Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 42 – risotto, Shaun and Z Nation

Hah! I’m writing this on a Monday! I feel so much more organized already on my first day of using my lovely bullet journal. Cos I wrote down ‘write your blog’ on a Monday, I am doing it right now. 😀 So let’s get right down to it, shall we?

1. Foodporn Fever – risotto

Porcini mushrooms
Porcini mushrooms

I need to rave about Irish butter a little more. So Sir Atticus had brought me some from His summer trip, and I’ve been savoring it for about a month. I love butter, the real stuff in cooking, but it’s quite challenging to get real butter anywhere in Finland. The scent it emits when added to a hot frying pan… heavenly! Or on a warm piece of toast. Mmmmm. So when there was just a little chunk of it left, I made a risotto out of it to treat Sir as a thanks for bringing me the butter. 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it, but risotto is not very photogenic anyways. It’s one of my favorite dishes, especially the seafood one, but this time I made a mushroom one. To get your risotto to the next level, use premium risotto rice. Be generous with garlic. Whenever I make mushroom risotto, I like to use truffle infused olive oil for frying the garlic, onion and rice. And this time I also got my hands on some… I think it’s called porcini mushrooms. They are incredible with risotto. They have a nutty and creamy flavor and the texture is very meaty. They stay in shape no matter how long you cook them, so I added them to the risotto already in the beginning. Then another secret weapon, champagne. Using champagne instead of white wine would make any ordinary risotto extraordinary. Since I don’t like my risotto too sour, so I like champagne more. I don’t drink it myself, but if you have some left-over champagne, don’t hesitate to whip up some risotto the next day. 🙂 Then I used some chicken broth, it goes so well with the mushrooms. And towards the end when most of the chicken broth has been sucked up by the rice, I added the last chunk of Irish butter and some cream to top it off. I cooled of the risotto and added some shredded cheese on top to wait for re-heating the next day at Sir’s place. And it is phenomenal. I grilled some chicken thighs wrapped in bacon as a ‘side dish’ for the risotto and a hearty meal was prepared. 😀

2. Cultural Crusade – Shaun, Ghostbusters and zombies

To accompany the risotto I wrote about, we watched ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie‘. I admire the way they are done so much. I haven’t watched Shaun the Sheep series before, but they sure are adorable! I for one never believe that animations should only be for kids, not matter how old I get, I’m always going to enjoy animation. ^^ So it’s a story about a hard-working sheep called Shaun, and he decided that he really deserves a day off after stressful stuff like shearing. He then plotted with his fellow sheep to trick their beloved owner the farmer by chucking him into the trailer, removing the alarm clock and so forth. But a little accident happened and soon they all found themselves in the Big City. It’s a simple story, but so so adorable and made with love and care. My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10

There’s something weird in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? 😀 GHOSTBUSTERS! You don’t need to be an 80’s kid to absolutely love the Ghostbusters, and a remake/reboot, however you wanna call it, was in the making for ages. When they announced that it was going to be an all-girl assemble, I didn’t think it was a bad idea. The cast wasn’t bad either,  I love Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones surprised me by actually being the most funny one. 😀 Another surprise was Chris Hemsworth, of how incredibly funny he can be as the very pretty but very dumb Kevin. I knew our favorite God of Thunder got a goofy style, but he blew my mind. It’s really unfair, for someone to be that beautiful and funny too. There is a little too much CGI, but I can’t with good conscience say that the big fight in the end, the big CGI-fest was pretty fucking awesome. 😀 I think it’s better than the not-so-good reviews let on. And keeping in mind that it really has a huge pair of shoes to fill. Ghostbusters was more than its cult-status, it’s a legend. So I decided to not make too many comparisons. And when judging the new movie as a stand-alone, it’s entertaining. The only negative thing I disliked was the fact that we all got the cameos we want but not as themselves. I think a reboot was a mistake, it should have been the next generation. My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10

I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. For the Walking Dead and it’s not due for another week. So I ventured off to feed my hunger for zombie action and I found ‘Z Nation‘. I binged the first season during the weekend and it’s goooood. It’s like the annoying little brother, crazy uncle and silly cousin of the Walking Dead rolled into one. It’s never too serious, and it showcases all those little what-ifs we all zombie-lovers have during some point wondered in the late lonely hours. Big questions like what would happen when a tornado hits the zombie apocalypse, or would zombies on drug be like, or zombies on viagra. Ponder no more! Just watch Z Nation. 🙂

3. Happy Hubbub – Koala hoodie

Sir Atticus was doing the facepalm when I excitedly started to plan for Christmas. And Christmas means gifts! And since I’m on a Kickstarter role, I saw this really awesome hoodie doing crowd-funding. Its zipper doubles as a bottle opener. Enough said. 😀 I fell for the awesome Koala hoodie so hard that I ended up ordering one for myself too and it’s going to be my awesome adventure hoodie. 🙂 I will talk about it more when the hoodies arrive in January.

4. Pouty Phenomenon – X-Factor

So I’ve been watching the X-Factor UK this year, I can’t say I’ve really watched it before. So I really don’t know what’s the norm here. Do they always choose some random acts? There are at least two acts in the final twelve that are in my mind the wrong show. It is a singing competition after all, they might be interesting and entertaining but shouldn’t they then be on Britain Got Talent or something? And I am kinda disappointed that the Finnish gal got in the final twelve. Not that I don’t support Finland, but I would definitely NOT choose her to represent… So to say I’m a little pissed is an understatement. Especially my favorite Christian Burrows got cut. -.-

5. Sexy Stir – Impaling 

So last week Sir Atticus did something interesting both during blowjob and intercourse. 😛 He was lying on the bed on His back and I was kneeling between His legs and serving Him with my mouth, my hands on my side. Then He grabbed both of my hands and lifted them up, almost like making me do push-ups except both of my arms were straight. So naturally my head started to go downwards, cos nothing was propping me up. His cock was deep in my mouth and I started panicking a little. I tensed my arms the best I can but the cock was gradually getting deeper towards my throat. Not that I use my hands to resist Him ever, but it still acts like a little safety net. That I can pull myself up if I really needed to. So Him temporary taking that safety net away from me made me feel incredibly vulnerable. And it was arousing as fuck. So when it was time to do some good old fucking, I sat on His cock, reverse cowgirl, with my legs in the kneeling position. He then placed my wrists behind my back and He pulled my hair back. My back arched and His cock went in deep inside my pussy. When my back couldn’t arch any further and he pulled just a little bit more, my whole body weight went on His cock and His cock was hitting the wall inside of me. It felt too much and so good at the same time. I decided to call it ‘impaling’. 😛


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