Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 41 – quinoa, market and purge

So that was a very homebody week, because I finally got the notebook for my bullet journal so I have been just playing with it most of the time. More about that later. Let’s start from food.

1. Food Fever – Quinoa


Severely struggling with my low carb diet, but still hanging there. Kinda. I decided to implement some more carbs like brown rice and pasta back into the diet, because I found cutting it all out just makes me more hungry for really bad carbs. Last week, the box of quinoa in my cupboard made eye contact and tried to embark some connection with me, so I gave it a try. I’ve got the box looong time ago, but I’ve never made quinoa. I’ve tasted it, randomly in salads but not in any substantial quantities. I remember eating it once though, in Morocco and it was served with some chicken that tasted like curry. It was a very good dish so I decided to attempt to re-create it. I didn’t follow any recipes, just worked with what I got ready in my kitchen. I got some chicken thighs, I prefer them much more than chicken breasts, because thighs are fattier thus they won’t dry as fast and they are actually a little richer in iron than breasts. And then there’s the price difference. At home, I marinated the thighs in sake, mirin, soy sauce and sesame oil, sprinkled with some dried garlic and a teaspoon of curry powder. My secret weapon is this very tasty curry powder I found in China. I browned the chicken thighs in hot oil, both sides, then chucked them into the oven to cook rest of the way. Then I made the quinoa. Here’s the lesson I learned, always read the instructions. 😀 I fried the onions, garlic and the quinoa in olive oil, and added chick peas and kidney beans before adding my last box of chicken stock. While I was stirring merrily, I glanced at the box and noticed the instructions stating that before using, the quinoa needs to be rinsed until hot water thoroughly. Oh well. A little late for that. So I went online to find out as to why quinoa requires rinsing. Apparently, quinoa got a little coating on it that tastes a little nutty and bitter if not rinsed before use. The Internet didn’t like this time, upon tasting, my little mixture bubbling on the stove did taste a little bitter. I didn’t give up on it though, first-timers make mistakes. So in order to save my quinoa, I added maple syrup. A generous amount of maple syrup. I got distracted towards the end and I burned the whole thing just a little, just enough that it stuck onto the pan and needed some spatula action, but it didn’t turn black or anything. So I accidentally browned some of my quinoa, and ironically the brown bits tasted the best. The maple syrup did manage to save the dish, I love you Canada. I also added a teaspoon of the same curry I used on my chicken and a teaspoon of smoked paprika powder. It turned into golden yellow and it went so well with the chicken. I also fried up some broccoli as side dish, and quickly made a cherry tomato, red onion and coriander salad to accompany the quinoa, and it served very well to freshen up the whole thing. I was pleasantly surprised how well my first venture with the quinoa went and promised my box that I will see it very soon again. 🙂

2. Cultural Crusade – so many shows, so little time

Last week, so many of my TV shows started their newest season and I could hardly keep up. There were also four new shows that I was interested in checking out, so let’s quickly go through what’s what.

Lucifer‘, the beloved TV devil and my favorite angel, was back for its second season. It’s back with the fun and mayhem, and our Lucy is back on cases with the detective. We were treated to some action, some mystery and some fine singing. Damn the devil can sing! It’s a good premiere for a fun show, and I’ll be watching. 🙂 Then the old time favorite ‘Big Bang Theory‘, going on with the familiar format. I mean, who doesn’t love Sheldon Cooper, right? 😀 And then there was the Voice. I haven’t watched the Voice in the longest time, but this year, there are two new judges, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, so I’m very interested in how would it go down.

Then onto the new shows. We have ‘The Good Place‘, starring Kristen Bell as a shitty person who died and went to heaven, by accident. Heaven, called the good place in the show, is an extremely selective place. There are neighborhoods designed by…erm, I guess an angel, and the angel Michael responsible for this particular neighborhood made a huge mistake and some people who belongs in the bad place got in. It’s a really fun sit-com, and I like Kristen Bell, so I will definitely continue watching. Then there was ‘Notorious‘, and edgy show about news producer and lawyers. It’s okay I guess, but not particularly hooking so I am dropping the show. Yes, I usually just give one chance, so pilots are really important. The same was with ‘Van Helsing‘, the vampire killing series wasn’t good enough to hook me in its first episode. Guess my vampire show quota is already filled with ‘The Strain’ and I don’t need another one especially if it’s mediocre. Lastly, there was ‘The Exorcist‘, and extremely well made new show about none other than exorcism. It got style, it got gore and soul. I’m loving it. Also it got Geena Davis who is a brilliant actress whom I simply miss so much. So it was nice to see her on screen again. The Exorcist is definitely doing justice to its namesake movie, it’s a hardcore horror show. I’m so happy that American Horror Story had proved that horror is not a niche anymore, and even on little screens, they can make some big money. I will be watching.

