Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 36 – good food, bad movies and ugly drops

Oh great, I was sick, still am a little but back at work. Don’t you just love it when you get sick on Friday afternoon right after work and you couldn’t do literally anything the whole weekend? It’s definitely not fair. So that’s why I didn’t write anything nerdy on the weekend and the weekly obsessions is one day late. So let’s get down to it.

1. Foodporn Fever – eggplant, izakaya and liver


One of my favorite plants of all time is eggplant. I recently came across this Tasty recipe of eggplant rolls, so I decided to make my own version of it. Yes, I’m really bad at following recipes. And to make a decent meal out of it, I made some zucchini rolls too and some fried green and yellow beans and fried mushrooms as side dishes. As stated in the recipe, I pre-baked both the eggplant and zucchini. Inside the eggplants I rolled some mozzarella cheese, some prosciutto di parma (or any Spanish ham you prefer) and fresh basil leaves. In zucchinis, bacon strips and parmesan cheese.

I made a really easy and fast tomato sauce to make it moist. Just a can of good quality crushed tomatoes (I almost always use the brand Mutti Parma, whenever I need tomato products, they are really good), this time I chose the garlic flavored one, and to the mix I added some red chili, red onion and lots of garlic and basil. Plus a jar of grilled pepper in olive oil. This has quickly became my go-to basic tomato sauce whenever I’m too lazy to make it from scratch. Sometimes, tuning the prepared food from cans etc by adding fresh ingredients can really turn an okay product into something extraordinary. I’ve fell in love with the grilled peppers in olive oil recently. It’s not that hard to make them myself but it is time consuming, so why not just buy the jar from supermarket whenever I feel like having some. Anyways, I put the rolls in the oven with the sauce and sprinkled some cheddar and mozzarella shredded cheese on top. The eggplant is definitely the winner. Zucchinis are just a little too soft. Two and a half hours in the kitchen and I got a really great low-carb feast on my table, and the whole time I was eating the delicious meal, all I could think about is ‘this would go so well with some fresh baguette’. *sigh* The life of a low-carb dieter. But I will definitely make those eggplant roles again.

One of my birthday present from my friend was a dinner at this izakaya place in Helsinki, I’ve never been to, called Tokyo 55 Izakaya. Izakaya is a 7202016181536Japanese version of gastropub, favored by after-workers to go get a drink and some small bites. I’ve watched videos on Youtube about izakayas in Japan and they looked awesome. It’s literally a pub, but some place have a grill at the bar to make snacks. My idea of izakayas are that they are inexpensive and daily changing menus. But I also know that Tokyo 55 is a fine-dining Japanese restaurant and Izakaya is its sidebiz. So I wasn’t sure what I was in for. But hey, it’s a free dinner. 😀 They had a happy-hour menu, 20 € for three dishes plus a glass of wine or beer. It’s not a bad price in Helsinki standard, but immediately I knew that this place is not the izakaya that I have in mind. It’s nicely decorated but way too clinical. It’s definitely not a pub, it’s not even a casual restaurant but not quite fine dining either. Something in between. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures that day, so the pictures on the right is taken by other diners that I found online. But we did have exactly those dishes as in the picture. The dish that stood out the most was the humble huge bowl of flamed edamame (in the photo at the bottom). The slightly charred taste and the saltiness of the sea salt on top, it was the perfect dish to accompany a beer or two. The other dishes, including miso friend broccolini, grilled teriyaki asparagus, shrimp tempura, tempura crap sushi, beef teriyaki and lamb chops in chili miso sauce, they were good but didn’t quite stand out. Especially if it cost quite much per dish. There is still a long way to go, before someone would have the guts to open a real izakaya place where dishes cost 5€ each, tiny sizes but delicious bites, with some exotic things on the menu like grilled chicken hearts. You know, simple flavors, quality ingredients, and menu items to widen the culinary palette of Scandinavian customers and warm the hearts of all Asian customers and ease our occasional home-sickness.

2016-08-19-18-28-50Another food adventure in a restaurant I’ve been to dozens of times since it opened its door maybe even ten years ago (can’t remember the exact year), Morrison’s Grill and Green. It’s known for its burgers which they boost to be the biggest in town. Probably true, and they were pretty great in the beginning. But as the years went by, Morrison’s had become a staple in the center of Helsinki, and like so many staples, the quality of their food went downwards. Last time I had a burger there was over six months ago, and I’ve sworn not to have one there anymore. The meat patty looked and tasted like it was straight from the supermarket instant burgers, with no seasoning whatsoever in it. But there are things that are still good in Morrison’s, reasons to go back there once in a while: the potato wedges and the liver. And that’s exactly what I had last Friday, potato wedges sans salt, huge portion of fried liver with creamy mushroom sauce. Once I’ve had their signature potato wedges but the cook was over-enthusiastic with salt, so since then I always ask them to leave out the salt, they are probably pre-seasoned anyways. And potatoes and sweet potatoes are my little pocket of oxygen in the vast sea of low-carb diet, I’ve decided that plant-base carbs are okay. Or else I would go crazy. 😀 Or die. And according to a Chinese saying, one should not die hungry cos hungry ghosts are nasty. I dare say that carb-hungry ghost are even nastier. So I’m so not banning potato wedges. Luckily, I myself don’t know how to make them myself as well, cos I don’t have a deep-fryer, so I don’t eat much potatoes at home. *sigh again* The life of a low-carb dieter who kinda cheats.

