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The Everyday Backpack by Peak Design

Soooo we’re back. Kinda. I am feeling better though and this post is time sensitive so might as well get it out there. I really like crowd-funding, I like the idea of helping great ideas becoming reality. I am quite picky though, as to what projects I support. I’m hardly ever this excited about any Kickstarter project than I am about this: The Everyday Backpack, Tote and Sling by Peak Design.

I’m a big backpack user, because I have a bad back and my shoulders are in a dire need of a massage all the time. So as much I love all of my totes and slings, what I use the most is my backpack. And I’m yet to find a great one yet. I’m a little OCD when it comes to organizing my bags, so I love pockets. But it needs to be functional too. I’m glad I came across this Kickstarter campaign days before it was ending and after watching their video intro about their smaller backpack, I think I found my dream backpack. I pledged for the early bird everyday backpack 20 reward and I will totally be doing a review when it arrives, hopefully before Christmas. There’s a little over 1,5 days left on this Kickstarter, so do go check it out, support this amazing product and get your own!


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