Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 44 – Supergirl, Light Carnival and being forgetful

Another week had passed and here’s another weekly obsessions.

1. Foodporn Fever


There’s a Chinese lunch restaurant near my office and just recently they began to serve breakfast buffet too. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day and traditional Chinese breakfast is my ultimate comfort food and guilty pleasure. Why guilty pleasure? Because I’m supposed to be on a low carb diet and I should be avoiding everything that’s not whole grain or vegetable, and Chinese love their carbs. But it was Friday so I decided to treat myself. I went there and got a take-away (so I wouldn’t eat too much. I picked out a steamed pork bun, a steamed meat dumpling, two pan fried buns (because they are my favorite), a scallion egg pancake, some tofu spicy salad, two deep-fried wonton with sweet peanut filling and a small baked peanut bun. Okay, maybe I did take too much. After that ‘breakfast’, I was so freaking stuffed the whole day and even skipped lunch. My body was going crazy about all that oily carbs right in the morning. As good as Chinese breakfast is, I have no idea how Chinese in China could eat that every morning. I do realize that they are probably used to it, and they might not eat that large of a quantity in one seating, but still. The problem with me was that I didn’t necessarily feel full, just stuffed, like eating too much candies. No wonder my mom wonders how I don’t get hungry with just a smoothie as breakfast. 😛 I much rather have something full of protein and Vitamin C that would keep me full but not stuffed. 😛

Another breakfast that I love to put some time on is Sunday breakfast. This Sunday I woke up quite late, so I made myself brunch rather than 2016-10-16-13-05-14breakfast. Two fried eggs, some fried sausage with onion and mushrooms and pieces of baguette. As sides a green apple and a carrot to cut the greasiness of all the fried stuff. And of course a huge cup of coffee. While sipping that nasty cup of instant coffee, I realize that I really should save up some money to buy a proper coffee machine. For ages, I’ve had my eyes on the KitchenAid, forever-alone model, aka ‘when you are the only coffee drinker in da house’, aka the To Go model. It cost about 99 euros when it first came to the market, and I had a membership card to this one big department store and twice a year they would sell everything to their members 10% off the price. It’s not much, but I was kinda waiting for that day. But for two sales day in a role, they would raise the price of the coffee maker to 129 euros. Fucking scumbags. If I can find that machine sold in any other store, I would go there and buy it.

2016-10-16-19-21-27Anyhoo, back to food. I made a large batch of fusilli pasta on Sunday for lunches and dinners. I fried up some mushrooms and ham and onion. I made the mushroom sauce to go with it all. I don’t use pre-made sauces or sauce powder much. Everything taste better when I get to build it up from scratch. But there is one sauce that I can’t quite get rid of. It’s the Knorr mushroom sauce. It’s one of the first dish that I learned to make, back in the days when I knew almost nothing about cooking. I would buy a pack of bacon, whip up the mushroom sauce according to the instruction and made some delicious pasta. Nowadays, I like to add ham instead of bacon, and add some fresh mushrooms into the dish. I sometimes would use the sauce for steaks or pork chops too. It’s one of those pre-made stuff straight from the shelf that I don’t want to let go. I do know how to make mushroom sauce, but it tastes different and sometimes I just want that specific taste from the sauce powder. I know, weird. Sir Atticus calls it kitten crack, because I’m addicted to it. Just like the chicken and corn soup made from Campbell cream of chicken cans. 😛 Can’t get around it. No matter how good I get at making noodle dishes from scratch, I would always like a bowl of instant noodles once in a while, with the nasty dried up veggies and chili powder.

2. Cultural Crusade 

Last week was all kinds of quiet, in the sense that I didn’t watch any movies. There was only one TV show premiere and that was Supergirl season two. And it started with a bang, right into the action. While they only teased about Superman all through season one, season two episode one they introduce a fully developed Superman to everyone. And I like this Superman. Tyler Hoechlin, best known for playing the brooding alpha in Teen Wolf show, gave a very good first impression as the Man of Steel. And the comparison with Henry Cavill is unavoidable. The biggest problem I have with the movie Superman is that they made him into too serious. Henry Cavill has a friendly smile, almost boyish and Superman should be this ultra positive person, and I think they got it almost right in the Supergirl show. Tyler’s Superman is optimistic, smiling and charming and someone you want hanging around because both Clark and Superman is super friendly. And I miss the smiling and charming and friendly Superman. So when at the end of the episode, Clark decided to stay for a while to get to know his cousin dear, both Kara and I are happy about it. While the superhero movies are getting darker and more serious, I’m glad the TV shows are keeping it light and entertaining. DC is doing something right after all, on the little screen.

I finished ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty’, book one of the series by Anne Rice and you can read my review here. Right away I moved on and started book two, ‘Beauty’s Punishment’. After several chapters I already can tell that while the first book was full of realizations and inner struggles, book two is going to be more hands-on and the focus would be on other slaves in addition to Beauty. I’m not sure yet whether I would write a review about book two, because after ten chapters, it hadn’t inspired me that much yet. Well, we’ll see.

