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Challenges of 2016 – 2nd Quarter Update

Wow, time flies for realz. We are well over 6 months in the year 2016, so let’s see how am I doing with my challenges.

Book challenge – 50 books

According to Goodreads, I’ve read only five books in six months… I know, I totally suck at reading this year!! It took me about 8 weeks to read my latest book, in the meantime Sir Atticus had already read like five books… -.- Might as well change my goal from 50 to 20. And still I’m like five books behind in schedule. 😦 Hope I would have some good news to share reading-wise come October. So far, I’ve read two J.R. Ward’s novel from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (‘The Shadows‘ and ‘Blood Kiss‘), then I continued with horror and read book five of short erotic horror stories ‘Seeds of Fear‘ from the Hot Blood series (my short story reviews here and here). Then I dived into some fantasy goodness in the form of the adventures of druids from the Iron Druid Chronicles ‘Staked‘ (yes, that’s where Sir Atticus got His alias) and after that I continued with myths and gods by reading ‘American Gods‘ by Neil Gaiman. I finished it a couple of days ago and I am really excited about the up and coming TV series based on American Gods. 😀 It’s going to be awesome, I’m sure!

Movie challenge – 100 movies

The number of movies I’ve watched in the year 2016 is exactly 69. 😛 Which means I’m well ahead of schedule and summer is going to be quite filled up with movies too as I have not planned any trips or anything. Like last summer, I just hope this would be all about relaxing and sleeping late and staying up well after midnight. I know, I’m a party animal. XD

Fitness challenge – Six 8-week programs

Still, every morning at least five times a week, I am to send of photo of my sweaty panties to Sir Atticus as proof that I’ve been a good girl and done my morning workout. Yes, I’m still doing my workouts with Fitness Blender. Right after I wrote my first quarter update, I hurt my back by being over-confident with my weight choice with dumbbells. So in the middle of my second 8-week program, I was forced to switch to a low impact program for three weeks. But as soon as my back wasn’t hurting anymore, I went back to my regular program and finished it up about a month ago. Then summer rolled around and I went on my workout program for busy people. Initially I was going to do a 4-week program for busy people (which means the workouts are mostly under 30 minutes), but then I found a 8-week program for that. Since I was behind schedule with being sick and then hurting my back, I thought I might as well get on a 8-week program for busy people which will last me until August. Then I would have five months to do at least two 8-week program more, and if I don’t get sick or anything, I will be able to fit a 4-week program for busy people for Christmas time. 🙂

All in all, not a bad quarter at all, except maybe book-wise. I’m looking forward to catch up a bit on reading though. I’ll see you back here with another challenge update in the beginning of October. 🙂


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