Then the movies! I spent a lot of time prepping my bullet journal so I also spent a lot of time sitting in front of my computer. And I never liked doing just one thing at a time, so while doodling in my bullet journal, I also put on some movies. First, I watched ‘The Legend of Tarzan‘. I thought it was a very unnecessary reboot, because the title suggested it to be another origin story. But the story is set like a decade after Tarzan, now named John left the jungle with Jane. And the movie is kinda about his homecoming. I love Alexander Skarsgård when he’s edgy and animalistic, so I like his fighting scenes. And I’m well aware that they were very heavy handed with the photoshopping when showing Tarzan in his younger years, but damn, Skarsgård in blonde long dreads is HAWT. The animals looked amazing, especially the apes. And Margot Robbie, that girl is brilliant whatever she plays. She’s going to go far in her career, mark my words. I was so right about Jennifer Lawrence, I’m going to be right about Margot Robbie. The plot to this Tarzan movie might not be that interesting, but it was nonetheless entertaining.
My IMDb rating: 6 stars out of 10

Three years ago, this little indie-like horror flick surprised all. It was called ‘Purge‘. It’s equipped with a simple yet morbidly fascinating premise: in a version of the United States of America, crime rates were through the roof. In other to set the country back on track, an annual purge was sanctioned. Twelve hours period, from 7 pm to 7 am, during which all crimes including murders are allowed. It’s a 12-hour free for all, you can do whatever you want to anyone and anything, but at the same time, you yourself, your loved ones, your business would be at risk. Police, firemen and health services won’t be available for the same 12 hours. Oh it’s like a sick wet dream of a horror movie fan. It was full of potential and packed with possibilities. The writer and director James DeMonaco was going to shoot for superstardom in the horror genre for coming up with the idea. The reason why ‘Purge’ remained more of a cult favorite than a money cow, was because the execution first time around. With this absolutely genius idea, DeMonaco choice the home invasion sub genre as the main theme of the first movie, effectively snuffing the greater potential of the whole purge idea. ‘Purge’ turned out to be a mediocre horror flick with a brilliant idea that was never quite actualized. But the love of the idea remained among horror fans. I was one of them, the idea of ‘Purge’ was left to haunt me.

So last week, I watched both the part two, ‘Purge: Anarchy‘ and part 3 ‘Purge: Election Year‘. Both were absolutely brilliant. ‘Anarchy’ was what I wished the first ‘Purge’ to be, the all you can eat buffet of mayhem and craziness. I have to remind you though, I like rude horror films. I like in-your-face violence in horror, the kind that is loud and clear and doesn’t leave you guessing. I’m aware that many might actually prefer the first ‘Purge’ movie’s subtlety, but I like Anarchy way more. It’s Purge night, why wouldn’t you want to be in the street observing all of it? ‘Election Year’ take the violence to the next level, it bordered on inhuman. But at the same time, do keep in mind that the third installment was set like 20 years into the annual purging, some children were born after that, and all they ever know is purging. It’s a scary thought, and I think ‘Election Year’ did a decent job to portrayed that, creating numerous violent scenes that would actually made the viewer uncomfortable, they make you squirm because they are too crazy but so real at the same time. Horror franchises come and go, but hardly ever there is such an intriguing topic as ‘Purge’ offered. I am definitely a fan now and I would love to see more. Like the origin of ‘Purge’, or what happens morning after, or even different Purge stories in different places. As a matter of fact, this would be a great TV show. Every week a different story, like the good old ‘Are you scared of the dark?‘. 😛 My IMDb rating for both movies: 7 stars out of 10

3. Happy Hubbub – International Food Market

I love love love markets, whether it be farmers markets, food markets or any kind of markets. So last week whole week there was an international food market in the center so I dragged Sir Atticus to it. I was happy as a clamp, even if it wasn’t very big and there wasn’t that many awesome stuff to eat. At least there was a churro stand and I got a lot of churros. They are basically donuts in a stick form, what’s not to love, right? I was looking to buy some smoked meat, as market smoke meats are the best, but there wasn’t any smoke meat stand. Luckily, there was a honey stand, and I got some honey from Lapland. All in all, it was a really fun afternoon. 🙂

