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Weekly Obsessions, part 27-28 – week off, dieting and orcs

The one week off writing was refreshing. I took the time to put my ducks in a row, so to speak, mostly in my own head. I had acquired my life motto quite early, already when I was fifteen, and it’s simply ‘enjoy the moment’. I’m one of those people who feel strongly, whatever it is that I’m feeling, maybe it’s because I let myself feel. Last couple of weeks, there were lots of mood swings, lots of ups and downs. Needless to say, I am quite smitten with Sir Atticus, so my mood went from ecstatic-cloud-nine state during and right after seeing Him to downright depressed from missing Him badly on days I don’t see Him. Of course we aren’t able to see each other every day, and me being down is probably stressing Him out, I know it was stressing me out. So after a week ago, I just decided that enough was enough, I’m not going to be depressed anymore, especially when there isn’t a reason too. I decided that I would learn to like the ache when I’m missing Him, after all, I am a proud little masochist, right? It’s strange what little decisions like that could do, at least to me. Every time I miss Him, instead of just trying to suppress it and roll up into a ball of misery, I would just let myself feel all of it. And it worked. Last week I wasn’t depressed at all. So now, I would try to get myself back on track with the updating schedule, with weekly obsessions, Game of Thrones reviews and there might even be a special about my little summer trip with my colleagues. Let’s begin with exciting events from the past two weeks. Yes, this will be long.

1. First caning punishment

Two weeks ago on Monday I had my first caning punishment. Sir Atticus had named Himself as my personal trainer, and one Tuesday I missed my morning workout which I promised to do after work, but then I forgot. *toothy grin* So 30 strikes with the lexan cane was in store for me. Then I chose a little inconvenient time to get horny and had to ask for permission to play with myself while Sir was still in the mood for caning. So naturally the cost for an orgasm was ten strikes of the cane. The price of the orgasm changes, it depends on Sir’s mood. And I’m not really good at thinking straight when I’m in heat, so ten strikes actually sounded pretty acceptable at the time. And then I couldn’t stop myself from cumming twice, so the final number of strikes ended up being fifty in total. I had tasted the lexan cane once before but it wasn’t a punishment so I was quite sure the punishment strikes would be way harsher. Although lexan lacked the sting that comes from rattan canes, but the pain it produces is in no way less punishing. I was nervous but ready, because I was sure Sir would take care of me during and after the punishment. I was pretty sure He didn’t plan on fucking me before the punishment, but He got into the mood so I received some brutal fucking that felt so freaking good. He bit my leg hard three times, so hard that I still have the bruises of the bite marks two weeks later. The biting, the fucking combined with a vibrator on my clit, I was so close to getting an orgasm and I was terrified that I would cum cos in the post-orgasm state, pain would be magnified ten-fold. Right before I came though, He pulled out suddenly saying that I looked like I was going to cum and I certainly hadn’t earned it yet. To say I was relieved that He stopped is an understatement. I was then cuffed from the wrists, standing and facing the wall. My legs were still shaking slightly from the intense pleasure I just received from sex. But the punishment had to be done, and I was ordered to count each strike from the cane. The first strike reminded me why I am scared of canes, it hurt so much. By the time the first ten strikes were over and I was counting towards twenty, I was already in tears. Sir constantly checked on me, letting me see Him, letting me feel His touch and kisses for encouragement. I was very grateful about all those little gestures that He did, to let me know that the pain I was going through mattered to Him. At strike 27, I was sobbing hard, and He asked me whether I wanted to stop. I said ‘No, Sir’.

During the caning, He took two breaks, to fuck me hard from behind. Let me just take a moment explain how beautiful it is that I see it, the way masochists and sadists are built. The act of punishment, the caning may seem brutal and violent from the outside, and I’m not saying I feel any less pain than anyone else. And to get aroused from the intense pain and submission, that peculiar sensation to feel two polar opposite, the exquisite combination of pleasure and pain, it won’t ever cease to amaze me. I probably won’t ever stop being surprise of me getting wet from spankings and caning. And with equal amount of awe I marvel at the fact that Sir was also aroused. And this… copulation of two fitting puzzle pieces, that is what’s beautiful to me.

