Kinky Dungeon

A Story of Pain and Pleasure, part 1

New toys. Sitting on the bed, He was showing her new toys He bought abroad with the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning. New wrist cuffs that are meant for bondage standing up, new flogger with fragrant leather, a wider but smaller gag that fit her small mouth and a stunning red and black spreader bar among other things. The last thing He showed her was a pretty red and black collar. Like all the other toy, He put the collar around her neck and attached the leash to the beautiful collar. He sat back a little to admire His property. She started to get a little hot with the leather collar on her neck, but from whole another reason than the temperature in the room. He took hold of the leash and yanked gently but insistently, so her focus shifted from admiring the toys to Him. “Now suck my cock,” she heard Him say.

She immediately scooted down the bed and started to loosen His belt and take off His jeans and boxer shorts and socks, she missed the taste of her Dom’s cock badly. With her hands resting obediently on the bed, she only used her mouth to take His cock in her mouth. It felt hard and big, bigger than she remembered. As she went up and down the length she could feel Him tugging at the leash guiding her head. She started to get aroused from being in a leash and from the cock worshiping. He let her served Him for a while, then she felt Him pulling the leash upward, and she reluctantly let go of His cock. He pulled her in close for a slow kiss. When He pulled away and before she had fully recovered from the kiss, a hard slap landed on her left cheek followed closely by slaps on both cheeks. She gasped from surprised at the first one and moaned when a particularly hard one landed. Both of her cheeks felt like they were on fire. After He was done, for now, He pulled her in for a kiss again before unhooking the leash and telling her to take off all her clothes.

She did as she was told, facing the bed she started to take off her clothes. She heard Him setting up something behind her, but she didn’t turn around. When she was done taking off her clothes, she stayed where she was, her arms to her sides, head and eyes downcast and waiting for Him to finish setting up. He came with the new wrist cuffs in hand. She lifted her arm for her wrists to be tied in the cuffs, first her right and then her left wrist. He told her to go stand in front of the closet door, her back to the door and to lift her arms high up above her head. He came to stand close to her, His body almost touching hers. He started to pull her wrist higher up to attach it to the hook hanging from the door, higher and higher until she was standing on her tippy toes. “Oh kitten is too short for this,” He said in a teasing tone. “I guess you have to be on your tippy toes then,” He added and she could hear the devilish smirk in His voice.

Being tied up like that, the whole front of her body was naked and fully exposed to Him. Her breathing began to get more labored, as her breasts have always been delicate and it was starting to dawn on her that He was going to start with the front of her body. More hard slaps landed on her face followed by slaps on each of her breasts too. When He switched to the riding crop, she instinctively closed her eyes and her senses were directed to feel the leather tip of the crop on her breasts, on her nipples. She is not a big fan of breast spankings. After a few sharp strikes from the crop, she started to whimper. She then heard Him dropping the crop and suddenly she could feel the heat of His naked body and the hardness of His excitement poking her at her stomach. His hands started wandering all over her body and she moaned when they dragged across her sensitive breasts that were hot from the spanking. He started to kiss her, on the mouth, on her breast and took the nipples in His mouth. It felt like He was all over her, kissing, licking, biting. And she heard Him whispered: “Oh I’ve missed you, my little fuck toy.”

By this point, she was quite drunk on all His attention, the rough kind and the gentle kind. It all started to get blurry for her. At some point, a blindfold was placed over her eyes and chills of fear ran up her spine. He knew that she always felt safer when she was blindfolded. But she also knew that she had a caning punishment due and she was still facing ‘the wrong way’. She thought she heard Him say a word, but she couldn’t be sure with her submerged in subspace. Then she felt the unmistakable harsh sting of cane strikes landing on her breasts, and suddenly she realized what the one word was that He said. “Count.” But by this point, it was too late. She had no idea how many strikes there were already been dealt, so when He stopped and asked, “How many was that,” all she could do was whispered miserably that she didn’t count. “Oh you didn’t count? So I guess we have to start from the beginning,” He said, mildly surprised but not at all sorry that He had to do the work all over again. Later after that day, she wondered why it didn’t even cross her mind to just say the number of strikes she knew was getting, and with some luck that would be the correct answer. The fact that she didn’t even entertain the thought of lying to her Dom made her smile.

This time, she counted out loud after every cane strikes to her breasts. Thirteen. For being bratty. She was sobbing softly after the punishment and she thought He was going to let her down. But then came His voice: “I’m going to break you today.” Then followed a very thorough testing of the new flogger. It was brand new, so naturally the leather was harder compared to well worn one. The tips of the leather felt sharp like little needles on the already sensitive breasts. Some strikes with much less strength landed all over the body, setting fire onto her whole body in its path. At some point, He flipped her around, now facing the door. She tried arching her back a little so that her hypersensitive nipples wouldn’t brush against the door. He began to spank her bottom, her back, her thighs, her calves. With riding crop and flogger. If she wasn’t already crying, she would definitely start to sob during the back flogging. The flogger landed on her back but the pain radiated throughout her whole body. Almost every inch on her body was red hot, burning like wild fire with so much blood rushed to the surface, just under the well-abused skin. She was getting tired too, still standing on her tippy toes, all her leg and arm muscles contracted, making every contact of every spanking instrument hurt that much more.

