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“Dinner, the sequel” by Princess Cinder

Back in February (feels like a lifetime ago), I translated a naughty story written by a kinky gal I know Princess Cinder. You can read it here. She had written a sequel long time ago, I just hadn’t got around to translate it. 😛 Since it’s Kinky Wednesday and I haven’t decided on what naughty business to write for today, I figured why not translate it today! 😀 I hope you enjoy. 😉


I dropped my eyes down towards the floor in regret. How could I be so reckless and such a pleasure-oriented little slut? Sir wasn’t at all happy with me and I knew that punishment was inevitable.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, slut,” I heard Sir saying. I beggingly looked into His eyes and was greeted with a cold and meaningful gaze. “Go back to the table,” He said.

Kitten followed right behind me meowing all excited for a few times. Well, she had been a good kitten and knew how to please, just like Sir wished. Kitten rolled up on the sofa in a comfortable position and followed me with curious eyes, but I sensed some gloating in her eyes. I shook already, knowing that the punishment wouldn’t be pleasant. I bent over the table, assuming the receiving position. My skirt was rolled up all the way up my waist and my naked bottom vibrated from the fear of spanking. Sir tied me up with His roughest rope tight against the table, my wrists were bound tighter than usual and that only added to my fear. I couldn’t move at all. Sir bent down next to my ear and I felt His breathe.

Sir’s voice, as always, was calm and quiet, but at the same time I didn’t fear anything else as much. “The slut must understand, she didn’t please me today and she needs to be punished for that.”

My voice quivered saying: “Yes Sir, the slut deserves to be punished.” I felt Sir’s hand caressing my behind and then a hard slap landed on my butt cheek. After several slaps my bottom was tingling and I could feel them turning red from Sir’s handiwork.

“Now the slut is ready for her punishment,” He said and laid a rattan cane on the table next to me. Dread reared its head and I whimpered in panic. Cane was the worst punishment that I knew of. At my whimper Sir grabbed my hair tightly and turned my head towards Him so I couldn’t avoid His cruel gaze. “Does the slut have something to say or why she’s complaining?”

“No, Sir, I accept my punishment,” I barely got the words out. Then He said: “Then the slut should suffer through her punishment nicely and quietly, like good sluts do.”

The first strike hit my bottom and the pain traveled through my whole body making it tensed up. I squeezed my eyes shut and ground my teeth together to prevent making any noise. Every strike felt worse than the last, my legs were shaking and I couldn’t control the pain anymore. On the 29th strike I wished that Sir would stop on the 30th, but before it Sir bent down again to whisper in my ear. “You thought ten strikes would be enough? Not at all. The slut is now getting a proper lesson so that you are going to remember how to behave around me.”

After that Sir put another rattan cane between my teeth, and looked me in the eyes one more time and I saw not a drop of mercy. The next 30 strikes burned like hell and cried out as much as I could through the cane gag, tears started to form in my eyes and my hands went numb. Upon the last strike I was sobbing and I almost screamed from pain. I was completely powerless and I felt emptied out and swollen and the heat of pain didn’t stop at my bottom but throbbed throughout my body. I wanted Sir’s comfort and warmth more than anything. Forgiveness. Sir took the cane gag out of my mouth and I felt that He waited for something. “Thank You, Sir, for the punishment,” I whispered.

My whole body was still shaking from the cold that the painful shock produced. But Sir wasn’t completely finished with the punishment yet. He wanted me to witness what the reward was for good behavior. He told me to turn my head and watch without closing my eyes how He would reward kitten. Shaking from cold on the table I watched how kitten got to give a blowjob and how Sir praised her for being a good girl. I watched how kitten got Sir’s cock in her wet pussy and she moaned contently. I was so jealous of Sir’s praises and rewards. Kitten deserved it all.

After playing with kitten for a while Sir told her to move. She came to the table and climbed on to straddle my back, facing my bottom. Sir still wanted to use His slut. I could feel the warmth that radiated from kitten’s pussy. “Spread the slut’s buttcheeks,” Sir told her. Kitten did as she was told and Sir’s cock, still slick from kitten’s pussy, started to push in my ass. He fucked my ass hard and I was so happy to finally get to attend to His needs. Once in a while Sir would pull out and I would hear Him fucking kitten in the mouth. I started to get extremely aroused and I could feel my pussy starting to swell. Sir’s cock continued to thrust in my ass and I tried my best not to moan in pleasure because Sir was the one who should enjoy, not me. Finally, Sir rewarded kitten further by coming into her mouth. She cleaned all of it up, even the few drops on my ass as dessert. I thought I was going to be untied so that blood would start to circulate again in my arms, but I was wrong.

Kitten jumped down from atop of me and I heard her bell tingled under the table. Her tongue touched my pussy and I cried out in pleasure. Sir pushed a finger in me, first just one then two. I started moaning in heat when I felt the fingers massaging powerfully against the insides of my pussy and kitten’s tongue rolling softly around my clitoris. I couldn’t stop my orgasm, I barely got the question out: “Can I please come, Sir?” I heard His permission with a command to count to five first, but it was already too late. The orgasm that hit me was so strong that I first screamed out loud and then I couldn’t breath. Sir pulled His fingers out and kitten went back to her spot on the sofa to enjoy herself. I focused on breathing and calming down. When I could finally focus my eyes on Him, I saw a meaningful expression on His face. With a voice calm as ever He stated that against His command, I didn’t count to five.


The End. Or is it? 😛


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