warm liquid gushing out and down my thighs. I then felt the ropes binding my wrists lowering down slowly, just enough for my feet to touch ground completely and a bit more so that I could readjust my stance and stand more steadily with my feet slightly apart. I felt something cold against my lower lips and realized it was the rim of a glass. I tilted my head forward and drank up the ice cold water greedily and hastily that a large amount of it ran down my throat and down my breasts, the coldness of the water making my nipples stand up even harder.

I knew that if I wanted my arms unbound, I needed to climax again. And I knew that if there was any chance for me to make an escape, I need to be not tied up in anyway. But I didn’t know if I could do it again. My clitoris had gone numb from all the torture, and I could hardly feel the vibrator anymore. After giving me water, he had resumed spanking my backside, and unfortunately, that I could still feel. Out of frustration, I started sobbing uncontrollably. I couldn’t do it. My head emptied of all reason, my only focus on getting an orgasm just like I was told. I heard myself pleading quietly and the words that came out my mouth shocked me to my core. “Please, please… I need something inside… to come…”

The spanking stopped on their tracks and I heard him saying: “Well, since you asked so nicely.” I felt the vibrator garment being detached from me, and my legs being kicked wider apart. I was terrified of what was going to happen next… what had I gotten myself into? I felt a hand cupping my pussy from the front, and I started crying all the more in defeat. Because I felt mortified that I actually asked him to put something inside of me. And even more mortified that it actually felt incredibly good. His fingers started to slide towards my entrance. He stopped to feel around the wetness and he dipped the tip of his finger just inside of my pussy. I felt my legs shaking a bit, I was almost ready to come again with only the tip of his finger. But his finger didn’t go anymore inside of me, it just stayed there. I let out a sound that was between a whimper and a sob, desperate for the finger to go all the way in. But instead of that, he pulled his finger out but before I could make any complaints, his hand slid further, his now wet finger finding the entrance of my butt. Before I could express ‘no’, he plunged his whole finger into my butthole and I let out a soundless cry. He started finger fucking my butthole mercilessly and I tried to get away from him and his invasive finger but I couldn’t. I struggled with the little amount of strength that was left in me, constantly pleading him to stop. Not because it hurt. Because it felt good and I was going to come from this stranger’s finger up my butt. I came violently on his hand and I hated every second of it.

When I started to be aware of my surroundings again, I noticed that he had kept his promise. I was lying on the ground, the rope around my wrists gone. I was lying on my side sobbing quietly, I felt humiliated and ashamed and violated. I felt his hand on my arm and he turned me onto my back. The blindfold was still on my eyes, but before he would tie me up again, both of my hands short out trying to push him away hard. I must have hit my target because I found myself managing to get up and started running blindly away from him. I managed a couple of steps before I felt a strong arm grabbing my waist from behind and the same arm yanked me back on the floor onto my back with so much force that the wind went out of me. Before I could gasp for air, my wrists were again being held above my head against the ground with his hand. A hard slap landed on my left cheek, stunning and shocking me with its force. Another one landed on my right cheek, and my head whipped around to the other side. Tears continued to run down my face but I felt the will to fight leaving me. But then I heard the clinking of some metal, and I recognized it be the sound of a belt being unbuckled and it dawned on me what was about to happen. I tried to closed my legs but he kneed my thighs forcefully apart. My upper body left the floor despite of my wrists being held on the floor, I struggled so hard, but then I felt the heavy weight of his body pressing down on me. I started screaming and was surprised how much noise came out, but almost immediately a hand clasped on my mouth hard preventing me from screaming into his ears. But I screamed into his hand nonetheless when I felt the tip of his penis poised against my pussy. Unceremoniously, without a word, he thrust his rigid member hard and deep into me. To my horror, I climaxed with his first thrust so hard that my back bowed upwards off the ground despite the weight of his body pressed against me. I heard a low chuckle from him and he started to fuck me with powerful thrusts. He then removed his hand from my mouth, confident that there was nothing left in me to scream anymore. He kept my wrists tightly clasped with his other hand though, as his now free hand went on roaming around my body, squeezing my breasts with bruising force and twisting my nipples painfully. All the while he kept raping my pussy hard, and the room filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin and my quiet sobbing and his breathing that was getting gradually heavier. He then put his head into the crook between my neck and right arm and I felt his tongue starting to lick the sweaty skin on my shoulder and neck. His tongue traveled up and down, occasionally going high enough to lick the tears from my face. In my head I wanted to feel disgusted, but my body tingled from every contact of his tongue while my pussy was about to exploded from his hard fucking. I started to cry all the more harder as I realized that I was about to climax from my rapist’s cock. I started to struggle against him, but all I managed to do was squirm and move my hips which further built up my orgasm. I felt myself climaxing hard and my vagina clamped down hard on his cock. He found a sensitive spot on my shoulder and bit down hard on it as he emptied himself inside of me with several final hard thrusts.

I didn’t feel him pulling out of me. I didn’t feel him get off of me and leaving the room. When I finally gathered enough wit about me, I was lying on the ground on my side again, still naked and spent. I didn’t have any energy left to move even an inch, I didn’t have enough energy even to cry anymore. Right before I passed out from exhaustion, few more tears ran down my face as his warm sperm oozed out of my pussy and slowly traveled against my thigh to the ground.



So how to make BDSM into horror? Take away consent. The story continue next Wednesday. Until then, stay kinky! 😉


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