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Weekly Obsessions, part 31 – Gilmore, Ninja and Odd

I know this is super late, cos tomorrow’s going to be part 32. But I’ll put 3rd July as the date of this post, and I’m going to be pretend I’m a punctual blogger. *toothy grin*

1. Sushi Forest


I haven’t been to a sushi restaurant for a long long time, mainly because we have a sushi buffet place near my office and my colleagues and I would go there every week. But sushi buffet is no match for the restaurant grade sushi, and I didn’t realize how much I miss the real stuff. So my little restaurant review here might be a wee bit biased, it might entirely be because I’m starved from real sushi for such a long time. That in mind, this is one of the best sushi I’ve ever had! By accident I found this little sushi restaurant called ‘Sushi Forest‘. It was late afternoon around four pm, way before dinner time and right after lunch time, so I was the only customer in this charming place right next to a busy road. The menu was large, consisting mainly of sushi. I chose salmon nigiri four ways, cos salmon nigiri is my first love and also my favorite. I got two pieces of each flavor, two classic salmon nigiri, two fattier salmon nigiri with mayo and sesame seeds, two grilled salmon nigiri and two grilled salmon nigiri with spicy mayo. The salmon was super fresh and the rice was very tasty and well-flavored. And the salmon piece was big enough to cover the rice, fish-rice ratio just about perfect. A drop of Japanese mayo (that is much lighter than normal mayo) complimented the fatty salmon very well, and the roasted sesame seeds were a nice touch. I was very excited to taste grilled salmon, as it is my favorite right after the classic salmon nigiri. The fish had a slightly charcoal flavor, and the salmon was on the cooked side. In my opinion, grilled salmon sushi should be cooked entirely. Most of the time, however, I get half cooked salmon, charred on the top but raw on the bottom. I happen to dislike the texture of that kind, so I’m glad the grilled salmon was whole cooked in Sushi Forest. Last but not least, I tasted the grilled salmon nigiri with spicy mayo, which was creamy and down-right decadent. Thank you, Sushi Forest, for making my workday afternoon extraordinarily tasty. I’ll be back.

2. Game of Thrones season 6

And so ended Game of Thrones season six. I hoped you enjoyed reading my weekly reviews. I’m so conflicted with this season, as I feel it’s the worst of all the seasons, but it consists of some of the best episodes in GoT history. One of the reasons why I love GoT so much is cos it’s unpredictable. Seasons 1-4 were just that to me, even after I’ve read the books. I knew Red Wedding was coming, but I still watched it with my jaw wide opened in shock. Already in season five, I felt that GoT wasn’t as strong as its previous seasons, but I thought it was because in season five the show started to carve its own path away from the books, and as a book reader, it felt strange not knowing.

But then season six began, and it was almost complete off the books, I was going in blind like all the book readers. For the first couple of episodes, I could still pretend that it was me not used to not know, not because the show is getting boring. I know, right, GoT boring?? I can be an extremely loyal fan, but I also have a very lively critic in me that would easily start to turn on even my favorite shows. I’m an easy fan to please, as long as you stay interesting. πŸ˜€ After four episodes of doubting myself of being a traitor, I decided that the showrunners have betrayed us the most passionate loyal fans. There are clearly not enough story to stretch into ten good episodes. Especially episode eight made me downright angry, it was that bad. I was angry that the showrunners are arrogant enough to think they can get away with feeding us crap, now that they get loyal fans. GoT, don’t you dare be another ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

And now there decision to maybe make shorter seasons doesn’t seem like a bad idea, if it means we would not get such mediocre episodes. There were great moments, chill worthy moments throughout the season, like Hodor and the Stark reunion, but the rest was absolutely boring filler only. And there were eight seasons of that. Some say it’s building up to the grand finale. Since when GoT relied on building-ups? The last two episodes of the season were so freaking good, but I would never stop wondering whether they were truly that good, or just a psychological trick. Cos after eight episodes of crap, two decent episodes would seem like masterpieces. Guess I would never know. In so many sense, season 6 felt like a transition, just a final corner for all the characters to get around for the final stretch of straight road towards the grand finale.Β I guess I should lower my expectations for the next season but who am I kidding, I would wait a year for it, and I would either be very disappointed or my love for GoT would be rekindled. Let’s hope it’s the latter case.

