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World of Warcraft – The Never Ending Game

After weeks and weeks of Game of Thrones episode reviews, finally I get to write about something nerdy that is not GoT. Not that I need any more reasons to be called a nerd, but yes, I play World of Warcraft. I’ve done so for almost ten years now. I’m not going to talk about me playing WoW all the time, maybe just this time, so I’m going to do it very thoroughly. And I’m going to put cinematic trailers of the original game, and all of its expansions, just because they are some of the most beautiful game trailers ever made.

I haven’t played the old Warcraft games. When I was in college, my boyfriend then played WoW and he introduced me to it. At first I was reluctant to even try, cos the concept wasn’t my cup of tea. For me, gaming is me-time, when I just want to be anti-social and have some fun on my own. So the whole concept of me having to interact with strangers online while I’m having my me-time sounded very unappealing. And in the year 2006, WoW was already the biggest MMORPG out there, which is short for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. I watched my then boyfriend showing me the world and telling me that I don’t have to actually be social if I don’t want to be. And I have to admit, the game looked freaking amazing. It was so stunningly beautiful and it was my first touch with the sort of gaming world which was basically limitless. You didn’t have to follow a certain route. You could explore on your own and at your own pace.

So in the end of the year 2016, I created my first character. The first thing you need to choose was your fraction, which was either Alliance or Horde. As you could probably guess from the names, Alliance was the so-called good guys, and was originally consists of the races humans, night elves, gnomes and dwarves. Horde, the big bads, was made of orcs, trolls, undeads and taurens (which are basically big cows). 😀 Because I am a girl and my then boyfriend was a little sexist, he thought all girls wanted to play pretty characters. So he chose night elves for me. Yes, as a true Horde through and through, I’m ashamed to say that my first character was a freaking night elf. Don’t get me wrong, they are very pretty indeed, but just a few weeks of game play on the side of the Alliance, I already knew I didn’t belong there. Quickly I switched side, and made my first Horde character, an undead. And then I had to have a giant cow too, so I created a female tauren warrior which must be the rarest thing cos I can’t recall ever encountering another female tauren warrior. Warrior became my favorite class, I lacked the patient to have strategies and shoot magic or arrows from afar. I just like to wield a giant sword or hammer and run straight into battles. I leveled my moo-moo to top level, she was phenomenal. Not long after that I broke up with my then boyfriend. And naturally, the WoW account was his, so I was forced to say goodbye to my fierce warrior cow. For months after, I would still go to WoW Armory online where you can see all the in game characters and I would just check on my cow. I sincerely missed my warrior more than my ex boyfriend. 😀

So then came my second stage with WoW. The first expansion ‘Burning Crusade’ came along and is still the best expansion there ever was. Introducing two new races, the purple alien like draeneis for the Allies, and then finally the pretty race, the blood elves for the Horde. I was as excited as anyone for the green-eyed elves that looked pretty bad ass. At that stage, I was still testing different classes and trying out different aspects of the game. I joined my first guild back then, it was called ‘Burning Pigeons’ and it was a fun group of people. It was my crazy compative days during which I did a lot of battlegrounds (Horde vs Alliance battles) and duels (player vs player). It was fun, but it’s something I can’t imagine doing anymore cos my reflexes are getting too slow to have any chance to actual win battlegrounds and duels, at least not without sweat like I used to. But the fun was kinda short lived, cos the channel I was playing in was losing population, which meant there aren’t much people to play with and it’s dying out. So I moved and started from scratch.

Upon starting over at a new channel, I found a new guild. For the life of me I couldn’t remember the name but it was a big guild with more than hundred active members. It’s this group of people that I still miss the most. I still remember how I joined. I was eyeing large guilds back then and happen to see a member of one of the biggest guild at Undercity (the main city of the undead). Literally beside the city bank I boldly asked that member if I could join. She was a high level druid named after Gaia, and she happened to be the guild leader. We all called her G. One of the reason why I love that guild was because it had older players well over twenty. G was a middle aged stay home mom. 😀 Just like her name suggested, she was this mother figure who all of us respected for real and she was one hell of a player too. Back then I named all of my characters Eden-something, cos you know, my own name starts with an E too. So everyone called me Ed in the guild. It was weirdly comforting to go online and people would greet me ‘hey Ed’. 😀 It wasn’t without drama though. Like a couple that played together in the same guild and the girl got crazy mad when her boyfriend saved me and not her in the battle. XD Ah, good old times. The time when I was Ed, it was my most social period in the game. But then G decided to quit playing, and the guild wasn’t the same without her. And it was one of the reason why I took a long break too not playing.

It must be around the time of the third expansion of the game, Cataclysm, that I began playing again. But WoW was not the same like it used to be. It was getting more and more easy, to accommodate new players or maybe younger players. The people aren’t the same anymore either. Or I just became cynical. After being Ed, I haven’t really found another guild that feel like home. I played briefly with my old high school friend’s guild, and even did raids (huge 10-25 people group battles). I also did a lot of achievements back then, just stupid objectives that basically has nothing to do with the main game play itself. Like I did one achievement when I explored the whole world. It might sound easy, but the world is huge, consisting of several continents. And that also included running into hostile territories with very high level guards who just want to kill you. That was fun enough. But my heart wasn’t in it anymore, so when the guild wanted to migrate to another channel, I decided to take another break from the game. Then came the most annoying expansion, I mean if you happen to be Chinese. 😀 Otherwise, it might be pretty fun. Cos pandas. XD

Okay, fine, the trailer looks pretty fucking awesome. And Pandaria is a fun idea. Alas a little racist from time to time. It bought us a new mighty race of the pandas and the new class ‘monk’. The panda island is stunning though and I enjoyed playing these big bears still, that background music just gets on my nerve from time to time. I guess, along with the pandas began my fourth stage of playing this game, and it was completely alone. I didn’t look for a guild, I was determined to solo it. I didn’t do group tasks, or battlegrounds or raids. I hardly even talked to other people either maybe ‘thanks for asking to join your guild but no thanks’. And a newbie asked for instructions once, and that made me feel old.

