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Oral Survival Guide

Aaaand we are back with the survival guides, since writing the last one about anal sex was so much fun. Today’s topic is oral sex. And I’m only writing about oral that is performed for the penis and the nearby areas. Mainly because I have very limited experience of performing oral sex for lady parts, and while I had had it done to be many times, my mind is usually pretty preoccupied to pay much attention to the technique. So on this post, I’m concentrating on blowjobs, ball-licking and rimming. I leave out deep-throat techniques from this, just because I’m still a newbie when it comes to deep-throating, also I do feel like it deserves its own survival guide post. πŸ˜› Without further ado, let’s begin, from top to bottom, so let’s start with blowjobs.

Blowjobs – the best way to let your favorite penis know you care

I am aware of the whispered gossips surrounding blowjobs, that it’s like an unicorn for some men, that it’s such an awesome thing to just get once in a while that these some men wouldn’t care what the unicorn actually looks like, meaning whether the act is actually any good. Ever since the age of 15, that’s when I began my BJ career, I already took it very seriously. I love doing it, but I didn’t want to be just okay, I wanted to be very very good at it. I wanted my blowjobs to be one of the best that the receiving end would remember for a long while. They might forget my name, but they would remember, with fondness, that Asian chick who was really good at giving head. And my mom says I’m not ambitious. XD And with my 16 years of BJ experience, I can safely say with some authority, that you will not find a book or youtube video anywhere that would give you detailed tips of how to get good at BJ. Because those books and videos try to always please everyone. But BJ is not an one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Not unlike sports, you have to first know your strengths and weaknesses and adjust and practice your technique accordingly. For example, I have a very short tongue (which means any tongue swirling action is kinda out of the question) and a small mouth (meaning my jaw starts hurting that much faster). And don’t forget that all men have different preferences, so explore and ask how and where he likes it. So here are some tips that I wished someone would have told me when I started giving blowjobs.

First thing first, it’s not called a job for nothing. Although the act of putting a hard penis in your mouth sounds pretty elementary, there are tons of stuff for the giving part to remember.Β Mind your teeth, it’s the very first thing to learn and practice. Wrap your lips around your front teeth, like you just put some lip balm on and you need to spread that shit around. That’s the safest way. Once you have mastered that, you would learn to mind your teeth without wrapping your lips around the teeth, and thus get to use your lips for other purposes. And the word blowjob is actually a little misleading, cos the thing that separates a good and an okay blowjob isΒ the sucking. You have to suck on the penis like it’s a lollipop, you suck when you go down, you suck when you go up. When you are going down, wrap your tongue flat on the shaft of the penis, and while you move up and your tongue gets more room to do something, lick around the sensitive head. Every man has a different favorite spot, some like it on the tip, some like it just below the little hood. Either ask for where the spot is, or explore and see where you can get a reaction from.

There are hands on and hands off techniques. Hands on consists of picking up the penis with your hand, holding it from its base for sucking and also pulling back the skin and keep it pulled back (for uncircumcised penises). Also include your hands with the blowjob, while you are sucking on the head, take a firm hold of the base of the penis and in spiraling motion move up and down. Make sure there are either lube or a lot of saliva coating that part of the penis and your hand cos no one likes a dry hand job. Perform the hand job in the rhythm of the blowjob. Hands off is something I do a lot, cos it gives the receiving end greater power to control the speed and how deep the penis goes. It also involves picking up the penis with your mouth, a crowd pleaser that one I’ve come to learn, and if it’s an uncircumcised penis, peeling the foreskin back with your mouth.

Here comes some tricks of how to continue even if your jaw is tired. Come up for air and rest for the jaw once in a while, and lick the whole penis from base to tip a couple of times before resuming sucking. But remember though, if your goal is making the man orgasm, consistency is the key. A steady rhythm is crucial, so do not tire yourself up right from the beginning with a crazy fast pace. Start with a reasonable pace, steadily increasing and save some energy for the final sprint when the man is about to come. Some men have very clear signs to indicate that they are close to coming, learn them and know when you increase your pace. But what if you are tired to the point when you don’t even feel your lips or mouth or jaw, you ask? You can either stop there and continue with hands only. Or if you are as stubborn as I am and once you set out to make him come, you aren’t going to let something so insignificant as not feeling your head stop you. πŸ˜€ Here is a couple of tips. I just go ahead and assume you can almost see the finish line when you get really tired. You can’t go on sucking anymore, your options are you can continue giving head without the sucking, just keep your lips tight around the cock while trying to relax your whole mouth. That way it would lessen the pain and tension in your jaw. Better yet, you can ask the man to take over at moving and you just stay in place trying to relax your jaw but still keeping your lips tight. Most of the time, the action of moving their hips, it’s enough to push the man over the edge. If you are not used to gagging or deep throat, keep your hand on the base of the penis while you ask the man to move. With a simple sentence of ‘fuck my mouth’, many men would be glad to do it. But if you’re a sub like me, learning to relax your jaw is more important. πŸ˜›

Then there is the cum in mouth part. You are big girl/boy, it’s just sperm, take it in. I don’t expect you to like the taste of sperm right away, but you would get used to it. And personally I feel it’s part of a blowjob well done. Some men are sensitive about the spitting out part if you don’t want to swallow. But let me tell you, swallowing is actually much easier than spitting it out, if it’s the taste you don’t like. At swallowing, if done correctly, you won’t taste the sperm afterwards. While spitting it out, the sperm will have to travel your whole tongue before coming out of your mouth, I used to taste the sperm for hours after spitting out. There are couple of things to keep in mind while learning to swallow. Keeping lots of saliva in your mouth would ensure a smoother travel down the throat. Don’t breathe through your nose, that way you won’t taste the sperm. Sometimes the smell of sperm would trigger a gag reflex for some, so when you know the man is going to come, take a deep breath and hold your breath until you are done swallowing.

Balls balls balls

Ah, these lovely silky soft things underneath the penis. The first thing to remember is that these fellas are extremely sensitive, so anything you do to it needs to be extra gentle. Lick them all over, also one of those things you can do if you want a wee rest from the sucking. Lick the balls, lick the middle of the balls, lick the side of the balls. You can also gently suck one ball in your mouth. Don’t forget underneath the balls either. Balls are also a wonderful indicator, as they would wink at you when they are about to bust by tightening up. πŸ˜€ Just, don’t forget them balls and pay lots of attention to them while you are sucking the penis. Play with them with your hands, gently. Like them and they would like you back. πŸ˜‰


I don’t know about you, but I love being lick at and around my asshole. And those men who for some reason don’t want to try being licked at the ass, they are missing out. Rimming is not necessary for a good blowjob, but it’s nonetheless very fun. On both ends. There aren’t much technique to rimming, enthusiasm is usually more important than anything else. Just remember to go through the whole area with your tongue, not just concentrating on the hole. And other than licking, sucking the skin with your lips can be also very pleasurable. And I’ve been told, if you have ever have the chance to have a threesome, rimming plus blowjob at the same time is nothing less than heaven on earth for the man. Can’t think of a better way to kiss ass than that. πŸ˜‰

Here you go, I hope you got some tips from this. Also if you got a special technique, do share it at the comments! πŸ˜›


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