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Weekly Obsessions, part 33 – lunch, dinner and picnic

Last week is kinda full of food. ๐Ÿ˜€ My favorite kind of week, that is. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Drinks, drinks and more drinks

2016-07-19-22-20-46One of the best thing of being on holiday is definitely going for drinks in the middle of the week. One of my best friends just had a kid and her getting out is entirely up to her husband’s work schedule. But we did go out on a fine Tuesday evening, near where she lives and that’s not at the center. Meaning local pubs and bars. And they are always so much fun. They equal cheap beer and cheap snacks. Like the gigantic portion of nachos just for five euros. We went for a couple of beers first and then ended up in a karaoke bar, and surprisingly I didn’t sing. And I always sing. But I’m kinda leaving that to next week for my birthday. There is something magical about getting drunk in the middle of the week. Defiant and daring. ๐Ÿ˜› I got home at three am and fell right asleep. Aaand I completely slept through my alarm. And why do I have an alarm if I’m on my holiday? Conveniently brings us to the number two.

2. Lunch with Sir Atticus

2016-07-20-12-51-39So as it happened, I guess I went to lunch with Sir Atticus when I was still a little tipsy from the previous night. But I wasn’t hungover, which is quite surprising. This also marks that the list I madeย last week about stuff I would love to do in the summer. It was quite nice to see Him just for lunch. ^^ I had fish and chips, and got chided a bit by my Irish Dom for being very reluctant to put malt vinegar on my chips. Well, I can’t blame him, I probably would be as demanding when it comes to proper Chinese cuisine. It was a decent fish and chips, the fish could be not as over-cooked. Helsinki, this little city just beside the sea (okay, quite a dirty sea but still), you can’t hardly find decently made fish and seafood anywhere. Partly because most come as frozen, but frozen can’t quite beat the fresh thing. It can also be that because I’m Chinese, Cantonese to be exact, my standard towards fish is very very high. And that leads us to the third thing on the list.

3. Dinner at my folks

IMG_20160721_095353This is purely a food porn entry. I went to my folk’s restaurant to have dinner, this time it’s a farewell dinner for my mom’s cousins who had been visiting her for a month now. From the feast we had, I chose three dishes. Let’s talk about my favorite way to prepare fish: steaming. I believe that’s a perch, although I’m really shitty recognizing fish. But anyways, that’s a whole fish, chopped in three pieces cos we didn’t have a big enough pan to steam it in, it was a huge fish. Chives, ginger, soy sauce and hot oil, that’s it. And the best part of steamed fish? The head. ๐Ÿ˜› Then next to the fish there is duck in plum sauce which is my mom’s signature dish. I loooove duck, especially Cantonese roasted duck which my dad knows how to make but it’s a really troublesome dish that practically takes two days to make. And below those two we had some quick and easy pork chops in black pepper sauce. Quite the dream of a carnivore like me.

4. Picnic with Sir Atticus

Needles to say, Sir really got into the make-kitten’s-list-come-true mode. ๐Ÿ˜€ We had a really nice picnic on a really sunny Sunday afternoon. We went to a park that I haven’t been to in ages, and it was really pretty and much cleaner than I remember. ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess they finally got rid of those annoying geese with their droppings all over the grass. And as per usual when it comes to food, I overdo it. I overdid it this time too, making way more food that two person could possibly consume. And believe or not, I forgot to take a picture! Guess you have to imagine the following menu (links to the recipe): mini hot dogs with kimchi relish, mini BLT sandwiches, mini meatballs Korean style, mozzarella mini tomato olive on a stick and potato salad with deviled eggs. It’s a mini feast! ๐Ÿ˜€ And I also chopped up some watermelon cubes for dessert. But turned out that Sir Atticus doesn’t like watermelon. Who doesn’t like watermelon?! He has the strangest taste sometimes. XD And I was circling around the supermarket trying to choose the ‘safest’ fruit to bring with me, and I spotted the last piece of watermelon sold in my local market. And I said to myself, that’s perfect, everybody likes watermelon! ๐Ÿ˜€ Watermelon crisis aside, we tried out best to eat all the food but simply couldn’t. There was a bungee jump happening next to the park, so we had a little game of screamer-or-not-screamer going on too. It was a superfun afternoon that ended with ice-cream. ๐Ÿ˜›

5. Birthday week

And with my favorite ice-cream that is Mรถvenpick’s maple syrup and walnut flavor marks the beginning of my birthday week that I decided to allow myself. Which practically means I’m going to not put any limits of what I eat the following week. Cos I thought that why celebrate only one day per year for my birthday if I can celebrate for the whole week, right? ๐Ÿ˜€


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