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Game of Thrones S06E05 – The Door

Holy Mother of Dragons… Okay, I’m again a bit late with this, cos this kitten got to see X-Men: Apocalypse with Sir Atticus on Monday and got to watch GoT very late on Monday and I fell asleep half-way and had to re-watch the episode today. And the level of sadness that episode five consisted of, it didn’t dawn on me until today. So far, I feel that episode 5 was the weakest episode yet, there was only two powerful scenes in the mix (the first and the last obviously), the rest? Meh. So I would quickly go through the boring scenes and then focus on the powerful ones.

So Arya’s getting better at fighting but holy shit that other girl is good. She got her first mission? I guess. And blah blah blah, Arya has lost my interest cos her story is moving way too slowly. The only thing keeping me still kinda rooting for her was the chapter I got to read looong ago, a chapter from the 6th book The Winds of Winter that George R.R. Martin put out as a tease and in it Arya was a full-blown assassin extraordinaire. And it was fucking cool. So hope she gets there soon. The training bits are getting boring.

So one of the reason why the mere thought of Greyjoy scenes make me yawn is because I really don’t see their function or place in the story. Theon was entertaining when he was Reek, but that was because Ramsay was entertaining. The Iron Islands obviously are not capable to making even a dent anywhere in Westeros, so for a long time I didn’t see the point why us audience were made to suffer through the extremely boring scenes on the shittiest islands ever. But on the Kingsmoot, upon choosing the new king and whats-his-name who killed his own brother the late king to get the new king, he actually shed some light on their function, finally. What the Iron borne has is a strong fleet, one of the strongest if not the strongest of Westeros, they were off to join our beloved Dragon Queen. Now it makes sense. Cos what Dany really need are ships and men who can handle them. All of the sudden, the Greyjoy actually show some value in this game of thrones.

And what else… Tyrion got his own red woman. The creation of whitewalkers was revealed and it turned out to be the children of the forest. They created the ice zombies to protect themselves from men, and now the zombies are back to fulfill their destiny, to do the thing they were created to do: kill all men.

Then let’s circle back to the first scene of the episode, Sansa confronting Little Finger. No one seems to like Sansa, I actually like her a lot. Because from a silly young spoiled girl who left home to go marry a prince and then slowly being torn down the ranks, mentally she went through the most of all the characters. And her process of growing up and becoming strong was one of the slowest, thus most believable. We slowly learned that Sansa was smarter than she let on, she’s the kind that observes quietly and learn. We witness her becoming cold and calculating, in a world that being cold and calculating is sometimes the only way to survive. She learned from Cersei, Tyrion then finally Little Finger. She learned to be manipulative, to get her way. If she keeps her cool and bids her time, she would eventually become a force to be reckon with. Or I’m thinking all this just because I saw her kicked some major ass in X-Men: Apocalypse as the all-powerful Jean Grey. But hope her story line keeps being interesting and it should be, now that Jon and her went on the mission to gather their own army against the Boltons. It should be good.

Last but definitely not least, the cave scenes. First, a little outcry: that little fucker Bran! Why does he need to be that goddamn curious? You lost your fucking legs last time you were so fucking nosy. HAVEN’T YOU LEARNT NOTHING?! Without Bran going rogue with the Three Eye Raven’s company, the snow zombie wouldn’t have succeeded in marking his stupid ass and storming the cave. It’s a desperate escape, if you could call it one, with all the children of the forest killed, the old man in the tree killed, and even Summer the direwolf whose death was so rushed and meaningless. But then, the sacrifice of the only creature in the whole series that was absolutely completely good: Hodor. And knowing that Bran was the one who fucked him up from the very beginning and where Hodor’s name came from… It chills me to my bones, just how sick and twisted George R.R. Martin’s imagination can be if right from the beginning he planned all of this by naming the gentle giant Hodor. Now I can’t keep myself from getting emotional and goosebumpy every time I hear that name and know the meaning behind it…

Season six doesn’t seem to be very animal friendly. Five episode in and they had killed off two direwolves already. I still want to stick to my theory of the significance of the animals. Like losing the wolves, that Stark would be lost, either dead or otherwise disconnected from their identity. Maybe killing off Shaggy Dog and Summer they are trying to tell us that Rickon and Bran might as well be dead. And after what happened to Hodor, I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who’s done with Bran and won’t be too sad to see him gone.

Here’s a little preview to episode 6, Blood of My Blood. And I’ll see you next week with another GoT review.


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