Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 35 – pho, squad and cheat

Monday feels like a good day to write weekly obsessions. πŸ˜€ Last week was a great one, I got to spend more time with Sir Atticus, and work began again. The work part is not great, but it does get me back to order with my workout and healthy eating. I also drink more water when I’m at work. Let’s be honest, vacations are fattening no matter what I do. So let’s go through the eventful week.

1. Foodporn Fever – beef pho and cheat day

2016-08-08-17-40-22I’m definitely a noodle person, I like the carbtastic treat in almost any shape or form. And as a proud Asian, I do love me some noodle soup, and last week’s highlight was a bowl of pho in a new Vietnamese restaurant opened in the center of Helsinki, Γ”nam. Vietnamese cuisine had become more and more popular in Helsinki, so places to get pho is not that rare anymore. But Γ”nam is different from many other places, because it serves sliced rare beef pho, which is by far my favorite version. So I got a bowl of just that. The little restaurant was very very cute, a little bit a Vietnam vibes here and there. The condiment shelf is very colorful, and every table is equipped with a bottle of sriracha. Let’s get into the pho itself. It’s not a big bowl, as the price wasn’t that high. The soup was decent, but can be more flavorful. The beef was probably medium rare by the time it arrived, I would love to have rarer meat. But it was fresh enough so I was happy with the meat. The only complain was the tiny amount of herbs and onions. There was no bean sprouts and I genuinely thought they just forgot the sprouts cos it kinda says it includes some in the menu. With a closer observation of the menu, an extra herb plate cost 2,5 €. I’m not sure whether that was the reason to the lack of herbs in the bowl itself. It sounds a little money hungry to me, cos with the extra herb plate this little bowl of pho would cost me 15 €, and all of a sudden it’s not that cheap anymore. I was looking for more of a snack than actual meal, so Γ”nam’s pho soup was perfect. But if I was seriously hungry and want a proper sized meal, I would need more. I don’t know how I feel about spending over 20 bucks in an Asian restaurant. I would go back, because there are other items I want to try, but if I’m in the mood for pho again, I probably would just stick to another Vietnamese restaurant Lie MiΒ in Helsinki, cos they have an after work special where all the pho and fried rice are 11 € only. πŸ˜›

2016-08-13-10-11-46I know I just had a cheat week on my birthday week, but my twice a month cheat day was here again last weekend! I kick-started it with a bang at McDonalds and had a smokehouse special hamburger with bacon and caramelized onion. It was limited edition and it was delicious. I’m a big McD fan, but I haven’t had their hamburgers in a long while now. Then I was determined to have a donut and pasta that day and I convinced Sir Atticus for the pasta restaurant that I wanted to. When on my low-carb diet, pasta is easily the thing I miss the most cos I do love pasta. And whenever I’m in an Italian restaurant, I almost always get carbonara, cos if I don’t get it and end up getting some other pasta, I would still be dreaming about carbonara while eating the different pasta. So I had carbonara on the weekend and it was delicious. I also got my favorite donut, which is vanilla cream filled and had a caramel on top. Caramel donut is my far the best donut in the world. I remember seeing some meme about some supermodel saying ‘no food is going to taste as good as skinny feels like’, and someone had added ‘except donuts’ to the meme. And I couldn’t agree more. I also got to eat some popcorn while watching a movie. This little foodie was quite happy.

2. Cultural Crusade – ‘supervillains’, serial killers and aliens

And talking about movies. Last Monday I saw Suicide Squad, you can find my review here. All week I’ve been also binging on ‘Bates Motel‘, I’m already at season four. Freddie Highmore who plays Norman Bates is quite spectacular in a really unsettling and creepy way. Of course, Vera Farmiga is pretty awesome too, as always. Two more weeks before my TV shows start to come back on after their summer breaks, meaning I still have to find something to binge on for two weeks.

On the weekend, Sir and I watched one of my old favorites, the movie about alien attacks that had reached cult status along the years, ‘Mars Attacks!‘. I haven’t seen it in maybe 15 years, and it was still pretty awesome. ^^ On the weekend, I also got Sir to watch ‘One Punch Man‘, guess I’ve hyped about it enough in front of Him. And if you’ve never watched any anime before, One Punch Man can be the beginning of a beautiful (and addictive) friendship. πŸ˜›

3. Happy Hubbub – treasure chest

7152016151814I just had my birthday, but Sir’s birthday is not in many months. But this subbie noticed a dire need of something that Sir could really use right about now. So I decided to get Him His birthday present really really early. That something is a toy chest for all His (and mine) whips and ropes and crops and other toys. I found this large antique style looking chest online that has two little drawers in addition to a large compartments on top, plus it looks pretty awesome. It’s not hard wood, cos that would be quite expensive and too heavy, but it sure looks the part. πŸ˜› Sir used to have all the toys stuffed in a box, and every time He wants to spontaneously play with something, He pretty much had to dump everything from the box on the floor. And also, the box was getting quite full. πŸ˜€ Now all the toys are neatly arranged in the box and easily accessible. It’s more convenient, but I haven’t decided yet whether that’s a good thing for my butt’s sake. I’m pretty sure in no time at all, I would get either very aroused or a little shaky from fear, or both, from merely the sound of the chest being opened. πŸ˜› I’m kinda looking forward to it actually. The inside of the chest might need some more pimping. I already did some, by putting ribbons on the top inside of the chest to hold crops and canes. And I put a velvet cloth on the bottom to make it more luxurious for the torture tools. πŸ™‚ The ribbons might not hold that well though, so I’m planning on getting crop holders, they sell them in horse equipment stores, and attach them to the ‘ceiling’. And maybe more velvet cloth to the little drawers too. Because dildos like to be comfortable too. πŸ˜‰

4. Pouty Phenomenon – tummy ache

The birthday/cheat week might have been awesome as an idea, but I ended up feeling quite bloated in the end of the week. And last Monday, I ended up having a tummy ache episode that was no fun at all. That incident kinda inspired me to try out a teatox that I found online. I’ve never tried any kind of detoxing things, but adding a couple cups of tea to my days doesn’t sound bad at all. I will write about that tea once I get it and give it a go.

5. Sexy Stir – slap, whip and belt

This week was very very stingy. πŸ˜€ In the beginning of the week Sir Atticus got this urge to whip the shit out of me (His words, not mine). πŸ˜› So lots of flogging happened all over my body, and I am sucker for back whipping. So if you are into back flogging too, you could probably imagine just how good back flogging feels like during sex. It was heaven and it always gets me off or really close. In addition to flogging, I got quite a lot of pussy slapping, which I can hardly stand. So of course He had to combine pussy slapping and fucking, and got me really really confused as to whether I was being handled by a devil or a god of pleasure… On the other hand, aren’t all Doms a little bit of both? πŸ˜›

Then on the weekend I got to taste the belt, which I haven’t for a while now. I do love the sound of it a lot. And again, in addition to belt spanking, Sir combined that with sex. I really think He’s onto something, it is a skill to be able to do both at the same time. And for some seriously rough sex, He used the belt again, hooking it around my waist and fucked me from behind so hard that I felt it in my temple. For now, that is definitely my favorite position. πŸ˜‰

This coming week might not be as colorful, just like next week won’t be either cos Sir is away on His vacation. But let’s see what ways I figure out to entertain myself. See you next Monday!


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