2. Cultural Crusade – teeth, gods and winter’s war

So I happened to involuntarily have tons of nothing-to-do time on my hands the past weekend, more about the why later. So whenever I have that amount of free time, my favorite past-time is to watch movies. On the weekend I watched three movies, plus started an anime show that I’m going to talk about next week. Those three movies are: Teeth (2007), Gods of Egypt (2016) and The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016).

movieposters pt 36

To my new(ish) readers, you might not know that I am a huge horror freak. It’s by far my favorite genre, whether it be movies or books or TV shows. It doesn’t mean though, that it’s the genre I consume the most. Mainly because I’m chicken shit, and due to living alone for almost 1.5 years now, I tend to avoid those horror movies that would make me be scared to be alone in my own apartment. And when a horror flick is well-made, or sometimes even poorly made ones, have the power to create nightmares for me. But last weekend, I was in a mood for some horror real bad, so I chose something light-hearted. I’ve heard about the movie ‘Teeth’, mainly about how fucking bad it is. And I guess it’s a horror movie for male audiences. All you need to know is that this girl has teeth in some really inconvenient place, in her vajayjay. I guess you can’t really make a decent horror movie from such a ridiculous predicament, especially when she (spoiler alert) kinda becomes a serial killer, using her lethal vagina. This movie is so freaking bad packed with really really bad performances by the young cast. By the end, all I could think about was ‘how about them STDs’? Then I realize how ridiculous I was, giggled and moved on. My IMDb rating for ‘Teeth’: 3 stars out of 10

I have a thing for mythologies, the Greek one being my favorite. I’m not that familiar with the Egypt mythology, but I guess the stories are as crazy as in Greek or Roman mythologies. When I first saw the movie trailer of ‘Gods of Egypt’, I already knew it was going to be a high budget CGI messy spectacle that would make you wonder whether someone really have that much extra cash. So war between the gods was all kinds of unbelievable (in fact, upon researching for the real myth, it was even crazier, if you’re interested like I was, visit this). It was fascinating and entertaining, with good performances from most of the gods, except the goddess of love was little stiff. The actress portraying her is Elodie Yung, a beautiful woman but I wanted a more seductive actress to play the goddess of love. Like the up and coming Priyanka Chopra. And on to the reason why this isn’t another entertaining action flick with an Egyptian twist: the incredibly annoying young couple, the mandatory romance forcefully injected in almost every single movie to make the audience relate but it’s almost always made so half-heartedly and poorly that it’s completely unrelatable. This time the young man who was willing to do anything for love is played by Brenton Thwaites, a handsome fella but oh the fiery butt of Ra his acting was stiff as the morning wood of a teenage boy. Him saying his lines was exactly like he was reading it from the notes he sneaked on set. It was painful to watch. And his love interest was played by a lovely gal named Courtney Eaton, pretty like a delicate flower but just slightly less stiff than her male co-star. Their prolonged romance dragged the flashy movie down by at least two golden stars. Pity. Cos if you have that much money to invest in something, at least pick a decent pair of actors to play the leads that are in charge of portraying a romance that no one would care about. My IMDb rating for ‘Gods of Egypt’: 5 stars out of 10