After what felt like forever, He finally came close to her again. With His body pressed against her burning backside, He released her arms from their sky high prison and she was told “on your knees”. Somehow the leash was again attached to her collar and she went on all fours and started to crawl, following the tugging of the leash. She was led to the end of the bed and told to hold on to the metal frame of the bed. She heard the jingle of chains and knew He was chaining her to the bed frame. Then she felt a little tap on the inside of her ankle, His sign to make her open her legs. Ankle cuffs were placed and three times He told her to open her lefts further apart. And then she felt something being attached to her ankle cuffs and realized it must be the spreader bar. He took hold of the ball and pulled back, telling her to scoot backwards and bend forward at her waist. All of her most private parts were exposed to Him now. He then placed the new gag in place.

He hadn’t touched her core yet, except having a quick taste when she was still tied up standing. All opened now, she could feel her wetness dripping down her thigh, being a little surprised just how aroused she became from the spanking. After all this time, her masochistic side still shocked her. She secretly prayed for Him to touch her, and momentarily thought her prayers were answered when she felt something pushed against her entrance. It was the egg vibrator, remote controllable, or so she thought. But unlike the egg, this little thing that was being pushed inside of her didn’t quite find a place to settle in, instead she could feel its presence from her entrance to her inside. Then He turned the mystery vibrator on and her knees buckled from the intense pleasure, the kind she had never felt before with egg-kind vibrators. She couldn’t help but wriggle around and tugged at the chain that bound her hands to the bed. It was too much, with her legs opened wide with the spreader bar, she had no where to escape. Then she heard it first, before she felt the hard surface of the bamboo brush, one of His favorite spanking instrument, because He thought the sound it makes was delightful. And the sounds the brush made her made were just as delightful. He continued the onslaught with the brush, and her screams were muffled with the gag. She felt drool dripping out of her opened mouth on out the holes of the gag.

After the proper spanking she already received standing up, she no longer possessed the brain capacity to distinguish which spanking instrument was being used. It all merged into just pain, only thing separating them was the sound they emitted. A dull but loud sound – the brush, a clear sharp sound – the belt, an air cutting whoosh sound following by a wee thunder sound – the riding crop. All of those landed all over her exposed round bottom, with the vibrator buzzing away in her pussy. Her legs were shaking from the sensory overload.

After the longest time, He was done with spanking. But He wasn’t quite done with dealing pain just yet. She felt His fingers, slick with coconut oil, touching her sensitive flesh, lingering longer just outside of her asshole. Then she felt something cold and hard against her smaller hole. He slowly pushed in a glass dildo, making her scream from the pain. It had been a while there were any anal play. With His free hand, He placed another vibrator on her from the front, firmly against her swollen clitoris. When He started to move the glass dildo in and out, she couldn’t stop but struggle against all of her bondage, she was sure she would go crazy from everything she was feeling at her most sensitive parts. She couldn’t take the pain and pleasure torture for long. Mercifully, He finally stopped and gave her the choice to be without the glass dildo in her ass when He fucked her. She was so relieved.

Glass dildo was carefully removed, the vibrator in her pussy was slowly removed too and so was the clitoris vibrator set aside. She stood there, all ready to receive Him. Finally she felt the tip of His cock against her entrance. The first thrust in was always the best. He started to fuck her hard from behind. Then the vibrator was back on her clitoris and not long after that she begged for His permission to come, and He did what He sometimes loved to do: say no and then start fucking her harder. Her whole body went rigid, it felt like preventing a bomb going off inside of her. It was its own brand of torture that felt indescribably good but was the worst torture on Earth at the same time. When He finally gave her permission, she exploded from her core. For many seconds, she was floating, not knowing whether she was standing or not. He didn’t pull out of her, merely slowing down a little. He wasn’t quite done using her pussy. When He judged that she had came down enough, He resumed fucking her at the merciless pace, so vigorously that she felt it up to her temple. She was given permission to come the second time.

After coming down from another orgasm, she felt Him pulled out of her. Her gag was being removed, so was her blindfold. She was momentarily blinded by the light, but knew what she had to do when she felt the tip of His cock against her mouth. She served her Dom while He removed the chain that bound her to the bed. He was quite pleased with His little slut and she was going to get her reward now. She was quite content getting into position, kneeling by the bed while He lied down on the bed and let her serve Him. She happily sucked on His cock, choked on it when He pushed her head down so the tip of His cock tickled the back of her throat. He pulled His legs back, giving her better access to lick and suck on the delicate skin around His asshole. He hooked His legs around her head, pushing her flush against Him, cutting off her oxygen. Even in the state of no air, she didn’t stock poking her tongue around His sensitive skin. It was one of her favorite form of breath play. She continued to worship His ass, His balls, His cock. She was determined to earn her reward. He got really quiet and she knew He was close and started to suck Him even harder. Then the burst of hot fluid exploded into her mouth and swirled her tongue slowly around His tip, slowly slowing down the sucking motion. Finally, along with the permission to swallow, she got rewarded for being a very good kitten.


Soooo, what do you think? πŸ˜€ I know I don’t write such detailed posts about my sessions. I always figured they wouldn’t be that interesting to read. And both Sir Atticus and I hadn’t treated our sexy times as sessions for a while now. It’s just sex for us, sometimes it’s quite kinky, and sometimes it can even look quite vanilla. But my state of mind in the bedroom is always submissive, so to me it’s always kinky. There had been a two week break, since Sir had been out of the country. I felt this sexy time was quite special to me, so I wanted to share it here. Hope you enjoyed reading, and I’ll see you back here next week with something naughty again. Until then, stay kinky! πŸ˜‰


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