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Game of Thrones S06E10 – The Winds of Winter

So they decided to pack all the goodness into the last two episodes. Personally I like the 9th episode more, but I do understand they need to be some wrapping up to do on the last episode. It wasn’t hard to guess that the final scene was going to be Dany sailing towards Westeros. There was lots to discuss, so let’s begin. Oh and spoilers.

King’s Landing

cerseiThe second Tommen announced the no trial by combat thing in previous episodes, I knew Cersei was faced with a tough decision. I knew she would go big, cos she was literally backed into a corner. We had witnessed before what she was capable of once left no choice. Remember her trying to give poison to her kids during the battle of Blackwater? I didn’t think she would go as far as killing Tommen, but she would definitely get him out of her way. The wildfire didn’t come to me as a surprise cos I watched a fan theory video prior to episode 10, that the secret Qyburn uncovered was indeed wildfire. And if you pay enough attention, they mentioned it quite a few times during the season, lastly Tyrion talked about it with Dany in the 9th episode. When they got over with Sir Loras which was indeed a sad scene, they were thinking where the hell Cersei was, and at that I knew the wildfire theory was going to happen. The sluggish execution of the whole realization of Margaery and the rest, it was so well-done that even if I knew what was going to happen, I nonetheless enjoyed it immensely. The suicide of Tommen came as a little surprise to me, it was the kind of quick and quiet lethal violence, it was simply shocking. Tommen walking away from the window and the camera, you heard a loud clink sound as he dropped off his crown and then him walking back briskly into frame and just fell to his death. That was a powerful scene. At the same time I can’t help but wondered the reason why Cersei didn’t have anyone there with Tommen. Upon observing the corpse of her last child, Cersei seemed cold and nonchalant. In the featurette of Inside the Episode seen above, the show creators mentioned that something died inside of Cersei in that particular scene. I however see that that something died long before seeing the corpse of Tommen, it died at Tommen’s announcement about trial by combat. That scene was just further proof of how anything human is already deceased inside of Cersei. Her children were the only thing keeping her remotely human, keeping the monster in check. Now there is only the monster left, as we saw her quite enjoying herself while torturing the septa. Cersei is going to be interesting to see next season, a woman who had nothing to lose is a dangerous one. By ascending to the Iron Throne herself, I think she thus had lost Jaime too and sealed her own fate.

The Twins

aryaOkay Walder Frey’s fate was a complete surprise to me. I saw them partying for their win of the Riverrun, and how displeased Jaime was with him. Up until the maid revealed herself has Arya fucking Stark, I thought she was sent by Jaime to get rid of the old fool once and for all. That is the Arya I was waiting for. I thought she was already that after she left the Hound for dead, the ruthless and skillful Arya. We saw the ruthlessness once when she very messily disposed of that creepy guy who was into really young girls. There was nothing messy about the disposal this time. This time was effective and so satisfying. Catelyn Stark’s throat was slit, and it was one of the greatest scenes in GoT. Her daughter, her little girl Arya unknowingly avenging her in the same way was even better. The way Arya slit the old man’s throat and pulling his head back from his forehead to make the blood flow faster, it was truly a spectacle to behold. And her smiling down at him, that’s the smile of a very interesting character. About fucking time I say, Arya in my head was always supposed to become this. She was righteous like her father, but unlike her stubborn father, she was ready to take justice into her own hands and her brand of justice had finally become swift and deadly. I’m excited to see how her story line would unfold, it being in a stand still for so long.


varysI got chills from two brief scenes in the episode. We saw Sam and Gilly arriving at the Citadel and them witnessing the white crows being sent from the highest tower, bringing the message all across the seven kingdoms that the Starks were right all along, winter had finally come. And that library… I got the Beauty and the Beast goosebumps times ten. Another chill-worthy scene was the swift convo at Dorne between the poor Lady Olenna who had lost so much to the crazy Cersei and understandably she’s fucking pissed. And the murderous usurper Ellaria (love her btw) used Lady Olenna’s anger to lure her onto the winning side, promising justice and revenge. And Varys’s timely and dramatic entrance, and the audience was cheering and welcoming two powerful allies ready for the picking for our favorite Queen, Dany. Varys simply saying “Fire and blood”, which is of course House Targaryen’s words gave me full body chills. With one smart move by Varys and of course due to Cersei’s shenanigans, Dany doesn’t have Dorne only but also the support of the very rich House Tyrell.

The Stark kids

Lady mormontFinally, it all seems to turn for the better for the Stark kids. Maybe. I’m still unsure of all of Sansa’s motives. I’m wearing my GoT T-shirt today stating that Jon Snow in fact does know nothing. He seems to be clueless all the time, even with all the houses of the north gathered together and now it’s his turn to make them believe that the whitewalkers are coming. But he actually required the wee but fierce Lady Mormont to vote for him. I say make that little girl the queen of the north, she is fucking badass! But anyhoo, as to Bran and everyone else was revealed, Jon Snow is indeed Lyanna Stark’s son, like we haven’t guessed it yet million years ago. But the father wasn’t revealed just yet, but based on the birth scene that Bran witnessed, it doesn’t support that Jon was the result of Lyanna being raped. I still believe that Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna’s lovechild. But were they married when they had Jon? If they were secretly married, then Jon’s claim to the Iron Throne would be stronger than Dany’s. I would love to see these two join forces to beat the whitewalkers. I’ve heard a wild fan theory about Sansa probably being the one to remain and take the Iron Throne. I mean it might be possible if both Jon and Dany die at the war against the ice zombies. It would be interesting to see, whether Bran or/and Arya would ever get to reunite with Sansa and Jon.

Mother of Dragons

Back with Dany. I think she had slowly realized and starting to appreciate just how well Tyrion had performed trying to savage and keep safe her city Meereen while she was out there taming her Drogon and the Dothrakis. Dany left them in a really shitty situation, and because of Tyrion there was still a city left for her to storm into with her dragon. So it made sense that she listened to Tyrion’s advice for leaving Daario behind. And the scene where just Dany and Tyrion chatted and then Dany presenting Tyrion the pin and naming him rightfully the Hand of the Queen. It was truly a touching moment, and I’m sure we all think that Tyrion deserved it. That he, our favorite guy in Westeros, finally found his rightful place next to our Queen.

The sailing of so many ships was an impressive scene. Dany had her most trusted subjects next to her, Tyrion, Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm, it’s not a bad company. And Dany was dressed in black, the exact same color as her Drogon, with detailed sleeves on her dress that look like dragon scales. And her smile, she looked truly happy cos her biggest dream is soon coming true, she’s going home.



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