Jukebox Friday

Gravity is a Bitch – Miranda Lambert

It’s my birthday week! I’m not the gal to stress about aging, in fact I love it. When I was on my twenties, I couldn’t wait for being 30, just because every age brings its own challenges and adventures, and I know part of me would always be childish. More years just add more variety. 🙂 There are tons of songs about getting older and birthdays, I decided to choose one that is fun. And country. Gotta love Miranda Lambert. Happy Friday!

You spent your twenties feeling
That you’re walking on the ceiling
And you party like you’re eight feet tall
You say working’s for the birds
Chasing dreams in mini skirts
From here everything seems small

Then thirties come around
And you finally feel the ground
Look around and maybe start planning
For what the future holds
And though you’re far from old,
You moisturize and spend less time tanning

You’re hanging over, but you’re hanging in
You’re starting to look like all of your friends
Conversations turning from rock n’ roll
To kids and politics and how much money you owe

Got bags under your eyes, bigger hips and bigger thighs
You got places that you can’t even itch
You can nip it, tuck it, squeeze it
But you’re never gonna beat it
‘Cause gravity is a bitch

Forty’s kinda boring
And you spend your time ignoring
The things you don’t see so clear
Your reflection in the glass
Is gonna knock you on your ass
You wonder how the hell’d it get down here

You’re happy in your fifties
Though things are kinda shifty
At sixty you’ll find peace of mind
Go to bed at 8 o’clock
And comb your hair if you still got it
‘Cause you’re almost at the finish line

You’re hanging over, but you’re hanging in…

Got bags under your eyes, bigger hips and bigger thighs…

Yeah, gravity is a bitch
I’m here to tell ya
Gravity is a bitch


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