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Halloween Special – My Horror Fix From Youtube

I feel like I’m a little late to the party. I noticed this week the words ‘Halloween special’ were popping up everywhere. And as a horror fan, I should’ve done Halloween specials all October. Well, better late than never, for three weekends I will do some lists about horror stuff that I love. First up, five horror Youtube channels that I follow!

Horror on Youtube is one of those big phenomena, like news channels and game-playing channels. Youtube has been my main source of entertainment apart from TV, books and movies for a year and a half now. It started out as me deciding not getting a TV for my new place, but I still like having something playing while doing chores and whatnot at home. Then it expanded as I find more and more quality channels to follow. Some shows have became my daily routines, mostly news channels and I like to listen to them most while I’m at work or cooking. Horror channels was a quite a new obsessions of mine, and I mostly listen to them during day time, because yes I’m a little pussy. So here’s the channels I’m subscribed to.

Strange Mysteriesstrange-mysteries

Strange Mysteries is the first kinda horror channel I started to follow. It’s all about strange and unsolved mysteries from all over the world. Endless lists about aliens, paranormal activities, legends and magical phenomena. The main voice of the channel is a deep one, like from trailers, but that guy is funny. So listening to strange mysteries is a bizarre experience, it can be creepy, shocking and funny at the same time and all of it narrated by a voice that sounds sophisticated and well-spoken but it’s never too shy to make crude jokes that are just my kind of sense of humor; dark and offensive. So if you like lists and the stuff that are hard to explain from all kinds of themes, Strange Mysteries is your channel!

Rob Dyke


Rob Dyke puts a face to a great voice too (and yes, that’s his real name). Voice is very important in horror channels, I find myself to be extremely picky. Because most of the times I only listen to these, so I prefer Youtubers with smooth voice and clear pronunciation. Rob Dyke has this matter of fact kind of voice, at least on his horror side of his channel. He also do comedy, but I don’t watch that side of his that often. Rob focuses mainly on real life cases, serial murders and such. He’s the definition of how real life can be much more terrifying than fiction. If you have a morbid curiosity towards the darker side of humanity, Rob Dyke is your man.



CreepsMcPasta is horror stories paired with a voice so freaking smooth that it should be illegal. And British of course. I started to follow his channel solely because of his voice, with that everything sounds creepy and eerie. CreepsMcPasta is all about creepypastas. They are urband legend kind of stories that are copy-and-pasted all around the Internet, thus the name creepypastas. They can be real or not, the part of the fun is the not knowing. I don’t have too much time to read creepypastas, so listening to the best ones is a great alternative. So if you are interested in freaking yourself out with a good old scary story by the campfire of an experience, or five-hour-long videos of creepypasta compilations for a night-time drive in a quiet roads, CreepsMcPasta is your kind of channels. 😉

Cayleigh Elise


Discovered from a collab video with Rob Dyke, I’ve been loving Cayleigh Elise‘s channel. I just binged watched all her old videos last weekend while cleaning the house. It’s about time to have some female power in the horror community. Cayleigh is all about unsolved mysteries, legends, monsters and anything paranormal, and once in a while she would read horror stories either she or her subscribers have written. She has a great voice and a funny bone in the mix of the bloody gore and scary stuff she narrates. One of my favorite things on her channel is a video where she explained why she loves horror even though like me, she’s scared shitless by them. In addition to having no problems admitting that I’m morbidly curious of all things dark and horrifying, horror at its best can be the manifestation of real life struggles and problems. And while real life can be hard and not to easily resolved in a short amount of time, surviving a horror story or movie can make me feel better afterwards, hopeful even, like I’m going to be okay with my real life shit storm. And I like that feeling a lot. Thirdly, I am an adrenaline junkie, and everything that gets my blood pumping, I like. And horror is a very safe way to feed the adrenaline monster, unless you are prone to heart attacks. I freaking hate jump scares too. I much prefer the slow creepy feeling that would made your whole body go cold and numb cos you’re so scared. 😀 Cayleigh likes that too, so if you want to find a horror soul sister online, Cayleigh Elise is your gal.

Mr. Nightmare


I discovered Mr. Nightmare through Cayleigh Elise, and I’m quite new to his channel. He does themed videos like ‘3 clown horror stories’, much in the style of CreepsMcPasta. He does true stories (allegedly), countdowns and also interactive stories too which I haven’t tried yet. But you want more stories, Mr. Nightmare is a good addition.

Here is how I get my horror fix from Youtube. I believe I would find more channels to follow and binge on so that I would have something new to listen to daily. These are great for work while doing something mundane. But if you’re into horror or just want to give creepy stories a try to set the mood for Halloween, these channels are a great way to start. See you next weekend back here for a list of my favorite horror books. 🙂


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