Random Ramblings

Shower To The People

I came across this awesome thing on my Facebook. I myself am obsessed with showers, and they are super important to me. To the point I hardly ever place myself in a position where showers aren’t available. I can’t imagine how precious the gift of shower is for the homeless. And that’s what ‘Shower to the People‘ is all about and so much more. I sometimes get samples of hygiene products that I don’t use myself and sometimes they just end up being tossed away if none of my friends or family want them. If you have those too, ‘Shower to the people’ take donations of hygiene supplies that are completely new, and new socks and underwear too. Or they accept financial donation too for those living in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Croatia. See donating info and address to send your donations here. Or if you live in a country (like me) where international shipping fees are crazy, you can always purchase some supplies from Amazon or other online shops! You can also support them by spreading the love! Gift someone less fortunate a shower and who knows, it might just be the first step to change their lives. 🙂



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