Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 43 – chili chicken, dentist and Swiss Army Man

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Weekly Obsessions sections. They are long and time-consuming to write, although they are very fun. I’ve been thinking about unraveling this section and spread it out throughout the week, they might be a bit more reader friendly in that way too. The idea is forming, so it might take a while to realize. Also I kinda like the idea to keep writing these until the end of this year, so that the part 50 would be the last one. So Weekly Obsessions is going to be on Mondays throughout October and November, part 50 will be on the last Monday of November. December these would take a little break because I’m doing the Kinky Advent calendar again this year, because they were a huge success last year and it would be very interesting to see how had my top 25 fetishes had changed in a year. 🙂 Alrighty, sounds like a plan. Now, let’s begin Weekly Obsessions, part 43.

1. Food Fever – chili con carne, spicy chicken with fried rice and meal prep


I’ve been running a little low on food inspiration past couple of weeks. It’s a really weird feeling, cos I usually know what I want to eat but cravings for something particular hasn’t been very present lately. However, I do have several basic go-to dishes that I would make when I don’t have anything else on my mind, and chili con carne is one of them. I don’t have a recipe of my own, it kinda changes every time I make it. But it usually contains various kinds of vegetables, most usually celery, carrot and bell peppers. Of course, beans play a very important role in this and this time it was chick peas and kidney beans. Then the basic stuff like minced beef, onion, garlic and crushed tomatoes in a can. I also like to soften my chili with some light cooking cream. And when it comes to seasoning, I went according to one of Jamie Oliver’s recipe, so a little bit of cinnamon and cumin in addition to chili. I used dried chili instead of chili powder and I also added a little bit of smoked paprika powder. The end result was very aromatic and has a deep flavor to it. I used fresh coriander as garnish. 2016-10-03-18-51-36Well, not really garnish, I don’t actually believe in them. I think everything on the plate should be eatable and has to add something to the dish more than just the visual aspect. Coriander is a very fragrant herb and people either love it or hate it. I love it and it goes so well with chili con carne. But if you absolutely hate coriander but you still want to add pretty green herb to brighten your dish, I suggest scallion or basil. With the chili con carne, I cooked some brown rice, it goes beautifully with chili. Also I happened to have almost a dozen eggs that were forgotten in my fridge so I put them in a muffin pan and into the oven for about 30 minutes in 175ºC. Out comes evenly cooked hard-boiled like eggs with a slight smokiness and saltiness to them. So in order to consume all the eggs in time, I included one with each chili con carne plate. The creamy oven-cooked egg also goes quite well with the chili. The only problem with this dish is that it’s almost impossible to make a small patch of it. Fortunately, you can also chuck the leftovers into the freezer. I used small zip-lock bags and into each bag I put one portion, they would keep for several months.


 It’s really a constant bragging contest between Sir Atticus and I as to which of us is a better cook. I am not going to let go of my best cook title very easily. I can admit though, those few times Sir cooked for me, it was pretty damn good. This time, I got to witness close range to Him cooking, because last time He made me dinner, I was in whole body bondage tied up on His bed. I have funny measuring methods to determine whether someone is a good cook. One is whether they use different kinds of vinegar in their cooking, and Sir has an absurd amount of different vinegar bottles in His cupboard. So check. The second one is whether they know how to use different kind of spicy products in different situations. I know people who only use Tabasco and Shiracha to add heat, nothing wrong with that, there are dishes out there that require those two sauces. But still, I don’t want all of my food to just taste like Shiracha or Tabasco. So I was impressed when Sir used dried chilis. I love everything spicy that only adds heat and dried chilis are great in that. So His chili sauce for the lightly battered chicken was a bit like sweet and sour chicken, but it packed some serious heat. I was in charge of the rice, I made a simple egg fried rice that was light on the salt as to not overpower the delicious chicken. I have no idea why it didn’t occurred to me to take a little bit of it with me the next morning to lunch or something, cos I’m left to daydream about it a little. Still, I’m not letting go of my best-cook title just yet, maybe next time. 🙂