Shortly after the fifth expansion, ‘Warlords of Draenor’, came out I broke up with my ex and moved to my own place. And then my computer broke. So before I got the chance to actually see it for myself that Draenor was actually the worst expansion yet, I took a year long break from the whole game. But after seeing the movie Warcraft, I wanted to play again. So here I am now, still doing it solo, feeling super old for starting from scratch again, cos the channeled I played at died (again). I don’t know why I chose a high population channel, but there I was, far better player than most kids these days, but far more antisocial and far more polite too. I don’t think I would ever find a group of people and become a new Ed, those days are gone. But like some other OGs, I guess I’m still have the energy in me to get cautiously excited about the next expansion, WoW’s sixth, simply called ‘Legion’. I hope it won’t suck. 🙂


15 thoughts on “World of Warcraft – The Never Ending Game

  1. Thank you for sharing, Emmi. It is interesting how in MMO’s the enjoyment of the game can be so closely tied to chance encounters. After being an end-game raider and raid leader for many years, The Draenor xpac was in fact bad enough to make me hang it up.

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    1. Indeed, if WoW is how a fellow sub stumbled upon my blog. 😀 Almost no good things can be said about the Draenor expansion, but I do have high hopes for Legion.


      1. I actually found your blog through my “recommended” tab 🙂 It just so happens the first post was about WoW. I know many that are looking forward to Legion. Unfortunately Draenor absolutely decimated my friend group… there were ~8 of us that played together for several hours every day and Draenor managed to stress half of them out and throw away 3+ year friendships like they were nothing. The only upside to Draenor was that it just handed you money if you logged in every day and did basic maintenance in your garrison. When my account expired I had made over 3 million gold, so if I go back it will at least be cushy from a financial standpoint 🙂

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      2. 3 million?! I did wonder why everything is so expensive now for being away most of Draenor. Although I did cash in over 1K for just playing for one evening and I thought I was hallucinating. Gone is the time for saving up for months for a flying mount licence. XD


      3. The economy was sort of ruined by Draenor, even after they nerfed the garrison rewards several times. There was so little to do on a daily basis after you unlocked flying that outside of raiding I would only log in to do garrison missions across 9 lvl 100’s and then log out twice a day. Somehow that yielded about 200k gold a month without leaving the building. Being able to buy game time with gold was another nice touch.

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      4. I thought so too about the WoW token thing, but I think it’s already dead at least in my channel. It started out that they are always sold out, then the price went sky high and then no one is buying, resulting in no one is selling them anymore.


      5. Yes, but I think that is partly due to the mass exodus from the game. I would wager that they will pop up again in spades when the pre-patch drops as people return and find themselves broke. Apparently Legion will be a big gold sink. Draenor really polarized the player base and made it miserable for both halves (raiders and casuals). It felt weird doing 6-7x the DPS as most of players but it also made sustaining a 20-man mythic team almost impossible on a small realm.

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      6. 🙂 if they get back to like 20k I would consider buying a few year’s worth of game time. I’m actually not planning on returning to the game even though I already pre-purchased Legion. The friendships were always my draw and those fell apart 😦

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      7. It is good if you take joy in the game itself. If you just returned after the movie it is probably still fresh. Im not sure if you are planning on trying to unlock flying, but if so, I highly recommend downloading the handynotes Draenor treasures add on. It will help you find all of the little knick knacks you need for that part of the achievement.


      8. Haha I actually took a look at the guide for unlocking flying at Draenor and I got a tiny headache just looking at it. Who needs flying anyways, right? So over-rated. XD To be honest, I had to start from scratch in a new channel, so my only lvl90+ is a shadow priest, and I thoroughly suck being a shadow priest. I chose it to be the only high level to move to a new channel with me was because I rather die than level incription from zero. (Im obsessed with professions) So I might try the unlocking flying when my pally or better yet, warrior gets to lvl90.

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      9. Getting flying isn’t too bad if you have a friend with. 2-person mount willing to help. Everything but Tanaan rep can be done in a few hours. It’s not really necessary but helps a lot with leveling alts. With flying and 2-3 elixirs of the rapid mind you can take toons from 92 to 100 in under 2 hours. I can’t even imagine starting from scratch which is probably why I still reside as horde on an alli-heavy RP server since I knew someone there. All profs can be maxed on Draenor mats only (it takes ~4300 raw mats to go 1-700 and they are fairly cheap usually). If you don’t have it yet, make sure you hit trade for a Void Bound Satchel (it can’t be listed on the AH). It has a super OP heirloom trinket that will speed up leveling a lot on your other toons.

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      10. I must look super odd to other players. When I say starting from scratch, I mean really from scratch, no heirlooms and knowing no one from the new channel. 😀 Nothing else except a lvl 94 shadow priest with like 4k gold and pretty much nothing else. 😀 That’s what you get to move channels and abandon guilds for like four times, I’m almost as poor as when I began playing like 10 years ago. 😀

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      11. I feel ya 🙂 Tracking down a free Void Satchel should be cake. I accumulated 49 of them from garrison missions before I started dumping them in the guild bank and/or destroying them. The on use proc does ~70% total boss damage in sub-80 dungeons 🙂
        You can also earn free heirloom gear by taking the quest in UC and doing daily heroic dungeons.

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