Okay, back to the less poetic reality. In reality, I have mixed feelings of the sex during punishment. First of all, it felt so fucking good. Second of all, it felt so good that it threatened to make me forget the number of strikes. It took all of my brain capacity to hold on to the number and not let the intense pleasure eat me alive. It was freaking hard. Who new remember two little number could be so hard. Well, you try being tied up and caned and then fucked, see if you could remember much else than your own name. I sincerely couldn’t, for the life of me remember even my own name, just the number, and luckily I survived the 50 without messing up with the counting. After the punishment, Sir let me know just how proud of me He was and I got my reward, getting to make Him cum with my mouth. 😛 Afterwards, Sir baked me some cookies too! I was a happy subbie.

2. Low carb diet

Three weeks of grocery shopping

And speaking of cookies, that caning Monday was actually the first day of my new diet. Actually I don’t really like the limited use of the word diet nowadays. Literally the word ‘diet’ means ‘what you eat’. But most of the time when people talk about diet, it’s some form of restriction or even starvation. Most importantly the majority sees dieting being temporary. The way I see it, to get and stay healthy, the temporary state of mind won’t work, at least not for me. So I decided to get healthy, so I chose the low carb diet. I don’t have strong opinions on what kind of diet is the best, it’s just low carb is the best option for me, because it’s sustainable and quite easy to realize and still won’t be hazardous on my grocery budget. I’ve talked about this last time, so I won’t repeat myself. Of course, the cookies and then the two day company summer trip last week during which I really didn’t have a say at what food I got to consume, cos you know, free food. But since it’s something I’m going to do from now on, so little set backs like that doesn’t really matter. Since one of my goals, in addition to be healthy, is to get into great shape, I would only have two cheat days in a month, at least for the rest of the year 2016. Let’s re-access the situation after that. 🙂

3. Stuffed eggplant

stuffed eggplant

One of the most usual misunderstandings about healthy diets are that the food isn’t as tasty. Leaving out most of the carbs doesn’t mean I have to eat less tasty food, especially when I’m the one cooking. 😉 So here I introduce one of my creations: stuffed eggplant. It’s something my mom used to make when I was a kid, putting minced meat patties between two slices of eggplant. My mom deep-fried them, but since I don’t want to waste so much oil into deep-frying, I just pan-fried them and the key to getting them golden brown is patience. Since I used a pork and beef minced meat mixture, I didn’t even add much oil since as soon as the meat started to get cooked, the pork would sweat out fat. And these do require medium low heat since it is raw meat in between so it takes quite a long time for them to cook through. I put some spices in the meat like soy sauce, sake and mirin, but you can basically season the meat however you want. Use potato flour as ‘glue’, dust some on the inside and outside of the eggplant slices and mix some with the meat too. You can eat them as is, as side dish, or like me I put it on rye bread with smoked salmon and cheese (cos I didn’t season my meat well enough but it goes so well with the salty smoked salmon). You can make a simple sauce with for example oyster sauce and eat it with white rice like I did when I was a kid. Either way, the combo of fatty minced meat and eggplant is quite delicious.

4. UnReal 

Almost all of the TV shows I follow went on their summer breaks, and I was left time to search for some summer shows. Then I stumbled upon a TV show about a reality show that’s just like the Bachelor, called ‘UnReal’. It had already one season of ten episodes done, and was about to begin season two last week when I gave the first episode a go, and quickly binged on the whole season one within days. I’m not a reality TV person, but for some reason a show about making reality TV was fascinating. Okay, wrong word, let’s say inhuman, brutal and probably pretty accurate. The main character Rachel (on the right in the picture) was so freaking familiar but it still took me a while to realize that she’s the girl from Roswell, I haven’t seen her after that, except maybe some random movie role. She is quite exceptional as Rachel, the sick twisted Rachel. Oh and the unapologetic major league Bitch Quinn, UnReal is super entertaining. You would watch it with a disgusted face, cringing and losing faith in humanity, but trust me, you will be entertained.

