Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 37 – Gosling week and new blog series

This week was weird, I tried to filled my days with lots of stuff so that I wouldn’t miss Sir Atticus too much. My biggest plan was to play World of Warcraft, but I found myself yet again too busy for it. Must be that I tried extra hard to fill my schedule. Oops. And I had the flu earlier and it’s still lingering for the whole week last week. But I’m already feeling better. And it’s Monday! Which means I get to see Sir real soon. ^.^ Let’s get started!

1. Foodporn Fever – mini kimchi chicken omelets and pork chops

I’ve made ‘egg corners‘ before, it’s a common dish in Cantonese homecooking and it’s one of my comfort food. They are basically mini omelettes with pork mince meat. In the beginning of the week I tried a new variations of my old favorite. I had some kimchi in my fridge and I got some chicken mince meat to go with it. Chicken mince meat is usually pretty bland and dry when cooked, but paired with the spicy kimchi it was quite delicious. I wrote how to made them last time (link up there), so if you want to give it a try, check the link out. With chicken, I precooked the mince meat and seasoned just a bit with very little salt (cos kimchi is quite salty), sesame oil and dried garlic. Then I chopped up the kimchi and they with the chicken made up the filling. Since the meat is precooked and kimchi are ready-to-eat, I just went ahead and turned the stove on high and the mini omelettes were quickly done, with the edges all crispy just the way I like it.

7282016133643I always want to be a bit indulgent whenever I’m a little sick, so I decided to indulge myself with pork chops. I marinated four huge pork chops simply with one tablespoon of soy sauce, mirin, sake and potato flour plus half a tablespoon of sesame oil. I fried up some mushrooms slice while waiting the meat to marinate, and set them aside to for the mushroom sauce later. Next up, I fried the pork chops on high heat, and they are golden brown on both sides, I put them in a large casserole. Then I fried up some onion slices in the pork fat and chucked them in to keep the pork company. Last stage is the mushroom sauce. I don’t use semi-pre-made sauces very often but Knorr’s mushroom sauce is one of my favorites. It comes in the powder form, you just need to add the powder to melted butter in the pan, stir well and add milk and water according to the instructions on the box. I use this sauce for pasta, especially with bacon or ham it is very good. Of course, mushroom sauce is pork chops’ best friend. This time I added a large amount of fried mushrooms when the sauce is ready. Then I poured the decadent mushroom sauce all over the pork chops and fried onion and put the casserole in the oven. When the pork chops got cooked in the oven I boiled some brown rice. The finished meal? Freaking delicious. My favorite cut when it comes to pork is pork neck. It has little fat in it and it gets tender with quick cooking too and it doesn’t get dry even if it sits in the oven a little longer than necessary. Almost as good as bacon. πŸ˜›

2. Cultural Crusade – Gosling week

I bing-watched ‘The Twelve Kingdoms’ the anime last week, you can read my review here.

I also watch tons on trailers and last week there were several very interesting trailers:
La La LandΒ – Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, musical, enough said.
RingsΒ – a remake, or a reboot, or a sequel of the classic horror film from Japan, with its Hollywood remakes. I loved the original Ringu, cos it was the first horror movie that scared the living day light out of me, still does. I’m not sure about this new Hollywood version, at least judging from the trailer, they had amped up the dark gore, just like they did with the ‘Evil Dead’ remake.
Hidden FiguresΒ – I looove Taraji P. Henson! And I love untold true stories about these female geniuses input in NASA. It has Oscar heat written all over it, I’m pretty much looking forward to it.

As the title suggested, it’s Gosling week. In addition to his new movie’s trailer, I watched two of his movies. First one is The Nice Guys (2016). Maybe because two weeks ago it was filled with mediocre movies, I was treated with very good movies last week. So it’s a story about two private investigators, Healy (played by Russell Crowe) is usually hired to beat up people who deserves it, March (played by Ryan Gosling) is a PI who usually just scam old people to investigate silly things. Healy is this hard guy who doesn’t mind bending the rules. March is a big drunk but he gets random smart moments. This mismatched pair then goes on to investigate a porn star’s death in Los Angeles in the late 70s. It’s a violent and fun piece, with Gosling flexing his comedic muscles to the fullest. In Gosling’s last comedy ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, his humor is more subtle, rapid firing sentences and jokes with a straight face. In The Nice Guys, his humor is both quiet and loud, the loud side being something that looks refreshing and very very funny. The charisma and chemistry of the two leads are enough to carry the movie, but the mystery in the movies is also very well made. It was interesting to follow till the end. I really like the cinematography too. It’s quite colorful, there are a lot going on all the time in the foreground and background, but it’s more like a feast to the eyes and senses than a hectic mess than many movies nowadays are. Especially the scene where March lighted up a cigarette sitting by the tree and the fire lighted up a gruesome scene in the background. It was cleverly shot. The Nice Guys was extremely funny, sleek and stylish, silly, violent, smart and witty. It was a joy to watch and it’s definitely a cult movie material.
My IMDb rating: 9 stars out of 10

