Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 38

I have been a little down in the weekend so I didn’t update anything, but I always feel better when I try and keep this little blog updated so here we go.

1. Foodporn Fever – Cream of chicken

IMG-20160821-WA0011So I have a little Campbell’s cream of chicken addiction. They sell them in this tiny little American food supermarket for 4 € a can! It’s really ridiculously expensive. So when Sir Atticus went on His holiday, He bought me cans of cream of chicken! It didn’t even cross my mind to ask for them, cos it’s really silly to ask for cans of soups, because they are so heavy. It was supposed to be a little surprise but He revealed the surprise accidentally. 😀 And then I thought He would bring me two or three cans, but then He sent me a picture… seven cans! Six normal size and one HUGE one. So during the week when I felt a little stressed from all the work and being busy, I popped the HUGE one and made the delicious chicken corn soup that I can seriously eat all day every day. It’s a small but a big gesture at the same time, that makes me feel a little spoiled and blessed.

852016142246Then on Saturday, I did an 1 000 calorie workout challenge in the morning. It took me almost 1.5 hours and I felt more than proud of myself afterwards. Afterwards I felt entitled to a little reward, so I went to a new hamburger restaurant with my parents for lunch, the place is called The Lucky Bastard. It serves burgers and fries and milkshakes, and I was so excited about the burgers! In addition to my tummy being extremely excited, I couldn’t wait to take some foodporn photos. So from the top left first, it’s their bacon burger, The Kevin Bacon, beef patty, cheddar, crispy bacon and caramelized onion plus spiced BBQ sauce. It’s a little bit on the salty side, I was expecting more tastier sauce. But hey, bacon burger is bacon burger is bacon burger. 😀 Under the bacon burger is their chili burger, Chili Chili Bang Bang – beef patty, chorizo jam, smoked paprika mayo and rocket salad. The chorizo jam is as potent as it sounds, the smoked paprika mayo was freaking awesome. I just wished there would be more of it. I would love it to be a bit more spicy too. On the bottom right is their spiced fries that has cheese curds and the same spiced BBQ sauce that was in the bacon burger. Their fries was pretty tasty all by their own, and I feel like the BBQ sauce tasted a little out of place with the fries. Maybe because I was expecting something along the line of poutine. Cheese curds was quite refreshing. 😛 And I saved the best for last, the burger on the top right, their truffle burger, The Trufflelicious. I am a truffle junkie, I can’t get enough of it. But because I am cheap too, I usually just get the truffle-flavored olive oil. So in this awesome burger there was the beef patty, truffled mushrooms, roasted garlic and truffle mayo, crispy onion and rocket salad. It was magical. It tasted so good! It’s definitely my favorite. I like their homemade buns a lot, it’s fluffy and slightly crispy on the inside. Their beef patty is beefy and very juicy and beautifully medium rare. But it was lacking some spices, like the salt. 😀 I didn’t notice it with the chili burger (which was my order), because the chorizo jam was flavorful. And the bacon burger got the bacon to be the salt. The truffle burger doesn’t have cheese or other salty things to balance it out, so the blandness of the beef patty was quite obvious. Next time I would definitely pimp it out by adding some cheese and/or bacon in it. All in all, The Lucky Bastard was quite lovely. Still got room to get better, but definitely one of the best burgers in Helsinki.

2. Cultural Crusade

Finally, one by one, my TV shows are coming back on! The Strain season 3 premiered last week. I remember first seeing something about this show was in the book form. I haven’t read them yet, cos I wasn’t in the vampire mood. But then they announced the TV show and I decided to check it out. I forgot all about it and when I remembered the whole show again, it was already on its second season. So I binged all of season one, which was quite brilliant. Their portrayal of vampires is more like a virus, and they are exactly the monsters from the nightmares like vampires maybe should be. I mean after Twilight, they do need something to redeem themselves. Vampires in The Strain is fucking horrifying. I liked the way how creepy it was that the first thing the newly made vampires would do was go home. And kill the fuck out of their own families. It made a really powerful first episodes, it was heart-breaking, scary and soooo bloody. The season one was awesome, because it was in the smaller scale. Smaller problems. Life or death, yes, but still small stuff. On season two, it got a way bigger and maybe a little bit ambitious. There were so many new things so from time to time it was getting a little overwhelming. On the first episode of season three, they did start with a bang. It made a little round the main characters and let us see what’s up with them all. Our heroes might be left alone to deal with the big problem, cos the help kinda… you know, got torn apart. There wasn’t a clear hint as to where is the season going to head, but it’s still a solid premiere episode. I just wish they would get the mojo back that was so strong in their first season.

You’re the Worst season 3 also premiered last week. If you’ve never heard of this show, I strongly recommend it. I don’t follow a lot of shows that are mainly about relationships, but in one episodes I fell in love with Gretchen and Jimmy. They are the perfect imperfect couple, the weirdly functional dysfunctional relationship right from the beginning. It was chaotic and messy right from the beginning. Season 2 was incredibly dark with Gretchen’s depression so in the surface. But it’s not a show about depression. It’s there, it’s about how it affects relationship, but the season two finale was something so simple and beautiful that it was worth it to soldier on through all the darkness. Season three premiere was back to its regular banter and of course Jimmy freaking out because Gretchen told him she loves him. I don’t want to spoil you too much but there was one quote that I loved. It’s from Gretchen to a freaking out Jimmy claiming that love is a huge promise, to which Gretchen said that if love is a promise, it’s only a promise to try really really hard. I think Gretchen is dead on.

Then on my zombie Sunday, I attempt to numb myself with a horror movie. Unfortunately I chose The Boy (2016), which tries too hard to be spooky in the style of ‘The Others’. With scary dolls. And for a doll in a horror movie, Brahn the boy was not that scary. And the ending… boooring. So maybe I’m not that much of a chicken shit anymore. I will try to watch more horror. My IMDb rating: 5 stars out of 10. After that I turned to a comedy trying to cheer myself up. I chose Sisters (2015). It’s your everyday so-so comedy, that peaked in an absurd scene that involves lube and a ballerina music box. I guess my humor can be quite brute and I was doing this laughing and crying at the same time thing. It was ridiculous. But I have an explainable dislike of Tina Fey so ‘Sisters’ is only okay for me in the end. My IMDb rating: 6 stars out of 10.

3. Happy Hubbub

2016-08-29-21-55-05Souvenirs from Sir Atticus! So in addition to the cream of chicken cans and stuff I asked Him to bring (mainly a hoodie and a metal jewelry tree), He also brought me some other souvenirs. The little Deadpool figurine who’s holding an automatic gun. He’s the cutest little guy ever. But then Sir presented me another present – Deathwing! From World of Warcraft! The big bad dragon that changed the world of my favorite game. Deathwing figurine looks fucking awesome. Sir also named him Steve, cos He thinks little Deathwing looked like a Steve. Steve it is. So when I got home, I put all of my jewelry on the tree and had both Deadpool and Steve guard it. And I gotta say, they look pretty awesome on my table top.


So I decided to leave the last two parts unwritten. I am going through something that concerns Sir Atticus too, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing the details, since I feel it’s still too personal for me and Him both. I might take this week off, since I doubt I would be in the right mood to write much. I will get back to you with an update soon.


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