Sunday rolled around and I was determined to have a very productive Sunday which would include cleaning, laundry, reorganizing my clothes in my 2016-10-09-20-12-46closet and meal prep. I’m still in the innovation slump, so I just picked up a rotisserie chicken from my local supermarket and made some rice noodles with carrot and celery in thai salad dressing, which is basically lots of lime juice, Tabasco, garlic and fish sauce. And of course sugar to balance it all. And also some coriander. I was in the mood for something sour and spicy, I guess the taste for the chili chicken only grew. The noodles I would eat cold the next day, the chicken I would slightly warm up, so it ends up being like a chicken salad. I did eat it for lunch today, and the noodles tasted like a bit under-cooked. That’s the problem with some rice noodles, they would harden up in the fridge and they would need some liquid to soften. I was thinking to make a quick chicken broth based sweet and sour chili soup, and add some of that and reheat the noodles slightly in the microwave at work. A bit troublesome I know, but I don’t want to waste or compromise the delicious noodles. So in order to stay true to the flavors of the noodle salad, spicy sweet and sour clear soup it is.

2. Cultural Crusade – The Flash, Arrow, Conviction and Swiss Army Man

Both The Flash and Arrow premiered last week, The Flash its third season and Arrow its fifth. A few words about the fastest man on earth first. Grant Gustin had made his way running into our hearts and we had welcomed him in with open arms, so much so that we forgave the season two which basically was a repeat of season one but less fun. The tone of the show got remarkably darker towards the end of season two and it kept at it judging by the first episode of season three. This season it’s going to be about Flash point, the consequences of Barry’s careless attempts to alter his own life in grief by making some pretty major changes in his past, and in the same time creating an alternative timeline. Urgh, time travelling stories always make my head ache. The first episode was a huge roller-coaster ride, moving the plot super fast to set the premise for the rest of the season. Which is going to be all about something we all know: “Do not fuck with time travel.” Then Arrow. I was very closed to let this show go during its impossibly weak season three and four. If it wasn’t for The Flash’s guest appearance now and then to brighten up the green of Green Arrow with his flashy red and yellow, I would have given up the show. I’m not sure whether I have any expectations left for Arrow, I guess I just wish that it would return with the grittiness it had in the beginning. Well, at least Green Arrow is now back on the people killing business, which I’m glad about, cos Ollie dear, you’re no Batman.

There was a new show premiering last week called ‘Conviction‘ starring Hayley Atwell who is best known for her role as Agent Carter in the Marvel Movie Universe. I really really liked her as Agent Carter although I didn’t kept up with her individual outing in her titular mini series. So when I hear of a new show with her as the lead character who is as gritty and tough as Agent Carter but with way less restriction of the older decade. Now she’s modern woman with a mission, and it was simply a joy to watch her be a little bit bad too. 😉 She is a very sexy lady. The first episode is promising enough with an interesting premise. The idea of checking the cases of possibly innocent inmates is nothing earth-shatteringly innovative but it is interesting enough to make me come back each week, for now. The cast is great. Now it’s up to the continuing story line, whether it’s strong enough, cos as fun as the case-of-the-week could be, these kind of shows would need something substantial to have a long run. We shall see. 🙂