Another great movie of the week is also starring Ryan Gosling, Lars and the Real Girl (2007). It’s about an introvert Lars (played by Gosling) who has big troubles with any kind of social encounters, even with his own brother and his brother’s wife. He kept to himself so much that it began to worry his loved ones. It was obvious that he didn’t want to be alone, so Lars solution? Order a very realistic sex doll online. He then got sucked in a strong illusion that Bianca the sex doll is a real girl, making up backstories for her and he hears her talking to him. Many people criticize the accuracy of Lars’s mental state or how the doctor of the small town recommended that everyone just plays along to Lars’s delusions. I’m not that precise about those things, it’s a movie and the main goal is to be entertaining. And what’s more entertaining than the whole town pretending that a sex doll is a real girl? πŸ˜€ In the end it’s a heart-warming story, and Gosling’s performance was simply spectacular. I automatically fall for a movie when it manages to make me react in some way, and Lars lured a rare reaction from me. During one scene, that I later found out was completely improvised by Gosling, where he performed CPR on his friend’s teddy bear nonchalantly while comforting his crying friend at the same time. That scene made me cry and laugh at the same time, I probably sounded and looked like an idiot but I fell for Lars so hard during that scene. Don’t take it seriously, just enjoy the sentiments and feels this adorable movie creates. It was also a nice contrast right after The Nice Guys, as Gosling is very different in his two films, which shows just how versatile of an actor he really is.
My IMDb rating: 9 stars out of 10

Then a quick work about the movie I watched last night, The Boss (2016). This crazy R-rated comedy that wasn’t well received but I happened to like Melissa McCarthy very much and she’s awesome in ‘The Boss’. It’s raunchy, it’s inappropriate, it’s rude and loud and consist of the marvelous Peter Dinklage whom I miss so much in comedies. A must for Melissa McCarthy fans.
My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10

3. Happy Hubbub – practice, prank and pot

My personal trainer (aka Sir Atticus) was lenient enough to let me skip my morning workout for two days because of the flu, but instead He wanted me to practice my ukulele skillz for one hour. So that I did. I chose a song I wanted to learned and for one hour I practiced that song over and over again, singing and playing at the same time, until my finger tips hurt like hell. But I learned the four chords needed for the song, it’s the matter of play and repeat. My finger tips are still a little sensitive. Yes I’m a cry baby. πŸ˜›

I don’t really like prank videos cos they aren’t very funny and so often fake too. But then I came across this very old prank video that got some renewed attention cos some people was making reaction videos of it. It’s one of the best pranks I’ve ever seen and I loved so hard. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Paul Sheldon prank.

So for those who aren’t familiar with the novel from Stephen King named ‘Misery’ or the movie of the same name and includes an excellent performance from Kathy Bates. And it’s a story about a writer called Paul Sheldon who writes crime books about a woman named Misery. And Paul Sheldon has a number one fan Annie Wilkes who ‘saved’ Paul from a car crash and ‘nursed’ him back to health. And excellent book and movie. So back to this prank video. This lady is clearly pretending to be Annie Wilkes requesting for the latest Misery book by Paul Sheldon. The poor guy behind the counter looked so helpless because he obviously had no clue that the ‘crazy’ lady is pranking his ass. πŸ˜€ And it was almost more fun to read the comments on different forum how people were laughing at the ‘crazy’ lady without realizing that it was a prank. And even some people who actually had read or watched ‘Misery’ but still thought that the crazy lady got it all mixed up cos she thought that Paul Sheldon was real. *facepalm and laugh uncontrollably* What can I say… read more, kids. πŸ˜€

I’ve heard about this thing many times, how it’s recommended for those with pollen allergy (I do) and flu: the neti pot. And since I’m still super stuffy from the flu, although I feel just fine otherwise, I decided it was no time like the now to give this funky little thing a go. I went to pick one up from the local pharmacy and visited supermarket to purchase a box of superfine sea salt. As seen in the picture, it’s basically unblocking and flushing the nose with salt luke warm water. Water is poured down one nostril and when done right, the water will come out from the other nostril. The initial feeling is a bit like breather water in while swimming, a little unpleasant but it went away quite quickly. Just keep breathing through the mouth and do not swallow during. I ended up drooling quite a lot too. πŸ˜€ But I felt so good afterwards! I could breathe again! I ended up doing it again in the evening before bed, and I felt like I slept so much better. πŸ™‚

Last but not least, I started a new ongoing series here called ‘Random Ramblings’. Like the name suggests, both the themes and the timetable are random, I update whenever something interesting comes up, but still mainly on days I don’t have a scheduled post to write. Best case scenario, something new will appear here every day. πŸ˜€ Like on Thursday, I wrote shortly about a little adorable town called Hay-on-Wye, a paradise for bookworms like me. And yesterday I did a blog shout-out. Blog shout-outs I would probably do on a regular basis, since there are so many interesting blog out there. πŸ™‚

4. Pouty Phenomenon – miss miss miss

In a few words, this kitten missed His Domliness so bad. Thank God for the Internet and wifi, I get messages and pictures from Sir from time to time. πŸ™‚

5. Sexy Stir – O unlimited

Well before Sir’s trip, He considered giving me free permissions to play with myself. In the beginning I needed to ask for permission whenever I felt like masturbating, cos my orgasms belong to Him after all. Then we changed the system a bit, because He might not always get to reply to me right away, and I’m quite spontaneous with my need to play. In the new system, I am to send a photo or video that is worthy of an orgasm, and He’s the judge whether a photo/video is worthy. A picture warrants one O, if I want more than one at a time, the price is five cane strikes per O. Anyways, so one free permission per day while He was gone sounded more than great. Then the drop came and I think Sir wanted to cheer the droppy kitten up. So right before He went on His flight, He gave me free permissions. After me asking, He clarified that I get unlimited amount of free Os! Unlimited amount! But of course, like a divine intervention, I got sick on the same day my caring Dom left the country, and I was too tired to do much more than sit around, take naps and sleep. I did use it one night, went a little crazy after I noticed that orgasms opened my nose momentarily. I stopped counting after the 6th O, and passed out not long after that. And now the unlimited O is over… Oh well, I rather have my Dom in the same country than unlimited Os. πŸ™‚


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