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Blog Shout-Out – The Nephilim Rising

I don’t read enough blogs, usually just because I’m a little lazy to find them. But I do keep eyes open for interesting blogs by browsing through the Reader etc. So I figured it would be fun to give shout-outs for blogs that made me laugh, touched me in some ways or just being awesome.

nephilim rising

The blog kicking off this ongoing series is ‘The Nephilim Rising‘. It’s quite a popular blog and I’ve seen it here and there. I follow a couple of BDSM pages on my personal Facebook and one of them was linking one of the post, and the title grabbed my attention: “Fucking: Screw Your Definition of Sacred“. And I think all kinksters had gone through this on some level in their lives: being made feeling out of place. More than I care to admit, I’ve doubted myself being a freak. It’s not that anyone has said it straight to my face, other words yes, and instead of words it could have been actions, the way they would treat me or simply just from the look in their eyes, that would simply boil down to one thing: there must be something wrong with me or something went wrong because I’m the way I am and I like the things I like. Being the minority, my choices and actions will be questioned constantly. And you know what I hate? That on some days when I just am not in the mood to explain myself, or the mere fact that I have to explain myself pisses the fuck out of me, and I would snap back, I would end up being the one in the ‘wrong’. “Why are you being so defensive?” That’s the sentence I fucking hate. Cos it makes me feel that I’m the one being difficult when you’re the one basically questioning my existence. I have a thick skin, I can take it most of the days, and haters are gonna hate, and there’s nothing wrong clapping back once in a while. So do head over to The Nephilim Rising‘, and give some love to our girl Jaclyn, the blog author who is fighting the same fight as many of us who wish to make this world into a better, more accepting place for everyone. Hope you have a peaceful Sunday! 🙂


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