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Challenges of 2016 – 3rd Quarter Update

Where all those months go. Only three months left, let’s see how I did the last three months with my challenges, shall we? 🙂

Book challenge – 50 20 books

So five books the last three months… yeah I suck. Not counting the two books I am currently reading, I’ve read only 10 books this past nine months, so still 10 books short from my puny 20 book goal, and I gotta do it in three months? I really need a solid reading plan if I want to make it. So I continued to read the Weird Girls series, ‘A Curse Unbroken‘ and ‘Of Flame and Promise‘. I do like the Wierd sisters, because although their stories are starting to get a little repetitive, they are breaking the classical romance plots, it’s not the canon pairing up and then staying together happily ever after. There are breakups and soul mate stuff among all the crazy monsters and demons. Good stuff. After visiting the Wierd sisters, I read ‘The 5th Wave‘ trilogy, you can find my review here.

Movie challenge – 100 movies

Hah, up until today, I’ve watched 99 movies this year. I knew the 100 wouldn’t be a challenge. I do still have a long way to go if I want to beat my year 2012 record which was 165 movies. I’m conservative, I think it’s going to be around 130 by the time I’m finished the year 2016. We shall see. =)

Fitness challenge – Six 8-week programs

So I finished up with the 8-week workout program for busy people from I then took a week off and got pretty restless. Next time around I should take less than the whole week off without doing anything. I got about 1.5 week worth of workouts to do of the 8-week program part 3, and cos it ends in the middle of the week, I would then take the rest of the week off and continue onto the 8-week program part 4. For the rest of the year, I might just rest or do something small. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂 But I am feeling good.

So there it is. Workout going great and movie challenge going more than great. I will try to plan for my reading and squeeze in 10 books for the last quarter of 2016, it might help that in addition to reading books I chose for myself, I’m also doing a reading task reading the kinky ‘Sleeping Beauty’ series. Who knows, I might just make it. 🙂


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