5. Warcraft

Hi. My name is E. “Hi, E.” And I’m a Wowoholic. XD So, I play World of Warcraft. I take my nerd title very seriously. 😛 I started playing just before the first expansion, “The Burning Crusade”, was released, so that’s almost ten years ago now. I have had short and longer breaks fitted in that ten years, the most recent had been going over a year now. But I’ve been playing the game for so long, that I don’t know how to call myself a non-player anymore. The movie of Warcraft was announced in the year 2006. And rumors and announcements alike had been on off going on for so many years, that even hardcore fans like me had already lost all our hopes for a movie ever coming out. But then came the trailer, and my only wish was it not to suck too hard. See I love the vast and complicated Warcraft lore. You can find it anywhere if you just stop to look and read while playing WoW, even if you haven’t played the original Warcraft games like me. The lore is in fact so colorful and plentiful that my major concern for the movie was its ability to pick and choose from the lore buffet table. It needs enough story to support the two hours and the epic scale and satisfy fans, but too much story would be a major turn off to audience who had never even heard of Warcraft. It’s a hard balance, I’m sure, and judging from the mostly negative reviews by critics who most of them aren’t fans or players, Warcraft proved to be a bit too much. But this is a review from a player and a fan.

I do have to point out, going in to see the movie, I have no recollection at all about the lore. Names sound familiar, but I have no memory of the story behind those names and legends. So in that sense I went in as blind as non-players. I haven’t seen a fantasy that has a scale like this since Lord of the Rings, and I can see it can be over-whelming. It’s not one of those movies you can go in and just relax. You need to pay attention to keep tract, cos Warcraft jumps from places to places all the time. And for me, who had spent countless hours touring that world, I had no problem knowing where we were all the time. And I understand if you’re not paying attention, or don’t know what to look for, the orcs are pretty hard to separate who is who. 😀 But if you are a WoW player, this movie was such a treat.

I literally got chills seeing all those places and stunning cinematography that had become so familiar, like seeing the flowing city Dalaran, the dwarf city Ironforge and the infamous Dark Portal. Watching the magic of the mage come alive on screen was stunning. Oh and the armor of the human. What was the most miraculous to witness was the orcs of course. With one of the best motion capture technology I’ve seen used on screen, this brutal looking monsters (as the humans put it) became real right before our eyes. The depth and effort they put on the orcs, it just further cement to long believed idea that Blizzard is pro-Horde. 😀 I don’t mind this, since I myself am a Horde player through and through. Although the CGI looks a bit like in the game and not real life, the fighting scenes are very good. At least no shaking amateur looking hand-cam shots.

The story was entertaining, with inside jokes and nods to us fans. The plot could have gone more smoothly, and the heavy hand on the cutting board was a bit too visible, like they tried too had to make this into bite size piece of a movie. Two hours was too short to do a story this scale justice, I can’t wait for the uncut version to come on DVD.

As for the cast, Travis Fimmel was a great cast. I wasn’t sure about Paula Patton though, since I think her acting was a little confusing. Through the whole movie she almost had this kicked-puppy face all the time, and not until towards the end of the movie, her limited facial expression finally match the story and how her character must be feeling. The best character of the whole movie is the seemingly drop-out mage Khadgar played by the unknown actor Ben Schnetzer. He was the underdog, the comic relief, the unlikely hero.

The ending was left open for the next movies to come and Warcraft: The Beginning was indeed a good beginning for a successful fantasy movie franchise in the making.

My IMDb rating: 8 stars out of 10


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