Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 34 – Birthday partay

For a whole week I haven’t updated anything. It was my last week of my summer holiday and I just wanted to be lazy. Super lazy. With-a-cape lazy. And I kinda start to think of a new updating schedule as the one I used felt challenging to stick to most times. So I’m going to try a new one. Weekly Obsessions from now on are going to be on Mondays, cos often there are something exciting happening on Sundays. Kinky and naughty posts remain on Wednesdays, as it proved to be a good spot. The same goes with Jukebox Friday. Nerdy posts will be on weekends, probably Saturdays mostly. I also think it’s an awesome idea to add themes in Weekly Obsessions. I used to just write five random things that happened the previous week, but with themes obsessions will get little categories of their own. Let’s try this out now for the first time about exciting stuff from the previous two weeks. 🙂

1. Foodporn Fever – piri piri, Campbell and pluots

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a proud foodie bordering on being a snob from time to time, especially when it comes to fresh ingredients and delicious food. If it’s not good, I’m not going to eat it, even if I’ve paid for it. I’m not wasting my calorie intake on stuff that’s not good. Let’s dive into the culinary adventures of the last two weeks. 😛


One of the thing I wrote on my list of things to do in summer was learning a new recipe, and I chose the recipe of piri piri chicken. It’s Jamie Oliver’s recipe, making the piri piri sauce from scratch. I made a simple brown rice with chickpeas and kidney beans seasoned simple with salt, black pepper and coriander. It went well with the hot and delicious piri piri chicken.

2016-08-06-15-13-12 And then it went on with chicken. I ventured in a tiny store selling food from US and UK and I bought a can of ‘cream of chicken’ by Campbell. I happened to have a small packet of chicken thigh and sweet corn at home, so I made the ultimate comfort food: creamy chicken corn soup. I can seriously eat this everyday and won’t get tired of it. And so simple too! Simply fry up some chicken cut into cubes, corn and onion. Then add the can of Campbell goodness and one can of water and that’s it.

2016-08-06-18-39-55More chicken! I made Japanese curry chicken. This time it’s with chicken thighs, veggies as potatoes, deep-fried tofu cubes, home grown green bean sprouts and onion. I know it would taste so good with some sticky white rice (I like to use rice meant for sushi) but I’m still on my low-carb diet, so brown rice it is. If you are in the mood for this super simple curry dish, venture into your local Asian supermarket and get a packet of curry paste, such as the Golden Curry brand. They go well with rice, noodles or even spaghetti.

2016-08-03-21-26-43It feels odd to freak out from plums. Especially when I don’t even like plums that much. But one day I went to my local supermarket and walked pass these box-packaged red plums. I stopped because it smelled like flowers. I had to get a box of the flowery fruit. A little googling at home and it turned out that they are called pluots, a hybrid of plums and apricots. They were super juicy, have the flowery scent and taste super sweet and delicious. I fell in love with pluots!

2. Cultural Crusade – Secrets and Lies and mediocre movies

This category includes everything movie, TV, music, games etc.

This summer I sped through the awesome Gilmore Girls. All seven seasons of it. #IHaveNoLife. XD Now I can’t wait for the reunion mini-series “A Year in the Life” coming out in November 25. After it I was at a lost as to what to watch for the following 4-5 weeks, before my TV shows come back from the summer break. I stumbled upon a TV show trailer about the season two of a show with a ridiculous name: “Secrets and Lies“. It seriously sounds like a day time TV movie. But there was one thing that intrigued me enough to get the first season to watch: Juliette Lewis. See, I looooove Juliette Lewis. Ever since ‘Natural Born Killers’, she was this talented wild woman who is the perfect specimen of odd beauty. And she was so awesome as the intimidating detective Cornell. ‘Secrets and Lies’ is no Sherlock, but it was very very entertaining that isn’t afraid to use a little edge to make it interesting. The cast was pretty good, and although there were plot holes here and there, it still kept me in a tight grip until its annoying cliffhangery ending. If you want some kind of closure, like I did, don’t miss the online mini series that came with the show, especially the last net-episode. I don’t think they would put much time, if at all, to deal with the aftermath of the first season in season 2 as it seems to have a new lead and a new case. But I can’t wait to see more of Lewis’s Cornell.

I watched a few movies last two weeks, including rewatching the awesome ‘Clerks‘ (my rating 10/10), the supposed great ‘Z for Zachariah‘ but I only find it okay (6/10) and then the nostalgic ‘Goosebumps’ (6/10). I loved the Goosebumps books when I was a kid so it was fun to see them on the screen but the movie wasn’t that good. Then there was ‘London Has Fallen‘ (6/10) which was the as over-the-top sequel to ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘ from 2013. It’s this super unrealistic gun-fest action flick that doesn’t require any brain functions. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and Gerard Butler that is always a pleasure to watch kicking ass.

Then I’ve began reading ‘The 5th Wave‘ by Rick Yancey. I just recently watched the movie and it was interesting enough to make me pick up the book. About 150 pages in and unsurprisingly the book is much better than the movie. There are tons of edgy things that I could only hope that the movie makers had the guts to keep in the movie. I already have the next two books waiting for me after I finish the first one. I might write a trilogy review once I’m finished.

3. Happy Hubbub – Birthday Partaaaay

Happy Hubbub is about anything that makes me happy, makes me smile and/or return my faith in humanity.

