Jukebox Friday

Lifted – CL

First let me tell you who CL is, in case you’re not familiar with her. I got these intense K-pop phases during which I would listen to way too much K-pop. I don’t speak Korean, like at all, but I don’t K-pop really requires you to speak the language, it’s universal. And one of my favorite K-pop band is, 2NE1 (pronounced ‘to anyone’). One of their biggest hits was ‘I am the best‘, and it’s quite fitting cos they are pretty much the best K-pop band out there. They are edgier, not so girly, rough and raw. CL is one of the four girls from 2NE1. Her voice stands out by being lower, with a snarl to it that you don’t hear a lot in K-pop. Her English is also very very good, without a hint of Korean accent. Then I saw her recently, on James Corden Late Late Show, and I wasn’t paying much attention to the video, just listening and I was like ‘oh this girl sounds good’. I was so freaking surprise to see it’s CL performing, in English, her new single! She’s on her mission to conquer the world, starting from the US market. And I say it’s about time! Do not underestimate her, she’s not a newbie. She’s a full blown artist straight from the brutal music industry machine that was South-Korea. And the girl can rap and dance. I know whenever an artist from another country attempts to dip her feet in the US rap water, people would be more critical. But I think CL figured that one out. What’s a better way to make an entrance than saluting the legend that is Wu-Tang, and jamming to a song heavily inspired by Method Man, who gave his blessing by doing a little cameo in the music video. This summer was missing a really good summer hit, but I think it’s finally here, better late than never. On this Friday, grab a 40 and enjoy. 🙂

Hey, you, get off my cloud
You don’t know me, and you don’t know my style
Gettin’ lifted, never coming down
Gettin’ lifted…

Gettin’ dumb on the drum like rum-pum-pum-pum
Better run, when I come, what a bomb bomb
Sippin’ on coke and rum, gettin’ so drunk
Everyone wonderin’ where she come from?
Got gold on my necklace, gold on my wrists
Girls gettin’ mad cause their boys want a kiss
Fast with the cash, I just throw it in the bag
Everything I wanna have (well I think you get the gist)

Upside downside, inside outside
Hittin’ you from every angle there’s no doubt
Poetry in motion, coast to coast and
Rub in in your skin like lotion

I got myself a 40
I got myself a shorty
And I’m about to go get lifted
Yes I’m about to go get lifted…

H-U-F-F, huff and I puff
Blow like snow when the cold wind’s blowing
Zoom, I hit the mic like boom
Wrote a song about it, like to hear it? Here it goes
Style will hit you, wham, then goddamn
You’ll be like, “Oh shit, that’s the jam!”
Turn it up, now hear me get buck wild
I’m about to blow, light me up

Upside downside, inside outside…

I got myself a 40…

Hey, you, get off my cloud
You don’t know me, and you don’t know my style
Gettin’ lifted, never coming down…

I got myself a 40…

(Yes I’m about to go get lifted…)


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