Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 32 – cheat day, vacation and shopping

And with this week’s weekly obsessions being actually written and published on a Sunday, I hope we are finally back on track with this little blog. I would try my best to keep it on track according to the following schedule: Nerdy stuff on Mondays, kinky stuff on Wednesdays, Jukebox Friday and then Weekly Obsessions on Sundays. And occasionally there would be some surprises on Saturdays if I don’t have anything else to do. But let’s get on with this week’s obsessions!

1. Cheat Day #1

So I’ve been on the low carb diet now for over a month. It still feels strange to say diet, cos it’s more like a life style change. Of course in the beginning, to get to my ideal body (which is still curvy but also toned and muscular on the right places), I need to be more strict with what I eat. I’ve cut out pasta, dessert like cake and ice-cream, popcorn unless I’m at the movies, cola, rice and white bread. But I decided not to cut out vegetables and fruit that have carbs in them like potatoes and bananas. And I also eat rye bread, to get that fiber. Of course, there are slips here and there, but I think I’ve been doing pretty good cos without changing the amount of how much I work out, I lost roughly 2,5 kilos while muscles in my arms and legs got slightly bigger. So I was more than excited about my first proper cheat day during which I would allow myself go crazy with carbs. I made a date out of it with Sir Atticus, and asked Him to join me at some Indian food, and a movie with candies and popcorn. I even made chicken alfredo pasta for myself for lunch. Oh and a grilled cheese baguette for breakfast! I know, I take my cheat days very seriously! At the end of the day, I knew my former self would have been a little disappointed in me. Cos I wasn’t able to eat the amounts of food I used to, at least not carbs anymore, they filled me up way too fast. Cos I forgot to eat ice-cream. Never mind that, I’ll try harder next cheat day! 😛

2. Thirty Day Plank Challenge

It’s a little sad though, that I was pretty happy to get back to my low carb jam after the cheat day. Cos believe or not, carbs taste better when you aren’t eating them every day. I have a weird way of thinking, I figured adding something extra to my workout routine to shake things up would be beneficial for my next cheat day. XD In the sense that I could maybe eat more? I don’t know what I was thinking, but something to do with actually work for my cheat days. After denying myself for so long from things like rice and pasta and white bread, I can’t help but feel a little guilty consuming them even if it’s my cheat day. So I decided on a 30-day plank challenge for July! Cheat day #2, I’ll be ready when you roll around.

3. Summer vacation began!

So my four-week summer vacation began! I have no plans whatsoever for the four weeks. I have tons of plans of how am I going to use my vacation money though. And it’s by shopping like crazy. And talking about shopping…

4. Shoes shoes shoes

69201618153Shoes! In that sense, I’m like very women on this planet, I love shoes! I love my tiny feet cos all kinds of shoes look adorable on them. I ordered six pairs online, and decided to keep these four pairs on the left. I love the ideas of heels, but because my feet are indeed really tiny, heels hurt them a lot. But I can still do low heels, like the pink ones which are absolutely adorable! I love the vibrant colors, and I happened to find the exact shade of nail polish from my own nail polish stash. Life’s little pleasures. 🙂 My dad once asked me whether I even know how many pairs of shoes I have, and my 26-year-old self came back with the correct answer lightning fast and without hesitation: “A successful woman isn’t supposed to know.” Case closed. 😉

5. The 5th Wave (2016)

Spoilers! As far as movies about alien invasion go, The 5th Wave, starring one of my favorite gal Chloë Grace Moretz, has been the most thorough one. First wave, take away electricity. Second wave, massive earthquake to shake the entire planet plus tsunamis all over the world destroying all the major cities that are near water. Third wave, modified bird flu that are now unstoppable and deadly. Fourth wave, take human hosts to control their mind to eliminate the rest of the surviving mankind until extinction. This all sound so freaking effective and smart that I was thoroughly intrigued for the first part of the movie. I mean, you can hardly beat that right. But then, as all movies targeted at young adults, the very unnecessary romance was inserted. The forced drama with some really bad acting. And finally, the super duper predictable plot twist that seriously make me think that these aliens aren’t that smart anyways. All that glorious stuff in the beginning kinda went to waste. I’m not saying The 5th Wave was not worth watching, if I overlook some really bad casting choices, it’s still an entertaining film. But instead of wanting to see the sequel (if there would ever be one), I decided to get the books that the movie was based on and focus on them. At least that way I don’t have to witness bad acting.
My IMDb rating: 6 stars out of 10 (3 of them were given solely for Chloë Grace Moretz)


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