Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 26 – summer break, apocalypse and new diet

I swear I don’t even know where all my time went yesterday. I did sleep in, I woke up super late. So yet again, I get to write this on a Monday, and the Game of Thrones review will be on tomorrow. 🙂 Let’s go through the exciting stuff happened last week.

1. X-Men: Apocalypse

So my week was kicked off with a bang with a movie on a Monday, even a tiny headache didn’t bother me. After two mildly disappointing superhero movies this year (Batman Vs Super and Captain America: Civil War), I had mixed feeling of X-Men before I went to watch it. I didn’t dare to expect too much, but even the worst X-Men movie was entertaining (which was the Last Stand, I’m not counting origin movies, yes I’m looking at you Wolverine who shamelessly exploit my undying love for you by testing me with bad movies). I love the First Class, I didn’t enjoy the Days of Future as much because it was too messy but it was still entertaining and necessary for the renewal of the franchise. So Apocalypse is officially the first one after the timeline is reset. Was it a masterpiece? Hell no. It’s too freaking long. It’s like people who make superhero movies suddenly lost their ability to edit films properly, like if it’s not almost three hours long, they are incapable of telling a story. Don’t get me wrong, I like long movies, and the most common problem I have with films this side of the millennium is that they don’t let the characters breathe, they don’t give them enough time to develop. But unfortunately a long running movie doesn’t necessarily equal complex growing characters. And most of the time they don’t even have enough story to justify 140-180 minutes of my life. I wasn’t bored when I watched the three-hour Avengers, because there really was so much to tell and breaks for some Whedon humor to ground us audience and make these superhuman characters more relatable. Apocalypse can easily be squeezed down to 110 minutes. It really was too much at some points, and there are many scenes that make me want to scream with frustration. Scenes like (spoiler alert) the one where Professor Xavier’s ass was being thoroughly kicked by Apocalypse in his head and Professor X was asking Jean Grey to help him, that camera panning back and forth and back and forth and back Jean and Prof. X… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I swear I would have thrown some popcorn towards the big screen if I don’t love popcorn so much or if there were any left so late in the movie. For fuck’s sake, people, grab a bigger pair of scissors next time and cut the fucking crap. X-Men: Apocalypse could easily earn eight stars from me for it truly is quite entertaining especially that Quicksilver scene, but just because it was way too long, my IMDb rating is 7 stars out of 10.

2. Summer Break for TV Shows

It had been happening for a few weeks now, all of the shows I’m following went on their summer break gradually and last week the last of them wrapped up their seasons. Last week three shows wrapped up: Flash, Arrow and Nashville. I thoroughly enjoy Flash the crimson speedster, and the second season finale ended in a cliff hanger. Flash aka Barry is really known for his skills planning for the long term, and the probable aftermath of his sometimes extremely reckless actions. It surely is an interesting place where they left us for the season three. While Flash ended on an interesting note, the same can’t be said about the other show from the same universe, Arrow. Arrow began strongly, as something edgy and violent, like Green Arrow is supposed to be, but then after the second season it began to deteriorate. And after struggling to stay interested for two very boring seasons, I wonder how long I would stick around, especially of the lame and predictable season four finale. I would give the fifth season a chance but the second it begins to bore me, I will drop it like a hot potato. And then there is Nashville, it was my substitute show for the other musical show I was following back in 2012 that was turning sour. I’m talking about Glee, and I was in dire need of something that has good music and better drama. And since I was a country music fan in secret, Nashville sounded intriguing. After four seasons of good and great and catchy tunes and oh so dramatic storylines, ABC cancelled the show. Which I wasn’t happy about. The season finale was rushed, but then it ended in a cliff-hanger. Which got me on Google to see whether there is still some hope for the country music show. There sure is some rumors but no facts just yet. I’ll have my hopes up. But in case it’s truly cancelled and Nashville’s no more, let’s play its swan song here, the one song that got me irreversibly hooked on the show:

3. The Librarians

I started watching The Librarians last year, but then I got a little distracted. But last week I had extra time to indulge myself with a wee binge and finished the whole season one and boldly onto the season two. Oh how I love it. It’s a direct continuum of the TV movie trilogy of the same name. I might have watched the movies long time ago but I don’t recall much of them. But it actually didn’t stop me to start watching the TV show. The main characters are easy to fall in love with, my favorite is the red head math genius Cassie. I’m always up for adventure movies and TV shows, and the fun tone of the Librarians reminds me of Buffy. I can’t wait for season 3!

4. Last Weekend of Gluttony

2016-05-26-18-13-52For the last few months I’ve been feeling bloated and my workout lacks energy. So I decided to get on a diet for however long I feel necessary starting today, so last weekend is my last weekend of gluttony. On Friday after work, I went to buy all the stuff I wouldn’t allow myself to eat during my diet like baked rolls, processed meat, frizzy drinks and buttery popcorn. So for the whole weekend, I pretty much only ate brown colored food: sausages, meatballs, mini chicken nuggets, hash-browns, bake rolls etc. I snacked on popcorns and biscuits and drank a big bottle of coca cola light. It all sounded pretty good before I began to actually eating it but on Sunday already, I was feeling a little sick of all the supposedly delicious food. I often say I eat with my eyes, so the single color spectrum didn’t appeal to me that much and all the fat and sugar and salt made my tummy ache a little bit. I was craving green things and fresh things. I have no idea how some people can eat the kind of food I ate last weekend every day… But this served as a great launching pad for my healthy diet, cos I much rather have a banana than eat another ready made meatballs or sausage from the store.

5. The New Diet

2016-05-26-19-49-15I’ve done a lot of diet (the sensible ones) and I know the best that suits me is the low carb one. The first thing I did last weekend to prepare for the new diet was to clean my cupboard and fridge of all the unhealthy or unnecessary stuff. Couple of bags went straight to the garbage, except a pack of popcorn which I ate 😛 and some chocolate that I’m giving to Sir Atticus as offerings after He was thoroughly shocked about the fact that anyone would throw away chocolate. So all that was left in my cupboard were oils, spices that I actually use and some canned beans. Cos I’m too lazy to soak dry beans. Then last Sunday, I went to my local supermarket to stock up healthy stuff for the whole week. The thumb rule is five kilos of veggies and fruit, as many colors as they come and more veggies than fruit, and one kilos of meat for protein. And because I work out at least five times a week, I need extra protein especially now that I leaving most of the carbs out. So in addition to the meat, I need at least 300 grams of fish, ten eggs, 2016-05-26-19-49-27300 grams of tofu and three cartons of milk that’s fortified with extra protein. And the carbs and sugars that I’m leaving out are pasta, rice, white bread, juices, colas and snacks like popcorn. I’m still going to eat rye bread and high fiber wheat flakes and small amount of brown rice for time to time, cos my tummy likes them. It shouldn’t be hard, I’ve done low carb before. I’m planning to have a cheat day twice a month and have risotto or pasta meal or popcorn at the movies. On next week’s obsession list I would share what I ate and how it all went and also whether I feel any better after one week. Probably not much different, especially I’m forfeiting my next two cheat days to have something extra yummy today: Sir Atticus promised to bake His extra yummy cookies for me today. And I really am not capable of resisting His cookies. Let’s just pretend this is a soft landing towards the new diet. 😛


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