And then we have the Huntsman. Remember Snow White and the Huntsman few years back? The movie that caused a massive outcry, well okay, mainly me myself crying out, questioning that in which universe Kristen Stewart (who played Snow White) would be even be considered to be ‘fairest of them all’ if Charlize Theron is in the same race for the title. It just didn’t make any sense. Plus come on, Kristen Stewart is just a baaaad actress. So I deemed back then that the Snow White movie would have been good without Snow White. Seems like someone listened, so they made a prequel/sequel without Snow White, just the Huntsman aka Thor and the evil Queen. But since Frozen was super popular, let’s add a snow queen too in the mix, and a love interested for Thor, and voila, you have ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’. I’m not even kidding, the movie looked just like some genius’s idea and his/her thought process was exactly like I listed. In Snow White, it was still not as obvious when it was just Charlize Theron doing it, you know, the breathy whispery way of speaking that’s super dramatic and looked like something that belonged to the stage and not in a movie with close-ups. But this time around, both Theron and the new ice queen played by Emily Blunt were doing the same theatrical, over-the-top performance, it began to get on my nerves. It’s really an achievement to pack four top-notched, A-list actors and actresses in one movie with a blockbuster level budget, and they still manage to make a just okay film. The effects, the costumes and the weapons, they were nothing less than spectacular. The acting was great, I mean if you are into the theatrical kind of acting, so why isn’t ‘The Huntsman’ any better? Oh right, the script. It’s one of those movies that completely wasted its brilliant cast and endless budget on a poor story. It’s made cos Hollywood doesn’t know how not to make a sequel, even when they have exhausted the potential for any more story to tell first time around. It hurts me to give this movie such a low rating, since I adore all three leading ladies. And Thor, well you gotta love Thor. My IMDb rating for ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’: 5 stars out of 10

3. Happy Hubbub – teas and things I’ve learned

I watch a lot of Youtube videos, those I followed daily are channels that talk about quirky news and facts. I like to think that I learn something every week. So I figured that it would be fun to share here about things I learned from Youtube or other source. First, Flakka cannibal murders. That flakka is a new(ish) drug, formally known as Alpha-PVP (sounds like nerd slang). To read more about it, click here. It’s cheap and extremely addictive, a very bad combination. And there are already two cases, well two that I know of, that under the influence of flakka, people had been found eating another people’s faces. EATING THEIR FACES. Talk about extreme and unwanted munchies. Kids, just don’t do drugs, mmkay? Especially new shit, shit that you aren’t sure of. Another thing I learned last week was the term ‘uncanny valley‘. In the video, with Rhett and Link, you will learn just why we find robots so freaking creepy. Uncanny valley is the hypothesis that human replicas such as robots and sex dolls, that look like the real deal but not quite, would cause a sense of eeriness in us. It’s morbidly entertaining, go learn. 🙂

2016-08-18-20-39-41So my bags of Skinny Mint detox tea has arrived and I have started my detoxing. It’s been less than a week, so probably can’t tell much how well they are working, but as it comes to… uhum, bowel movements? Hahah, well, they work. I have lost some weight in few short days, but I can’t credit the teatox for it, cos I’ve been feeling unwell and didn’t eat much of anything during the weekend. But the teas are quite delicious so I’m going to continue the teatox and report back after the 28-day cleanse is over. And then some other tea, which I have affectionately named ‘the yucky Chinese medicine tea’. Cos I caught the flu on Friday and woke up feeling like hell on Saturday. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Chinese medicine, some work and some don’t. But those that work, they are like little miracles. Like this ancient tummy medicine, I won’t go anywhere abroad without it, and it had helped me through any kind of tummy aches from regular light-weight diarrhea to hardcore food poisoning. Then another miracle that I’ve found just recently, it’s this medicine tea for fevers and flus, that don’t taste that good but work wonders. Like this time, I got through a really bad flu in just three days and I’m already feeling better. Chinese medicine FTW. 😀

4. Pouty Phenomenon – drop

Like I mentioned last week, Sir Atticus went on His summer holiday abroad. A day before His departure, I fell into a subdrop. All the insecurities took a hit of viagra and bloated into ridiculous proportions. It was a nasty one, all my energy went into not to cry during work hours. I’ve talked about drops before, that they are evil. It’s the time that a subbie needs their Dom the most, but at the same time they would think they are unworthy of their Doms’ attention or time. No matter how many times I tell myself that I’m not in it by myself, that I can ask for help, once I’m between the claws of drops, I’m powerless, I can’t think straight. I would constantly tell myself that all my negative thoughts are irrational, that it’s just the effects of the drop, I still feel the weight of them, even if I do my best to ignore them. To say I hate drops with a fiery passion would be an understatement. If you want to know more about subdrops, you are welcome to go back and read about my musings about the subject.

5. Sexy Stir – hugs

So there’s nothing naughty to write about this time, but I do have something that is maybe even more important than the kinky stuff itself when it comes to D/s and BDSM. During my subdrop, even with His super busy schedule, Sir Atticus found a little time to just hang out with the droppy kitten. He held me when I tried to stop myself from crying but failed miserably. He attacked me with 100 kisses and so many hugs. He lent me His red T-shirt and blue boxer shorts so that I could have something of His while He’s away. I felt like I’m Superman when I’m wearing the red and blue as my pajamas, and they smell like His bed. I know it must have been the most inconvenient time for drops to hit, but nonetheless He made the effort to make me feel a million times better. And for that this kitten is so very grateful. ❤


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