It has been a long while since I’ve come across a movie with a completely unique plot. If I have to use one word to describe ‘Swiss Army Man‘ (2016), it would be unique. The premise goes like this. A man who looks like to be stranded on a deserted island was about to commit suicide. Then he spotted a man washed up on the beach, and he turned out to be dead. Or is he? With some ridiculous turns and twists, the two men, alive and dead, hard to tell which is which, embarks on an absurd journey across the sea and land trying to find their way back to salvation. It’s so quirky, so crazy, so ridiculous. I absolutely adored it! Both leading men are my favorites. Paul Dano is of course the indie rockstar, and I’ve always liked him a lot better than Jesse Eisenberg. And Daniel Radcliffe. Everyone including me was so sure that Daniel would never shed the huge shadow that is Harry Potter, and when I look at the movies he has chosen after HP, I’m pretty sure Daniel himself was scared of that same thing. He had chosen such different roles, from dramas to comedies to horror to action. I like the Daniel who is in indie movies like ‘Kill Your Darlings‘ and ‘What If‘. And it had been a blast to see him going on whichever shows on Youtube, claiming his place as the new generation ‘celebrity’ who is never too big of a start to make an appearance in some Youtuber’s channel. And Daniel’s perfomance in Swiss Army Man has been the most vibrant I’ve ever seen him, and he’s playing a corpse. 😀 Bright future you shall have, my dear. A career well worth following. Back to the movie itself, it’s not the kind of movie for those who can’t sit back and relax. I have no need to explain it in any way. I’m not left with the question ‘What’s that all mean’ in the end, I didn’t care about the message. I just know that I was happy when the movie ended, there was a smile on my face and I had this really strange sense of hope. The last time I felt like that, the movie was ‘Birdman’. Swiss Army Man is definitely going to be one of my favorite movie of the year 2016, if not of all time. Oh, and the soundtrack of the movie, it’s pretty awesome too, so don’t forget to check it out. My IMDb rating: 9 stars out of 10

3. Happy Hubbub – cooking together ❤

Talking about the delicious chili chicken and fried rice, it was the first time Sir Atticus and I cooked together in His small but cozy kitchen. Although I might giggle and complain when He teases me, like putting His hand down my pants while I am cutting something or washing dishes, I secretly like the wee intrusions a lot. 😛

4. Pouty Phenomenon – migraine and dentist

Wednesday morning, I woke up to a terrible migraine. I’m prone to migraines, I used to get them at least a few times a month. But ever since I started to eat feverfew herb pills, they reduced to maybe once or twice per year. And I’ve yet to have one this year, so here we go. For six or so hours I just stayed in my bed, trying to fall asleep but couldn’t quite because of the pain. After midday, I finally got some shut-eye and finally was well enough to get up around 3 pm. It wasn’t the worst or the longest migraine I’ve had, but it had a lingering migraine-hangover for three days. But the next day I was well enough to venture out, cos I had a dentist appointment. Finally, a pleasant visit although the matter itself wasn’t that pleasant. I went to get an estimate for the removal of two of my wisdom teeth. It’s my first time and I was already scared of dentists. So this time I rather paid a little more and went to a really good dentist. It’s not going to cheap, but at least the first time ever I like my dentist. He was very nice (I am paying him a lot of money for such a little time). I hated it when dentists talk in a low voice to the assistants while checking my teeth and say stuff in dentist language that I don’t understand but they sound scary. This nice dentist told me everything he was putting in my mouth, and what it’s going to do and probably feel like. And not once did he chatter to his assistant, he included me in everything they talked about and he said everything in normal people terms. So it is going to be worth the money. I am going to save up myself, cos I don’t like using my credit card. I estimate that I will say goodbye to my tiny wisdom teeth in February. Wish me luck!

5. Sexy Stir – almost like waterboarding 

drowningI’ve always been interested in different kinds of breath play, waterboarding probably fascinates me the most. So last week, I got a little taste of it. It was not attempted as such, but it just happened. Sir dragged me to the edge of the bed on my back so that my head hung overboard. It was deepthroat time. I’ve been in similar positions like that for deepthroating before, but this time it was a little different. I might be a little lower than usual, or I might have a little stuffy nose already. The cock deep in my mouth almost immediately closed up all the ways oxygen could get it, I gagged and choked a bit all my head being upside down. I felt like I was drowning and the limps flailing around a bit in reflex struggle. Right after Sir took His cock out of my throat, He mounted me and roughly started to fuck my pussy. I can’t even begin to describe how freaking good it felt, and I found myself begging for permission to come in no time at all. So now I’m really looking forward for including water in breath play especially if it includes vaginal sex during or right after a near drowning experience. Gods, isn’t kink just fucking awesome? 😛


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  1. Just had to stop by to tell you – I’m super excited about this bullet journal thing! I hadn’t actually heard of it until you started writing about it, and at first I didn’t really pay much attention to it. But I gotta say – it looks like an awesome idea and I’m starting one now 🙂 So thanks for the inspiration!

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