3. Nutri Ninja

I’m a big smoothie drinker half of the year when the weather is semi warm. I’ve long since chosen the bullet blender as my weapon of choice. It’s fast and easy to clean. I’ve had my trustful Tribest personal blender for years and it had done a great job all these years. But because Tribest wasn’t sold in Finland (I ordered mine from the US), getting new blades etc isn’t a simple business. So when my Tribest started leaking a little bit, and the motor was getting a bit lazy when grinding small frozen berries like blueberries, I knew it was time to get a new blender. I did a lot of research, watched countless review and versus Youtube videos, and decided on Nutri Ninja. First of all, they sell them in Finland, so when the blade gets dull, I can just walk in any electronic store and get a new blade. And I completely fell in love with the Auto-iQ function, cos you know, I do have better things to do for 45 seconds that pushing the bullet down. And smoothie makers know with all that frozen fruit and berries, pulsing is almost necessary. So a machine that pulse for me?? Shut up and take my money! The machine is slightly bigger than a regular bullet blender. And it looks quite manly, with all that black and steel. But hey, it says ninja on it, so I love it! πŸ˜€ I do enjoy the slightly bigger mugs. I can now fit a whole banana in with tons of space for other fruits. And the end result was the smoothest smoothie I’ve ever tasted. I’ve used many blenders, and even professional blenders at smoothie bars could chop up fruit like pineapple and blueberries as well as this little ninja. I used skim milk only for my smoothie so with the Tribest if I don’t drink it right away, the milk would separate a little from the blended fruit and it looks… well, very unappetizing. But Nutri Ninja seems to blend the milk and the fruit together so well that even when I take my time with it and drink it for so long that it’s not that cold anymore, it still holds itself together like a lady whose mama has taught her the proper manners. πŸ˜› They sell a basic bullet blender with no automatic system that allowed you to just click the bullet cup in and push one button to get your smoothie, but I strongly recommend you to get the one with the Auto-iQ system! And if you also need a blender for other purposes than smoothies, get the Nutri Ninja blender system. I hardly every need one cos I don’t make desserts. The only minus is the noise. I’ve heard some Youtube reviewers complain about how loud the Ninja is and I thought how loud can a blender be. But it is LOUD. Much louder than any blender I’ve encountered. My neighbors must love me for using it every morning. πŸ˜€ And if you don’t live alone, unless it’s a freaking castle, you will wake everyone up. I guess it is a nice alarm clock also. πŸ˜›

4. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls, the most charming 90s TV show, was coming on Netflix Finland and there were ads everywhere. I was quite thrilled about the fact that the new generation of young girls get to know Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. At the same time I thought it would be nice to re-watch the show again in this summer holiday. I love the quick wit of the Gilmores and the dialogue is always gold. Last time I watch it, I was quite young and needed subtitles to keep up with them. This time around, with much improved English skills, I could relax and enjoy the best mom and daughter relationship in TV history, the fantastic Emily Gilmore the grandma, my kitchen spirit animal Sookie (played by the lovely Melissa McCarthy) and my ultimate favorite character of the show, the always bored and very French Michel. Oh I love him! Gilmore Girls is truly a great summer show for those warm nights and odd rainy afternoons.

5. Odd Thomas (2013)

The news of the young actor Anton Yelchin passing was quite sad. Newspapers everywhere remembered him as the Star Trek actor. I don’t recall him at all from Star Trek, so it took me a while to realize just who Anton Yelchin was. One of the first movie review I wrote was about the movie ‘Fright Night‘. It’s a remake from this old vampire horror comedy and Anton was the main character. After that he starred in mostly small but charming production like ‘Only Lovers Left Alive‘ (my review) and ‘Burying the Ex‘. And then he starred in ‘Odd Thomas‘ as the titular character. I have had this movie at my disposal for years and I just couldn’t get around to watch it. After the sad news, and feeling bad that I couldn’t remember Anton right away initially, I thought it would be a nice tribute to finally watch his movie. And I loved the movie. It’s really a silly plot, it’s about a boy who can see dead people. πŸ˜€ But with a nice twist cos there are these alien like monsters who would gather around people who are about to die a very tragic death and these monsters would kill anyone who sees them. And our hero Odd Thomas (yes, his first name is really Odd) is one of those who can see them. But he had learned to act like he didn’t notice them, but still he would always try to save those who gets surrounded by these monsters. And he would catch murderers pointed out by dead people. Right from the start, Odd thinks it be his responsible to do whatever in his power to save as many as possible. We downright skipped the part where he just being selfish and ignore it all. That fact alone makes him a really sympathetic and likable hero. He takes responsibility but doesn’t feel the need to actually be a hero. And he’s not angsty and troubled like most superheroes. Saving the world is a matter of fact and a matter of when and where. Odd and his girlfriend Stormy are the cutest movie couple I’ve ever seen. The movie is fast-paced, funny, interesting and entertaining. The ending was somewhat predictable but nonetheless very very touching. I cried like a baby and as my tears were drying on my face, I proceeded to order Odd Thomas saga for my Kindle e-book. Yes, it’s based on a book series of the same name by Dean Koontz. I’m not a big fan of Koontz, but because of Anton Yelchin, I am now a big fan of Odd Thomas.
My IMDb rating: 8 stars out of 10


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