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Game of Thrones S06E06 – Blood of My Blood

You might have also heard about the rumor of them making a seventh and possibly an eighth season of Game of Thrones but not ten-episode ones, instead the 7th and 8th seasons might be shorter. First time I heard this rumor, I was outrageous. It was hardly enough to have ten episodes, how are they going to tell the story properly with only eight or even six episodes. But now that I’m six episodes into season six, a shorter season starts to sound appealing. Cos the last two episodes, I was genuinely bored like half of the time. There are only exciting moments within an episode, not exciting episodes anymore. I dread some story lines cos nothing really happens with them. I’m actually pretty uninspired to write the episode review this week, but in the name of continuity, here it is. Excuse my bored tone.

Uncle Ben is back (no, not for you Peter Parker)

Okay, after the emotional send-off of one of the best characters of the whole saga, Hodor, last episode, I was feeling a tiny bit vengeful. To be honest, I was ready for Bran to die. But I knew he probably wouldn’t, his seemingly glorious destiny is too fucking important I guess. But Bran can maybe sacrifice himself in the end to kill all the whitewalkers or something, anyone on board with me? #LetsSacrificeBran So, understandably I was a little disappointed when Bran was saved by a fiery ball in chain wielding badass, who was so obviously the long lost Benjen Stark, and I was actually surprised that da fuck… GoT is predictable?? Okay, moving on.

Sam and Gilly collected a mighty Valyrian sword

Another a little unnecessarily long scene of Sam and Gilly, not that they aren’t a fun couple. But do I really need to see the whole prolonged dinner scene of Sam’s daddy dear dissing the shit out of everyone so much even his own wife couldn’t stand him. Looks like someone’s not getting laid in a while. 😀 Stealing the Valyrian steel family sword was of course the most exciting thing that happened at Horn Hill, which is really a very modest name for a freaking castle on a hill. Sammy boy’s family is filthy rich.

King’s Landing, famous for stand-stills and anti-climaxes 

Back to King’s *yawn* Landing. I actually thought there was going to be something exciting happening since they went through all this trouble to gather the troop to confront the High Sparrow. And then the humongous anti-climax cos nothing happened, the dirty old man got the young silly king Tommen wrapped around his dirty little finger. In this moment, I do have to applaud to Margaery, well played girl, well played. But I’m not sure you know what game you’re really playing. Now, the episodes to come, can someone please kill someone else at King’s Landing. The crops are dying without the regular spilling of blood.

Arya finally makes a move

So our little Daredevil trainee gets the first non-hostile human contact and down the drain goes her training that almost cost her eyes. She saved the charming actress instead of poisoning her. Arya went to retrieve Needle and go camping inside a cave or something, I guess to wait for that bitch to come for her so Arya kill her off and I hope she would be heading back to Westeros to kick some ass. Cos her story line is getting mighty boring too.

The ever charming Walder Frey

I giggled uncontrollably at Walder Frey’s annoyed interrogation of his useless offspring that how the fuck they manage to lose a castle (the Riverrun castle) like it’s a sheep or something. 😀 GoT’s finest aren’t the heroes but the villains, who are always more entertaining. And who doesn’t want a young girl’s ass to slap whenever you want to make your point. Okay, bad joke, cos I think Walder Frey with his very very young wives are truly disturbing. Poor girls. But Walder, the one who gave us the Red Wedding, don’t disappoint me this time and give me some action to watch.

Another Dany’s speech

The episode ended with Dany’s great speech. But I guess you can literally say anything, when you are doing it on the back of a huge ass dragon. Yes yes, she found Drogon. Or the other way around. But looks like Dany’s army is looking quite good now, three dragons, the Second Sons, the Dorthrakis and the Unsullied. Of course plus Tyrion and the Spider. Now she only needs about a thousand ships to sail for Westeros. Greyjoys, please justify your existence (other than Theon bringing us excellent entertaining when he was still Ramsay Bolton’s pet Reek). Within this season, it would be awesome for Dany to arrive at Westeros. 😀

Next week’s episode better be good. Here’s the preview.


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