4. Pouty Phenomenon – Leuchtturm experience

First of all, I have to confess, I am a die-hard Moleskine fan. I love Moleskine notebooks. But when I was planning for my bullet journal and doing research as to which kind of notebook is the best, I was sure I wanted a dotted structure. Unfortunately Moleskine only offer black dotted A5 notebooks, and some other colors but with a soft cover and bigger in size. So very very reluctantly, I ventured onto one of Moleskine’s biggest rival, Leuchtrrurm 1917. Because they have like million different colored dotted notebooks that are A5 in size but slightly wider than the Moleskine A5 and in hard cover. And the colors, omg. So I chose a bright pink color called ‘berry’. It said on their webpage that it will be available for shipping in October. Initially I thought that I don’t mind it coming not until October, because that would mean I have lots of time to plan for it. But then I got really restless, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the notebook. So I emailed them, and politely (at least in my mind) to please send me a light green colored one called ‘lime’ if it’s in stock, cos I’m too excited to wait much longer. I thought I was being polite. But then I received an email reply from David from Leuchttrum that my notebook will be shipped in a few days, as long as he get to it since he got like 1 000 other orders… Okay, I have had my fair share of bad customer service, mostly just in the form of not responding. But never have I ever got attitude from customer service people. Maybe it was a language barrier, maybe in David’s mind my message sounded rude and demanding. But guess what David, even if that was the case, I am still the customer. I’ve worked many years in customer service, and my motto was and still is, I take my shit elsewhere. Even if I had a bad day, I would never show it to my customers, cos it’s really not their faults. And customer might not always be right, but as a customer server, you kinda always have to pretend that the customer is always right.

So in addition to some diva attitude, David also did not answer my question. I have no idea was I getting a berry notebook or a lime notebook. I only knew that my notebook was going to be shipped in a few days. I let it go, I was fine with either color. On the same day, David sent me another email, informing me of a tracking code for DHL shipment. I was a little confused, cos first of all I didn’t pay for DHL, I usually just choose the slowest and cheapest form of shipping method. Second, the tracking code didn’t work on DHL webpage. 😀 Initially I thought that I just tried the code a little too soon, that maybe the package hadn’t arrived at DHL yet, I’m not at all sure how the whole thing works. After a couple of days, I tried the code again and it still didn’t work. I went back to inspect the email David sent me about the code, and then I noticed, it wasn’t even addressed for me, it was addressed to a Mr Thodssön (or something like that, I can’t recall). Oh David, whatever I’m going to do with you. XD Well, I was caught up in my own busy schedule and let the whole thing be. I thought that the notebook (berry or lime) would arrive eventually. Roughly one week later I received the package. No it wasn’t from DHL, it was standard mail services. And it was berry, the color that shouldn’t be available until October. So did David have a secret stash of berry colored notebooks? 😀 It had a couple of dented dots on the hard cover, that I like to think in my vengeful imagination that David personally had stabbed into existence with his trusty pen. XD

So that’s my Leuchtturm experience. I don’t regret from buying it over Moleskine, and I probably would buy more of them in the future for bullet journaling. But as to anything else, I remain with my trusty Moleskines. And no, I would never going to order from their webpage again, cos I really don’t trust David. 😀 I will get them from Amazon, at least their Davids have always been very nice. I will write more about the notebook itself and do a little comparison to Moleskines in my post about bullet journal later. 🙂

5. Sexy Stir – On Command

On the day of the food market, I also got a little spoiled with Os. I got five of them, that is, during the evening. And one of them was what I would like to think as on command. I always think it to be silly and impossible when in smutty novels the man would ask the woman to come and she would do just that. Of course, it sounds super sexy but does it really work like that? And on Fetlife the kinky website, I have seen videos where subbies would come literally on command, sometimes even without stimulation and on the snap of fingers. I am not questioning that, it surely looked cool and magical, but I knew the snapping finger thing would never be possible for O-handicapped like me. But I’ve had a lot of training with Sir, and I come pretty quickly and easily and I’ve learned to hold it off until I got permission. But last week during our play, I was naked sitting on the floor with my legs spread apart and me holding a wand vibrator on my clit, Sir turned it around by telling me to come for Him. It was instantaneous, of course not, but when those extremely sexy words left His mouth, I felt the obvious climb, and within half minute I came harder than I ever did when I’m not alone. The orgasm I got was so powerful that my butt cheek started to cramp. And you know it’s good when you get a sex cramp. And that might just be me being closest to coming on command that I would ever going to get. Later that night, I wondered out loud whether I would be trainable to truly come on command and Sir said that He might not want that kind of control over someone. Little did He know, He might already have that kind of power over His little kitten. 😉


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