3. Happy Hubbub


In Helsinki there is one amusement park, peculiarly built on top of a hill, so it’s called Linnanmäki (meaning Castle Hill). It’s kind of a landmark, and there had been tons of memories from that place. My favorite time of the year at Castle Hill is not summer though, it’s during cold dark evenings in the autumn. Because during this time for three weeks there is the Light Carnival. The whole place would be lit up with different colors of lights. Finland’s summer is very bright, the sun won’t go down until nine or ten pm and by then the amusement part would already be closed. That’s why Light Carnival time is the only time people get to see the place in night time. And with so many pretty lights! So naturally this kitten dragged Sir Atticus with me and made Him buy me a glow-in-the-dark cotton candy. ❤ Basically it’s just cotton candy on a glow stick. Luckily I googled it beforehand, to check whether whatever the substance that makes cotton candy glow in the dark is safe to consume, and I found out the cotton candy itself is not glowing, just the stick. 😀 I was disappoint of course, but I would have made a scene would I have found out on the spot at the cotton candy stand. Anyways, the pink glow is still pretty awesome although it refused to go back to being pink. See, there is a little button on the bottom and by clicking it, the stick turned multi-colored and flashing too! So I brought it home with me and and washed the sugar off of it. Now I have a disco glow stick… I wonder what I can do with it. 😉

4. Pouty Phenomenon

So it’s been two weeks since I started using my bullet journal. In the beginning I was so sure I was never going to forget anything anymore, but I found myself forgetting stuff last week even if I had written them down. I do however wonder whether it’s really not an unusual phenomenon for me to forget things. It’s just that now I have written proof that I’m forgetful, unlike before I probably just don’t remember that I have forgotten something. 😀 Oh well, it’s a process of transitioning from trying to remember stuff and being so certain that ‘of course I would remember that’ to having to actually remember something just long enough for me to get a pen out and write it down. Now all I have to also remember is checking the said calendar. 😀 I am sometimes a little OCD, stuff goes in and out of my head so fast and so frequently it’s a miracle that I can function semi-normally. That’s why I’m so slow at reading. That’s why I hardly ever do just one thing at a time. If I don’t occupy myself with multiple stimuli, my thoughts would wander all over the place and I could never concentrate. Setting up a bullet journal helped me a lot to get my thoughts organized, cos there is a chance that out of those 100 times I think about something important during the day, I would remember it long enough once to write it down. Yup, so messy. But that’s also why I’m never bored. 😛

5. Sexy Stir

So last week, a punishment was long due. In a short amount of time I’ve actually managed to accumulate 50 spanking strikes from various things. Like being late on my reading task. I keep underestimating my reading time, and as I like reading before I go to sleep, I found myself finishing my daily reading task well past midnight. And undeniably I had been a greedy horny little subbie, because every time I play with myself, I just can’t stop at one orgasm. You see, the orgasm permission system that Sir Atticus and I had established is quite simple. I am to send Him a naughty picture or video and that would yield me permission for one O, but I can only use that once per day. So if I want more than one O per day, the price is five strikes per O. Orgasms usually come in three for me, which means every time I play with myself with permission, I would later get 10 strikes as punishment. I’ve started to write those down, because as I mentioned before, I’m quite forgetful.

So last week, punishment. Sir was kind enough to let me choose the first two instruments and I chose crops in both times. But the last dozen or so strikes was with the damn cane, and I actually had already forgotten how much it hurts. My mouth and wrists were also duct-taped and I really really like the duct-tape on my mouth. Although taking them off hurts like hell. I know I say this a lot, that I still surprise myself about just how submissive my mindset would get, especially during punishments. Because after the 50 plus a good whipping with the belt on top, a little anal trial followed. It has been a while that Sir had taken my other hole, and very quickly it became obvious that He wasn’t giving me much warm up before I was to accommodate His girth (which still proves to be challenging for my smaller hole sometimes). I heard myself whimpered through the duct-tape when He prepared me, and I was so aroused and scared at the same time, because it was going to hurt and feel intensely good at the same time. He did give me little metal chain to hold on to, in case I need to use my safe word, but I completely forgot the existence of said chain gripped tightly in my hand. I remembered I had it in my hand when Sir praised what a good little fucktoy I was after He penetrated me in my ass. I whimpered but I never pulled away. I had the safe word in my hand but it didn’t even cross my mind to use it first. I did end up using it in some point because it was freaking too much. Oh did I mention that in addition to anal sex, I also have a little vibrator up my vagina and a vibrating wand pushed firmly against my clitoris? It’s only so much a girl can take while standing up. 😛

And talking about standing up. It’s the one position in which I had never seemed to be able to climax. Well, not until I met Sir Atticus. They still don’t come easy, and usually when they do, they are so intense that they almost hurt, and it gets scary for a little while right after my orgasm and I can’t feel my legs. It’s the most peculiar sensation to be standing (or I think I’m standing) and not feeling my legs at the same time. But when I’m alone, I still can’t come while standing. Well, not until last Friday. I was teasing Sir and refusing to give His most clever pun a virtual standing ovation. So at the end of the night when I was going to bed but felt a little horny, as per usual I sent Sir a naughty picture. Our agreement is that I don’t need to wait for his permission before getting jiggy with myself, so I proceeded to give myself an extraordinary orgasm, one so huge that I actually was satisfied and getting ready the pass the fuck out right away. But then came a command from Sir that I was to send Him a video of a standing O. I know I know, being bratty and teasing your Dom could hardly result in anything pleasant and easy. Usually it’s something pleasant and really hard. 😀 This time it was trying to give myself an orgasms while standing and also catch it on a video too. The bratty kitten climbed out of bed after sending one more bratty comment and getting shot down by Sir in His full Dom mode (which is hot as fuck btw), and proceeded to squeeze one out while standing. It was super hard! I ended up shooting an over 6 minute video, and had to delete bunch of useless photos and cat memes from my phone before being able to edit the video into smaller size and just send the 1,5 minute juicy bits to Sir. I was pretty surprised that I was able to come at all, I was so sure I was going to be standing all night trying to come. But I did it! Not bad to still experience first times in the realm of masturbation after doing it for over twenty years. 😀 I’m so proud of myself. And Sir is proud of His kitten too. 🙂

Well, wasn’t that an eventful week. With my best Thor voice imitation I yell “ANOTHER!” ;D


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