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Game of Thrones S06E07-08 – The Broken Man & No One

Okay let’s do this, double reviews. Eight episodes were over and more and more it feels like nothing really happens and most of the episodes are just fillers. And yes, spoilers ahead.

At episode seven – The Broken Man, we opened on with the Hound. So he’s not dead, shocker. I like the Hound enough, but seeing him again doesn’t raise any feelings one way or the other. I am a little curious as to what is going to be his purpose. We saw him bonding with some religious folk that were then later slaughtered by some very out of character members of the Band of Brothers. I mean, aren’t they supposed be the good guys? Onto episode eight, so we see the Hound’s swift justice and seemingly teaming up the Brothers? The whole hanging scene was funny, but since when GoT is good sketches one after another? They are around Riverrun, but what is going to be their function?

Back at King’s *yawn* Landing, it has been obvious to be from the start that Margaery is acting, in order to gain the High Sparrow’s trust, saving her brother and using this great opportunity to get rid of Cersei and get full control of the kid king Tommen. I get all of that with way less boooooring ass convos. The scene that was shown in the season trailer in the beginning, with Cersei being bad ass and whispering ‘I choose violence’, well that scene is probably the most anti-climatic thing ever. I expected the zombie Mountain to slaughter them all, instead it was just one itsy bitsy jaw tearing… Finally, in episode eight, the one event that had any meaning at all during the whole season, and that was Tommen, no doubt under the heavy influence of the High Sparrow and his lovely queen, changing the rules and getting rid of the tradition of trial by combat. And for Cersei it is of course the most inconvenient time, cos she is kinda depending on that to win the trial. If you still remember the prophecy that happened at the prologue of season five episode one, it was told that all Cersei’s children will die before her. At the moment Tommen announced the ridding of the trial by combat, a chilling thought appeared to me. The most prominent feature of Cersei’s character is that she’s a good mother who loves her children, but what if her own son betrays her? Would Cersei be the one who kills her last child? We shall see if this show still can manage to find its sets of balls within the last remaining episodes.

And talking about the Lannisters, we saw Jaime joining the Freys at siege against the Blackfish at Riverrun, and then Brienne trying to recruit the Blackfish’s help. And nothing came out of the whole thing except more staring at each other between Jaime and Brienne, and I really don’t get what their relationship is supposed to be, cos bromance it is not. So if the Tully’s won’t play a part in the battle against the Boltons… why did we waste so much time with them then.

Then there is Sansa and Jon on their recruit mission. The idea of one actually sounded pretty fun in the beginning but then the show decided to just give us a little glimpse of their journey. Their little chat with Lyanna Mormont at the Bear Island, the freaking highlight of the episode. And apparently, based on the title of episode 9 ‘The Battle of Bastards’, we are going to see the battle. It feels a bit all of the sudden. Why aren’t their recruiting given more screen time while so much bullshit was jammed down our throat instead? I expect surprise help at the battle next episodes, or at least I hope there will be.

How about the other Stark, our little Arya. We saw her deciding to buy passage back home, and even with all her training, she’s fucking reckless enough to get ambushed. And we are then treated to a looong ass chasing scene and we didn’t even get to see the ending fight. At the end, Arya drops the mike by walking out on the man. And my problem with Arya is that her character growth is the most inconsistent. We see her getting jaded while travelling with the Hound, and her living him to die gave us an impression of a bad ass Arya. And when she traveled to become no one, her story line and growth seemed to hit a freaking brick wall. She lacked purpose. I wanted for so long believe that she was there to learn to fight then head back to Westeros and continue the revenging and getting on with her kill list. But then she seemed to lost and all of the evidence lately pointed to that fact that she wasn’t planning shit. She just frustratingly went with the flow and circumstances pushed her to the point she decides to head home. The whole going with the flow thing sets back the mindset it took so many seasons to build, and Arya became a whatever to me instead of someone bad ass. Hope she will gain some badassary back when she arrives home.

And then we got Meereen. You know the show is going to shit when you are getting bored with Tyrion. I mean, even during the first convo between Tyrion, Greyworm and Missandei about jokes and drinking felt like filling, and at episode eight, the exact same thing happened all over again. If you don’t have anything to tell about them, then don’t show them. At least something started to happen, and seemingly the slave Masters decide to take Tyrion’s diplomacy as weakness and attack the city. Dany showed up in the last minute, a very angry mom face on, being pissed at just what the fuck the kids had been up to at home. We better see something awesome, like dragons getting rid of the Masters once and for all in the next two episodes.

The whole season had been dragging with deja vus and seen-that-already, as it is the first season they are trying to make it without the support of the books. Now we see just how important George R.R. Martin is when it comes to story telling. Even with the last two episodes redeeming the whole season, season six had been a complete and utter mess. There might be stories enough to have four-five good episodes so far, which means we are getting stupid and unnecessary fillings half of the time. Next episode better be fucking fantastic.



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