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Fifty Shades Darker – trailer rant

Guess what just dropped few days ago? -.- Yes, the movie sequel to the infamous ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ that was credited for bringing BDSM to the mainstream. The sale of sex toys skyrocketed, and so did the STDs for a little while. I am not kidding about the STDs… I have a special, personal, passionate hatred towards 50 Shades, cos I myself first started to get active in the scene at the same time the movie came out. Yes, you can only imagine the amount of inappropriate things that was said to me… From the beginning, I already disliked the tone they used in the books and movies, like BDSM is a disease/curse/bad habit that can be cured by true love blah blah blah. Am I grateful for the franchise to bring BDSM to the mainstream? Not really, I don’t think it was necessary. Bring awareness… well, sure, if it means that someone who wasn’t sure that she/he was into the kinky stuff saw the movie and voila!, out of the closet. See, I don’t see how that works either. The time of awakening is the period of being unsure and hesitant and even scared whether there is something wrong for having such unusual desires, and 50 Shades is what was presented to me flashing the neon sign screaming “oh yes there is something wrong with you, be ashamed of it, lose the girl for it, you sick fucked up bastard” – *ugly crying ensues*… Oookay, maybe that was a little bit exaggerated… If someone watched this crap and that leads them to explore their kinky side, then that is a beautiful thing no matter what. Back to the trailer of the sequel, one line jumped out at me that I really really didn’t like. It was by the woman, Ana, explaining how this time around things are going to go in order for them (Ana and Christian the supposedly Dominant) to work, she said: “No rules, no punishment.” Plus the rest of the trailer strongly suggested that she attempts to save him, cos liking the things he likes can’t be normal… And of course, they would reveal more about Christian’s troubled childhood witnessing her mom fucking other guys and maybe him being sexually abused too by men… Yup, exactly, you have to have a fucked up childhood in order to grow up into a man who likes to spank women. Thanks, Christian. Sorry about this rant. I’m out. 🙂


One thought on “Fifty Shades Darker – trailer rant

  1. You know, I thought the movie was crap. They were calling it “mommy porn” because when the books came out every soccer mom was reading them at the beach or pool.

    I’m a lifestyle participant out of personal choice/need not because some hollywood glamor show guided me to it. I still see sex toys bundled as “50 Shades” packages. It makes me sad.

    But everyone is entitled to try other flavors than vanilla. My problem is that the basic foundation of being a true Dom or sub is lost to the crowd that reads thise crotch novels.

    Thanks for your post! I needed to vent a bit myself…LOL

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