Jukebox Friday

Never Gonna Give You Up – Postmodern Jukebox ft. Gunhild Carling

Happy Friday everyone! I’m on a great mood today, because it was a sunny day. Because it’s a Friday. Because I made decisions and it always makes me feel better after deciding on things. I’ve been down for days and you might have guess already that it had something to do with Sir Atticus. Can’t be smooth sailing all the time, right? It is matters of the heart, and it’s definitely between me and Him, so I don’t feel comfortable sharing them here. We are alright now, and I decided to try go back to my cheerful self, so He would have one less thing to worry about (which is me being sad). So for this week’s Jukebox Friday I want to dedicate a song to Sir. Nothing too melancholy and melodramatic, still holds some meaning, but done in an upbeat way. 🙂 This lady is something else! I always admire a lady who can blow. 😛 So if you want to hear more about the story, click ‘continue reading’ after the video. 😛 Enjoy! 😉

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