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Weekly Obsessions, part 29 – football, zoodles and WoW

Oh these past eight weeks the updating schedule has been all over the place due to Game of Thrones. But there are only two episodes left, just in time for the 2nd quarter challenge update of 2016, and in that post I might make a new schedule and actually try to stick to it. Again, weekly obsessions are supposed to be on yesterday but here we are again, late again. And I might not get to watch Game of Thrones until later this week, so the review would be out later still. Without further ado, let’s get on with last week’s obsessions. πŸ™‚

1. Football

I don’t watch sport, I think it’s mostly boring. But I vividly remember the year I got into watching football. My dad is a huge football fan, he used to play it when he was younger and back when city teams of China were actually freaking good. I know, if you have ever seen China play football, you wouldn’t believe me. I know we fucking suck nowadays. It was the 1998 World Cup, France was the host. I once and for all fell in love with Brazil, the 14-year-old me couldn’t possibly believe my eyes as they feasted on the incredibly skills Brazilian players were able to make a round object go wherever and however they desired. It was the glorious era of the young Ronaldo. His insane skills got me hooked on football. It became a tradition for me to become this little yellow and green maniac once every four years who is forever going to be a Brazil fan, no matter how badly they played last World Cup. I watched with indifference the European Cup, as I really don’t care about the style of football of European teams. But I do appreciate their talents though. And since Sir Atticus (who is not Finnish) supports His own country’s team, unlike this little Chinese traitor here, I got a unique opportunity to watch football with Sir. πŸ™‚ It was super fun! And I kinda rediscovered the fun of watching football, even if my favorite team is not playing. I love the unpredictability of a football match. πŸ™‚

2. Zoodles

2016-06-12-20-57-37From sports to eating healthy, I finally got my own spiralizer, you know, the manual awesome machinery that turns veggies like zucchini into noodles! πŸ˜€ Zucchini + noodles = zoodles. I love that word! I found a great Asian style recipe online from Pinch of Yum, and it’s a spicy dish with crispy tofu cubes. The tofu cubes were pain in the ass to fry, cos I wanted to get all sides super crispy. The sauce was freaking awesome and delicious, do give it a try!

3. World of Warcraft

After writing the review for the movie Warcraft last week, my gaming hand was literally itching to play again. Luckily, Sir came and fixed my computer for me and I even got a free gaming pass for the whole weekend. πŸ˜› Initially I was reluctant to start playing again, afraid that I would get too hooked on it again, but Sir required me to ask for gaming permission, in order to prevent the gaming to get too out of control. πŸ™‚

This week’s list is a little short compared to the others. I actually did write a longer one but WordPress messed up and didn’t save and I lost half of my post. And what I hate the most is re-writing. And the last two things on the list aren’t that important anyways so I’ll save you from the rants and just leave this at that. πŸ˜›



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