I hardly ever regret anything, because my life motto is ‘better regret having done something than regret leaving something undone’. When it was my 30th birthday, I did nothing to celebrate and my then ex did nothing to celebrate with me either. My ex wasn’t much of a party person or even a social one. And me not celebrating my 30th birthday is one thing I regret immensely. So after the breakup, I promised myself that I have to make it up to myself by celebrating like a boss the next 30 birthdays. Last year on my 31st birthday my dear friends had my back. This year, on my 32nd birthday, I had my same trusty friends with me all the way, and Sir Atticus too. ^^ When I first asked Him to the party, I half expected Him not to say yes. Up until the day of my bday, I half expected Him to back out. I don’t know why. But He was there from the beginning to end. I love my friends, but like me they are loud and from time to time a lot to handle. 😀 But He charmed all of them, to the point that I sincerely think that they like Him more than they like me. But I know those crazy SOBs love me so I let it go. XD

I got two birthday present from Sir Atticus. First is the Mighty Mug, the mug that would not fall, which is simply something you have to own. Cos I can’t count how many times I’ve spilled coffee and other drinks on my desk/keyboard/laptop/phone/life. I have fangirled about it a while ago to Sir, but I hadn’t got around to get one myself. Now every time I drink coffee in the pretty turquoise colored mug, I’m reminded that I have a wee Sir-Atticus-shaped guardian angel protecting my desk/keyboard/laptop/phone/life from destruction a la hot beverages.

20160731_233844Present two got me all emotional. This come with a little story. From the first time I’ve met Sir, He had this necklace made out of yarn, something like friendship bracelets back in the days. It was pink and thin and tied in such a way that the only method to take it off is to cut it with scissors. So He never takes it off. When I asked Him about it, He told me that He woke up one morning after a night out with two string of yarn, one white and one pink and He has no memory of how He got it. So of course He decided to keep it. 😛 The white one had broken off before I met Him but the second one persisted. And for months it stayed on and I had started to place bets of when it would break. And a while ago, I receive the message, it had finally broken. He was about to throw the thing away when I asked Sir whether I can have it. I’m weird that way with mementos. He thought about my request overnight but then said no. I threw a little kitten tantrum there and the more I stomped my foot, the more He wanted to tease me by saying no. I was so sure that He was going to keep it forever just to literally dangle it in front of me from time to time. But then came my birthday and His second present for me was a pretty red ukulele, cos He knew I wanted to learn to play ukulele. And there it was, the pink string of yarn tied to the neck of the instrument. :´) I had to fan myself to keep from tearing up and ruining my make-up. It was sooooo sweeeet.

4. Pouty Phenomenon

Pouty Phenomenon is about anything that makes me sad, angry and/or pouting all over the place.

Those of you who are in their early twenties, enjoy while it last. I’m talking about hangovers. Cos I didn’t have hangovers when I was young. But towards the end of my twenties, those nasty morning afters began to creep up on me, slowly but surely. Now in my thirties, I not only don’t require as much alcohol to get drunk, but I also get these terrible terrible hangovers. Sometimes they come in massive headaches, sometimes bad nausea. This time, after my great birthday party, the next day, the hangover came in the form of a bowling ball. As in my head felt like it weighed a ton and the room kept spinning in different positions I got into. Great fun, and I of course solemnly swore not to drink again. As I so often do during hangovers. But I got company in Sir who blissfully spoke softly the whole day and fed me pizza, so that towards the evening I already felt like a person again.

5. Sexy Stir

IMG-20160726-WA0001For my birthday I of course got my birthday spanking with the weapon of my choice and I chose the riding crop. And I also got two Os as present. 😛 But for Sexy Stir, I wanted to talk about the Monday two weeks ago, when Sir went to work and left me at His place so I could fulfill my service subbie dream and clean His place. This might sound weird, it sounded weird even to Sir. But I guess you really need to be a service sub yourself to understand that how happy we get when we get to serve in a domestic sense like running errands, cooking and cleaning. I’m not saying I loooove to clean, my own apartment is not always tidy. Being a service sub, at least what it means to me, is getting immense satisfaction from being of use to my Dom. The sense of accomplishment that I’ve helped Him in some way. I know He doesn’t feel comfortable for leaving anyone at His place alone, that’s why I’m extra grateful that He let me do it. And He was weirded out that I thank Him for letting me clean His place. 😀 But after a day of hard work, He got home to a clean apartment, with me napping on His bed. And He brought me flowers! Orchids in a pot! No men have ever brought me flowers! And let me tell you, there is no woman in this world who doesn’t like being given flowers, even those who insists they don’t like them would be secretly happy when they receive flowers. I’m not picky either, I love all kinds of flowers except maybe tulips. But orchids are one of my favorites. I just never want to buy them myself cos I’m very bad with living plants. I’m known to kill cactus plants, they had died from drought… But this time around, I’m determined to keep this one alive for at least a month! I named it, I put it in front of the brightest window in my place (but with no direct sun light), I called my mom who is a wizard with plants for tips to keeping orchids alive, I got him (yes it’s a he) his own spray bottle. Cos according to my mom, watering twice a week by putting water on the plate underneath the plant and let it soak up the water and spraying the wood chips on the top every morning is the best way, and who am I to argue with the woman who managed to make her orchids bloom for god knows how many times in an apartment that is supposedly too cold for orchids.

So that’s it for this time. I will try my best to keep up with the new schedule! 🙂 See you soon!


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