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Is That a Thing? – Squirting

squirting1At the point, I am reminded of this one guy who so long time ago replied to my ‘Owner Wanted’ ad, that guy who required me cumming 12 times each sexy time and squirting. XD However fun was to read those crazy replies, I really don’t miss that time. Back to the wet matter at hand, today’s topic is squirting. I’ve always thought I’m not one of those girls who squirts. I mean I squirted quite often while masturbating when I was young, like before the age of 24. And after that, it pretty much just stopped. Not that I masturbated less or the orgasms were getting less enjoyable. On the contrary, I get much better orgasms as I’m getting older. The crucial reason must be the change of the method how I masturbated. I used to use pressure against my clitoris to masturbate, until I discovered vibrators. And I don’t like to press vibrators very hard against myself, most of the time it feels better to almost let the vibrator hover a tiny bit.

Since I’ve found my way to the glorious kinky world, my sexual appetite had been gone on over-drive for over a year now. Not necessarily wanting pleasure all the time, but the craving has just got more powerful. So this past 12 months or so, I squirted a couple of times when I was masturbating with my magic wand vibrator. But still, I was convinced I would never squirt while I’m having sex with someone else. Because although Sir Atticus has done miracles for me not being able to orgasm in front of others, it’s still a problem sometimes and it probably would take a long time for me to let go all the anxiousness I associate with cumming when I’m not alone. So I didn’t think I would ever squirt, I mean if cumming can’t be taken for granted and I only ever squirt when I get an orgasm, wishing for squirting seemed a far away dream for me. But then it happened. Two days ago.

A couple of my friends had asked me how forced orgasms are possible and I haven’t been very good at giving them a understandable reply. And it really is a hard thing to explain how such a thing is possible. I wrote about them before, and I want to briefly write about them now, giving it another go at the explaining. Bare with me, I promise it has something to do with squirting and I’ll get to it eventually. Okay, forced orgasms. First you need to understand that for me certain kinds of pain turn into pleasure, and taking away impact play like spanking which is kind of a straight-forward method to create pain, there’s another kind of pain, a more delicate one but more intense at the same time. More delicate because it’s hard to balance. I’m talking about the kind of pain when you get fucked in certain positions hard enough and the head of the cock would hit the wall in your vagina repeatedly and the kind of pain when your clitoris get too much stimulation that it’s too much. I’m talking about the point of too much pleasure when it turns into extreme discomfort and/or pain, the point when most women would scream ‘stop’ and most men would do just that and you would never get to experience what might happen if you hadn’t yelled ‘stop’.

squirting2So we had already established the fact that Sir Atticus knows exactly how to get me to that point, and pushes me right past it. He is actually quite fond of doing it too. Past that point I would either cum uncontrollably, break down, sob from sensory overload, or all of the above. Or squirt. And I did just that on Monday, when I was on my hands and knees on the floor after a lengthy servicing Sir with my mouth and my eyes were watering from all the deep-throating and I was terribly aroused. I still had my underwear on when Sir Atticus put a wand vibrator hard against my clitoris. And when I squirmed and trying to move away from the extremely intense sensations, despite having underwear between my clit and the vibrator. Sir must have known that that was my point, He grabbed hold of me and didn’t let me escape. Instead He pushed me down harder yet against the vibrator. I might have even yelled out ‘no’ or ‘stop’, because it felt like I was going too pee all over Sir’s living-room floor if He didn’t let the vibrator go right about then. Well, He didn’t. And I squirted so hard that even through my underwear, Sir’s hand got all soaked. I didn’t cum though, but oh the squirting felt so freaking good. And it must have been super intense for my whole body too, because after two days, I still feel like I had ran a marathon.

On Monday, I squirted a second time. Not as intense as the first time though. When I cleaned up later and took off my panties, it was soaked and a wide smile slapped itself on my face. I proudly showed the soaked panties to Sir. Inside I was dancing a hardcore victory dance and jumping up and down. I mean, I squirted! Twice! After almost 17 years of having sex, I finally got to experience something I was admiring in fascination from porn and couple of time live with lovely girls. And after over a year of having kinky sex, I still get to have first times. And that is quite something, if you ask me. 🙂 See you next week back here with another kinky topic. Until then, stay kinky. 😉


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